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[11 Mar 2004|05:51pm]
hiii..I'm thinking of just keeping a written diary. I've been really tired lately...dunno why. I had to register today so I didn't really get to paint.Fuck it.And we had to draw like 147 pics of stupid landscapes...ate pizza and yea...felt really fat.well that's my boring day.
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[10 Mar 2004|04:58pm]
Today was blah.So fucking tired.In art,this stupid black girl was making
azn noises.whatever.I hate my painting.Ugh.Got back my result from the

Art II-100
Honors World History-82
Spanish I-97

Honors biology-84
Honors Eng.II-?
not too good on
some of them,but yea.I think we're gonna get pissed ass drunk on Friday
night at the theater.Whoa! I saw my babie we hugged and he was running
around cuz him and this dude were playing titty twisters.AIght...bye
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[10 Mar 2004|04:51pm]
hiii.not much to say or whatever. Yesterday went to WR, that stupid bitch
said I was "fat" and shit. Bullshit,I don't even weigh 100lbs. yet and
she doesn't need to be fuckin talking.Bitch.

This real estate person called me B e a u t i f u l. yea I didn't
do much tonight.
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your lipstick,his collar... [08 Mar 2004|06:52pm]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | [taking back sunday] ]

well hi! Saturday was kinda freakish...Fern is an absolute materialistic bitch who is so fucking annoying.She kept on staring at me and was criticizing me."Oh my God...why do you wear so much make-up..." Blah blah blah blah blah. Shut the fuck up! So I got my hair cut, kinda sorta short. This girl who acted like a lesbian was hitting on me, or what seems like it. Ate some fried ice cream, watched movies, talked, all that "girlie" stufferz.

Then when I got home my so-called dad was criticizing me and screaming at me. "You're ugly and nasty..." all that "sweet" shit.Stupid. He was like "I'm grounding her for 2 months" The hell fuck you're not. So my mom and me talked to him.Everything's ok now...I guess?!

I was supposed to study but instead I didn't. Me and my bf talked for a while about shit. And I promised myself that I'm gonna treat him better cuz he's the only one that doesn't criticize me. He wants to come with me and get high/drunk but No! Yea yea yea...

Today I finished my bg of my painting, beautiful beautiful. Honors Wrld History exam was hard as fuck..maybe cuz I didn't study. I was in a very weird mood, I was like all hyper and happy. And kinda slutty...oh yess? People kept on asking if I were high. Hahah.JJ had to brag to me that steven's taking her to prom.He didn't even ask just a suggestion. I've been trying to ignore her ass...

Me and Cam promised each other that we're gonna get drunk together and fuck before we graduate. Hehe. He was like really bad. 5th period was awesome, didn't do anything...just sit around and talk. Me and chris talked about my sweeit.

He said that he gets depressed, sad, mopey whenever chris ask where I am..and like he wants to spend time together but I'm always busy. Well maybe...yea? That got me upset...ugh. I almost touched tyler's dick and got on top of him. And justin was sitting on my lip trying to get me to flash him.Hhaha.

So I ignored JJ and talked with Laura and other dudes. Oops? People said I was scaring them and I was a "freak." Hhaha. Tim said my house smelled like prositution,no....7th exam, I fucked up. I know I failed.

Me and chrissy poo were talking and shit. Hehe.He waited for me at lockers but i left him. My 3rd period teacher said I passed but I didn't make a fucking A. Ugh.

So outside I hugged my babie and was like "don't touch me" cuz I was getting mad.And then I was talking to timmy and then my godbro showed up. Hehe.So I left without saying "goodbye". My babie! So yea...I got a major exam tomorrow:biology!

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so won't you kill me? [05 Mar 2004|07:42pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | [dashboard confessional] ]

I so couldn't sleep last night, argh. 2nd per. exam was quite easy, people around me kept on sniffing and shit though.That is so damn annoying. It was fun in 3rd, we just sat around trying to review for the exam on highest test grade is a 96 and my lowest is 82.Whoa...

Well my babie had my lunchwave, like I gave a shit though. No offense but when I'm at school, I'm a different person.The only thing I care about is me and my schoolwork.Sorry love.And I was also talking to JJ about Laura's bf and his rapeness.And then I left and we hung out with Ta.He's pretty cool,invited us to his house.Haha, we were like shining lasers at people and it was so funny.I felt high.Wee!

The Spanish exam was kinda easy but it was way too long. And the English exam was easy...and I didn't really study. 7th period I think I died of silence and boredom.Omg..after school I was talking to JJ and Laura and my bf comes up and we hug. And he was trying to talk to me but I was talking to other ppl and yea...

So like me and laura were talking about getting together and doing "illegal" stuff.Like we really want to drink together and she asked me if I wanted to get high.I think I wanna.Ha...I was kinda ignoring my bf but I was talking about something important. When I left I told laura "bye" and my boyfriend told me the same and I just turned around and gave him a look.I dunno, I guess I'm mad b/c what the fuck is up with us not hanging out? And he doesn't wanna get fucking high or drunk with me, just with his damn friends. I hate that.

Maybe tonight me and Laura are gonna get high and shit.It depends if she calls around 9ish.

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there's nothing to say [04 Mar 2004|07:23pm]
[ mood | full ]
[ music | [anthem of our dying day] ]

well hi.Last night me and my babie were talking.It was so funny except when he played with my head and tried to scare me. Help! we got off the phone around 11, he's phone died.I was so damn tired today, shitness. My art teacher said my painting was good(the sunset part) but it needed to be darker, that made my day.

2nd period was so damn boring, the teacher kept on talking and making us take stupid notes. Spanish was boring I almost got detention.Ugh. lol...biology? These guys kept on sitting on my lap and feeling on me. I've been "bad" lately.

I had to wait at what seemed like forever for laura, when she came out she was crying. My poor sweetie...the teacher accused her of plagarizing. That sucks so fucking much. Then I saw my babie and we hugged, I had to ride with his ex...kinda awkward.Oh yess..

So me and laura went to her house and did our interviews. We went to her bf's house and he was sleeping in his shorts.I thought he was naked and he kept on giving me looks.Then later at her house he put his ass in my face and sat on me.Rape! Lol, then he lifted my shirt up and tried to look. He also tried to play with my hair and he asked how old I was.Ok..

I just got home from eating dinner w/ my parents.I'm so fucking tired and I have 3 exams tomorrow. That's so gay. I miss my babie and I want some fucking alcohol.

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I'll spill my heart for you [03 Mar 2004|06:54pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]
[ music | [thursday] ]

why hello. I messed up on my painting and I almost cried. But my art teacher kinda fixed it. At lunch I sat alone but David came to my rescue. Cam was being nasty about me and him getting it on. Lol. Biology was so boring...I failed that test. I got a freaking 65 and it brough my avg. down 3 fucking points(84) but then I had my CS hours which brought up back up to an 87. If I didn't fail that damn test I could have a 90. But nooo!

Tyler was actually talking to me today, he was hitting on me too. Hhaah.And I was bad...I sat on justin's lap. Don't tell me he got hard.Lol, in 7th it was funny. Randy was pretending a stuffed animal could talk and said "touch my penis" and chrissy poo was being bad...yea.I was so fucking tired and my babie calls my name and I gave him a look.

I'm good at that. So ben was like amazed at my drawing haha.I didn't see my babie after school. The hallways are painted a warmish yellow and it's pretty. the house just smells. I fell asleep for like 2 hours, which I had more.

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until the day I die... [02 Mar 2004|06:25pm]
[ mood | lazy ]
[ music | [until the day I die-story of the year] ]

hi sweets.we had to make weed thingies yesterday and I saw my babie outside the gym. Lol, him and some other ppl were eating doughnuts.And then the teacher hits him on the ass with a pine branch.Hhaha.Then after that class we hugged and I told him a secret...alcohol!

We had a really hard quiz and while everyone failed, I fucking passed...with a 70. Ha! And the Spanish test was quite hard too. Chrissy poo told me that he's about to end his "relationship" with jessica. He's like sick and tired of it being one-sided.Poor babie. So we went to wal*mart and got a shitload of junk food. There goes my diet.

Then my babie called and we talked some.And then I fell asleep, oh yess. I'm done drawing my faerie, all I need it to paint. Then around 11, he called. Oh my gosh I was shocked b/c he usually doesn't call that late. So we talked about all things possible. He told me that it did hurt his feelings on whenever he complimented me I would say "yea...whatever".

haha? And I almost told him about him smoking pot and he said he could quit. And I just said "I'm not making you do anything you don't wanna do..." We talked about nasty stuff too,hhaha.He also doesn't think it's funny when guys hit on me. *sad face* So we got off the phone around 12am.Aah!

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you're toxic [01 Mar 2004|06:36pm]
[ mood | full ]

I finally had a goodnight sleep, no nightmares. I wore my new outfit today and when I sit down my skirt goes way up.Hahah.I'm almost done drawing my faerie...sure. I didn't see my babie after 2nd:( In 3rd I couldn't stand tara and tyler flirting with each other. My God it makes me sick! This dude was like "go on girls gone wild" and stupid shit like that. Justin tried to look up my skirt and kiss me. Haha..I know I did horrible on the biology test and shit. Eee!

Lol. In 7th, chrissy poo tried to look up my skirt. But he was trying to cover up,hhaa. He told me "dang girl..." And he was like all horny and shit.He wrote me a note with pictures. One he drew of "thinking dirty thoughts of you..." and he had a cute lil pic of him. And then the other note had a picture of me then "minus" the clothes and he had a big smiley face. Hhaa,he's so crazy. Then randy called me a whore, *gasps* And chrissy poo was like "don't try to run away from your feelings..." and I waited for him outside and I go"were u talking about you?" and he laughs and says "yea.."

So then he put his arms around me and I almost fell and my babies' bff saw us. Oops.He also waited for me at his lockers and yea.He's such a sweetie. Holy shit...somebody drew on my fucking canvas. Motherfucker. Friday night me and laura have plans to drink some. Oh yess...I talked to my sweetie some.He didn't go to school today b/c he's sick.

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long time, no? [29 Feb 2004|06:24pm]
[ mood | groggy ]
[ music | [britney spears-toxic] ]

hi everyone.It's been oh so long. Ha...shit. Anyway, the past week really did suck. I was like kinda depressed or whatever. Everything was just collapsing and there was never a day I didn't cry. JJ told me that he asked her if he was good enough for her and he knew he was hurting me but didn't know how. He also said that he was ignoring me b/c he didn't wanna say the wrong thing. Friday night I was supposed to go to the movies but I went shopping instead. The people at the stores were oh so nice and I got a cute pinkish skirt from Charlotte Russe and a white/pinstriped shirt. My night was pretty fun.

I had to go to the HS to do community service and we washed doggies. We also lied in the grass and played with the puppies. They were so cute, they'd like lie down in your laps and fall asleep. I spent four hours at that damn place. Then we went to WR and spent time with this babie. And we went to the mall and this mexican dudes were like following us and shit.Ew. So then we saw Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen,it was pretty good.It makes me miss jersey even more.

On Sunday I had to go to the VA hospital, I had to file papers and all that boring shit.Then I had to walk along to old people, it smelled like piss! So I spent like 4 hours there, never again will I step foot in there again. So then I fell asleep for like 2 hours...haha.Later he called and I started bitching at him.I was telling him that he acted like he was ignoring me and he said that he was in a weird mode where he didn't wanna talk to anyone and shit like that.Then I told him that all he cares about is his friends and that he doesn't care anymore. Then he told me that ppl asked if we were going out cuz we didn't act like it. And I said "exactly",I was pretty much bitchy to him and getting him mad. So then he was mad later on and was like "can I call you back or whatever?" and I said "yea whatever..." and he said bye.

then he called back and I was calm b/c I talked to JJ. He was pretty mad and then everything got right back on track.We made up and that's that. And I didn't cry,yayness! I was like "I just don't wanna lose you..." and he said the same thing and was like "I thought I was gonna lose you just then..."I'm glad everything's alright b/c I was sinking in a fast mode.

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but my heart's on overdrive [26 Feb 2004|05:53pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

I had a dream last night that his grandma died-that's why he was away. Anyway, it was dark outside and pouring. It's been like this for a while, but it fits my mood this week. I saw JJ at lockers and she said "We need to talk" and I go "I know..." and I told her about him and how he's been not caring and shit like that. And I burst into tears I couldn't hold back. She told me that they talked on AOL and here's the convo(something like it):
him:is she there?
her:nah uh
him:can I ask you a question?
him:do you think I'm good enough for her
her: yea...*gave him reasons*
him:I think I'm hurting her, but I dunno how...I don't wanna hurt her though..I've kinda been ignoring her b/c I'm afraid I'm gonna say the "right" thing...

JJ said he seemed like he thought everything was "ok" cuz she asked if we were in an argument and he was like "hahah...where'd you get that idea from?" Everything's already fucked up though. I tried to ask what's wrong and work it out but he ignored me. It's his fault, definitely not mine. I walked in the art room from crying and my friend was like "are you ok, have you been crying?" and everyone looked at me. Then she tried to guess what was wrong and the 1st thing was "did you and him break up?" Yea...I'm drawing my faerie on the canvas now and it's kinda small.Lol,Jordan and I were in the same room and he was helping me...he kept on making things fall and shit.Hahah.

Tyler was actually nice to me today, not like yesterday. Laura invited us to go see "eurotrip" on Friday night.Haha, I dunno though. Because I gotta go to Mac. And I kinda wanna be alone...I'm gonna go to my school's play tonight. Should be fun right?!

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Yea yea yea... [25 Feb 2004|05:43pm]
I finished my sketch of the faerie, ppl said it was good. Eh?! I didn't really talk to JJ at lunch, it was like silence. We watched a Disney movie...but in Espanol.I hate that language.In biology she kept on asking me what was wrong so I just snapped. I said "Will you stop asking me that before I get mad?" And she turned around and we didn't talk.

So I walked off without her, I just needed to be alone. Randy called my name and does the sizzle noise but I just ignored him.I was in a really bad mood. And chrissy poo was trying to talk to me.The test in alg 2 was easy...I guess. So I left early to go to the orthodontist and they said my next visit, I'm fucking getting my damn braces off. Yayness! Didn't hear from you know who tonight, so this is it. I decided to end it, should have done it a couple weeks ago. He acts like he doesn't give a shit.
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you and me are like one heartbeat [24 Feb 2004|06:51pm]
[ mood | rejected ]
[ music | [Watership Down-Burns Out Bright] ]

You and me are like oneheartbeat
So slice open my veins
And let the romance bleed away

I hate my fucking period(not that I'm on it-but it's a couple of days from now) it makes me so freaking sensitive. I finished my alg. 2 quiz and I don't know if I did well. 2nd per. was so boring, everyone was either asleep or whatever. Fuck tiredness. The question was asked if azns were easy and the biggest hoe was like "YES,YES!!" and tyler and ken pointed to me and started laughing. Ok,some hoes need to shut the fuck up. B/c out of all the races, azns are the hardest to get some from. We're not easy, trust me.

So laura has been absent for the past 2 days, I wonder what's up. Hope she's alright.I spilled all my cheetoos on the floor and almost got away from it. Until this teacher told me to go clean it up and when I went back the AP was already cleaning it up. At least I told the truth. We had a really bitchy sub for spanish, someone asked what college she want to and she goes "the first...or second?!" Haha,stupidness. I gave my friend a note I wrote to my babie.I wrote that I had to talk to him and that it's important. I wanna straighten things out before I jump to regretful decisions.

I'm fucking up in Honors Eng II, I'm getting all these low grades. Actually I only got one B and that was an 81, sucksss though. Lol, Randy could see my thong and he kept on feeling on me. And I fell on my back b/c I tried to grab him and him and sammy were talking about what would happen if I were drunk.Lmao. Randy imitated what I would do.

I saw my babie in the halls, we hugged. I dunno if he got my note, I hope he did. My mom said she saw him get in a car with a guy and 2 girls, some smoking. I hope there's nothing going on. I hope nothing bad happens to "us." I called and left a message. First time in a while for me. See? I do care. I think I'm getting sick, more attention? I'm so sick(not literally-well not right now) I don't wanna lose him...I want to work things out.
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perfection through silence [23 Feb 2004|06:20pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

not a good day, a very bad one. I was so sleepy today b/c of the med I took. I found the prettiest picture I can paint/draw for the art contest. It's! 2nd period was boring, I tried not to fall asleep. I stayed after class and talked to my teacher about some project. And my bf was already in the classroom, he waved to me. And told me that he was "looking" for me on Saturday, I laughed a little. I didn't really say anything.

JJ was making things worse, I wanted to tell her to shut the fuck up. She was like "Omg, ya'll haven't hung out in a long time." God dammit, I hate her sometimes. During lunch I barely talked to her. Good for me. Anyway, randy goes up to me and does the sizzle thing and chrissy poo grabs my side. Haha.

In algebra 2, we had another quiz. It was on our homework and I have amazingly bad memory. So my teach was actually still nice to me and helped me. But I'm not finished, a lot of people aren't. Chrissy poo wrapped his arm around me and was like "my azn girlfriend" and started feeling on me.Lol,sexy!!

There's no volunteer work in the hospital which sucks dick. During school, I was trying not to cry. Same thing at the hospital. I was thinking "what's the point of having a bf when you barely see him or talk to him anymore...and it's like he chooses pot and his friends over me" I think it should end. But I think it already has...a long time ago.And it's not my fault, I swear.

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cigarettes in open air, hand in hand [22 Feb 2004|08:38pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

My oh my, what a boring ass day. I just cleaned around the house, fell asleep some, and watched some TV...along with other things. These pierceful headaches keep on throbbing in my head.I think I'm gonna get some kind of disease.

I miss my boyfriend tons. He asked for me yesterday but I was gone. I hate how he smokes pot with his friends,it's so stupid. But I can't say anything b/c he doesn't tell me what he hates me doing. I wanna ask him why we haven't been really hanging out.I had a dream that I really did ask him and he said it all started with my ex-bf and shit. I'm tired and feel sick. I hate myself.

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[22 Feb 2004|02:08am]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | [rooney] ]

So last night?! I didn't feel that well and I kept on falling asleep. I guess my boyfriend forgot to call. Yea whatever..

On the last notice, my mom decided she wanted to go to Mac. At like one, my mom waited outside for me to go pick up JJ. And then like JJ was in the bathroom crying cuz she wasn't ready and her mom was pissing her off. So I just left and my mom wasn't outside.I walked back to my house and saw my mom coming around the corner. Which pissed me off so much b/c I thought she left me and I wasted my time. Then she kept on honking the damn horn which is so fucking irritating. Everything worked out though, JJ came.

It felt like summer time today, I wore a skirt. Aaah! There were so many sales and I didn't have any fucking money. There was this cute A&F red plaided skirt for only $19.90 and a Hollister shirt for $9.90. Holy shit! There was this amazingly hot emo dude in Hollister, he was looking at me and JJ. *sizzle* Then around like 6pm, laura came to pick us up.

We ate at Applebee's and talked. Her best friend, Julia, is so fucking awesome. She's from my hometown too! Northerners kick ass! She is so pretty too! So we went to the beauty pageant, it was so hilarious. We made fun of people and laughed so much. I saw some old "friends" there, blah. And these private school dudes were looking at us, eee! Then me and JJ came back and rented some movies and ate ice cream. You know, I haven't had this much fun in a long while, like since school started back in August. Tonight I wasn't alone or whatever. JJ is really starting to get on my nerves with materialism and talking about her bf every minute. A lot of people are getting on my nerves lately, b/c of my period?! Hm...maybe.

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and now it's choking me up [20 Feb 2004|07:20pm]
[ mood | flirty ]
[ music | [Hawiian music] ]

Holy fuck! Today was actually a pretty good day. I made up my Spanish test today, which I made a 96.Hell yea babie! Someone asked if I was smoking cuz I kept on laughing. That's mean! I'm so proud of myself, I made the highest test grade in the class, a fucking 88! Woohoo! I saw my babie and we hugged,haha. Laura invited me to the beauty pageant tomorrow, I think I'm going. Finally something to do instead of being bored. Nothing really happened today. I made up my alg 2 teacher's shit(quizzes) and I think I did pretty good b/c I kept on asking questions.Plus, she was pretty nice to me.

I talked to my Honors Wrld History teacher and she said that I would have a lot of electives senior year b/c I'm almost done high school. She said I should take AP European History,Comparative Religions, and Psychology in 12th grade. And she said she was sure I was gonna make it into a good college. Eh?! JJ's little sister was being a little bitch to me. She was like throwing a sock at me and shit b/c she got jealous cuz of Mikey. Ugh.

So tonight?! I don't know what my plans and my bf have been trying to figure out what to to. No movies, so we're probably gonna hang out at someone's house?! Eh, I don't know. Randy was like imitating me and shit. He's on my babie's side now, no more flirting! Shit! And my sweetie was talking about my skirt and how he could make it "bad" with cum.Eeew.Speaking of my skirt, dudes were being perverted. And this one dude was like "Dang, you look like one of I can't say it....azn girls I download off the internet.." That's so fucking disgusting! Randy did the sizzle noise and chrissy poo called me his skirt-wearing hoe. *gasps*

Fatally yours,

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and one time... [19 Feb 2004|10:03pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | [video game music] ]

Aaah! I have a stummy ache. And then it's gonna turn into a headache. For some stupid reason,I can't get started on my damn painting.I feel like I'm gonna fuck up on it. Jesse was being funny today, he accidentally poked me with a shovel's handle and he was laughing.Then I accidentally touched him,oops! Lol, in Spanish, all the people were like "ooh! azns" haha, so crazy. I have a fucking 87.4 in honors bio,holy shitness! I tried my best not to fall asleep in 6th. Oh, I think I'm gonna take the PSATs/SATs course.So yea?

After school, my ex talked to me and he asked me what I was doing and shit.Ha,good times? Nah. My babie called and we talked some.We were supposed to do shit but Nooo! He fucking had to cancel last minute b/c of his parents or whatever.And then the pc was fucking up,it wouldn't let me go into the system. So I was like on the floor crying,freaked out that I was gonna get a zero and mad.I was so about to cut with a razor thingie or whatever.But I didn't, and I'm proud.Then I had to go to JJ's and do my report there.

Me and chrissy poo talked some.He called me his hot emo dude and I talked to him on the phone.Sexy.He called me horny, and that it was a good thing.Omg,lol.JJ's bf said I was a tease to guys,muhhaa.And he was talking about his brother, which it so fine. And I go *sizzle* noise,oops! So here I am, I just got done talking to my babie.We said our "I miss yous" and talked about nasty stuff.I haven't seen him in a long ass time,which sucks dick.Thoust is saddeth.I hope those racist black chicks don't criticize my clothes tomorrow.It's summer time for me!

Fatally yours,

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wishful thinking [18 Feb 2004|10:14pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Uh,hi. My day was so damn tiring. So yea,in art 2 I'm done preparing my canvas and my old crush talked some to me.okk...I was just wondering my teacher's opinion on me taking AP U.S. history, and she said she knew I was gonna make it without trying.That so made my day. Lunch was ate in the media center again, what a bore. But there's nowhere else to eat, except the lunchroom.Can you say "ew?"

I'm taking Honors Chem next year, I was thinking AP but I dunno. Tyler fell asleep and the teach squirted him with water and he woke up all in shock.It was like he had a hard on or something.Lol.Chrissy poo tried on my Brand New "emo" jacket, and damn! He looked so fucking emo-ish and that means hot! He called me hot too,hah.Then my mom,sister,and I went to WR and Mac.Gadzooks is like closing and the bathing suits are going on sale,I saw a cute one.It was light pink with brown/tan polka dots.Too bad it was like $79 with 30% off,my mom said she was gonna get it though.I saw some cute emo guys,they had gfs though.

I got my babie a Trigun black kittie stuffed animal.And I got a pink off the shoulder shirt from Hollister,I want a white skirt though.Bought some azn food,yea yea yea.Then we ate,shit was good.And now I'm home..isn't it so beautiful? I'm really tired, and when I am, I'm really bitchy. Aaah! I have been in this really weird mood lately, like I just wanna be left alone. I think I'm sinking into a semi-depression state.*sighs* Fuck life..sometimes.

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you've got your gun to my head [17 Feb 2004|07:02pm]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | [the TV] ]

Hello my sweethearts.Haha.I was so fucking tired, fell asleep around 12am and woke up around 6:30.Fuck! We had to go outside which was really gay,it was fucking cold! In 3rd, we had this test.It was so fucking the little things mattered. I hope I at least made a B.Today marks the day of registering for next year's schedule.I still am confused and don't know yet.

God! I was so fucking pissed after school, I found out that my avg. in alg 2 is a damn 59,it dropped 5 points.And my mom said she's gonna call my bitchy teacher and talk to her. I was all hysterical and shit. Lol,randy is so crazy.He was telling me that I never talked to him and he was talking about how my bf is the only one I can touch.He's so crazy, he was like "you didn't tell me about you and him..." and chrissy poo was like "dude, that's been going on for forever." And then after school I told him that my sweetie didn't have to know about "us" and that I can't keep my hands off him.Lol.He's on my boyfriend's side now,no more huggies from randy? Noo! I'm so busy with school right now,I think I'm gonna die.

Fatally yours,

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