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Monday, January 20th, 2003

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    Have you ever felt so empty that you couldn't breathe? So out of touch with yourself you felt lost in common surroundings? It's sad feeling that way. Knowing no matter what you do you can't have who you truly desire. Yet it makes you want them more until you torture yourself over it. That's how I feel.

    I sometimes never truly understand myself. I admire anyone who can understand themselves. It makes them more of who they are. Am I right?

    Yet I am in both oppositions. I want someone who I can't have and someone wants me whom I don't want. Seeing both sides is odd when in the same situation. I'm not making much sense, am I?

    I'll look back later and try to figure it out.

    Current Mood: confused
    Current Music: Jack Off Jill - Strawberry Gashes

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