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Monday, October 25th, 2004

Subject:Today did get worse... twice
Time:2:49 pm.
Even though i posted about three hours ago, I am posting here again. I dont have anyone to talk to now, i failed my test, and im losing her i fear.

I just wish things could be better... I wish that she was happy and cheerful again... i wish i would have passed the test.

I am sorry if i have been an asshole... its all my fault...please feel better again, and dont worry what douchebags like kendra john have to see... after all, they suck at life.

Im sorry lisha

-sadly joe
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Subject:Shane Embry is an Asshole
Time:11:36 am.
Mood: pissed off.
Music:Funeral for a Friend _ The Art of American Football.
The reason that I say that this cockbite is an asshole is because of one simple truth: that son-of-a-btich failed me for no reason. He had no grounds for the shock and abuse of authority in which he excersied.

Basically, Joe (which is me) has waited patiently and anxiously for the past 180 days for this time to come, and in return, Joe (me) is fist fucked by the hand of Mr. Embry. I show up early for my driver's test appointment, wait for a hour in which the instructor ends up being late by ten minutes, which, hey I did not mind one bit, I was nervous anyway and it gave me time to relax for once. After checking my lights, parking brake and other essential parts of my car, he directs me to back out and go in the right direction. Easy. He tells me to continue do a street at the speed limit, and in which it was 35 mph, and in which i matined a constant 35 mph speed. No problem so far. So then he directs me to turn right onto a residential street, and bring the car to a gentle stop at the top of a hill. I would like to state that there was no visible speed limit sign (because some ass conviently had a tree blocking it, and of course, this was my fault for not being able to clearly identify an object that was clearly present. {Attention to Sarcasm) Of course, i was going 25 mph, because on an unmarked residential zone you are alotted to go up to 35 mph, so technically, in absense of any sign, i was not speeding. But, Mr. Embry, he never looked up at anytime except to look at my speedometer, noticed i was legally "speeding". I then preformed every action that he directed, correctly, no flaws, no nothing, and he even noted i did not miss any points on these parts, and that i proceeded to excesie catiously throughout the examination. When we got to the parrelle parking area, he told me to stop at the cones, but, to his utter shock, we had already passed the cones when he stated this, and I would like to point out i wasnt speeding, but according to him, i was driving without a thought, in which i responded with: " I am only going where you tell me..." (thankfully, this filled him with anger). My parking was great, he couldnt take any points off of it. So we get done, back where we started. He then tells me, congratualtions, you got a 100 on your test... but you cannot get your liscene.

What the fuck? <---- Thats what i thought too. Apparently i was speeding in an unreasonable and unsafe manner, indangering others around me. At one point when he had me go in reverse, he said i was speeding then too. Well, the speed limit on that road was 20 mph also, and i was going no more then 7 mph... which, is 13 mph under the speed limit. Hmm... But yet, I asked him, that in the manuel i had to study for my temps, i rememeber that it said that the driving instructor would have a 5 mph le-way for speeding. Which he even stated i was going 23 mph when he marked me for speeding. His response: I am doing my job, you can ask any sheriff in there. So, me being the vindictive bastard I am (which should be obvious by now), procedded to ask his supeor.

(Re-enactment of Conversation)
Joe: Excuse me sir, is going 23 mph in a 20 mph zone, is that speeding?
Supeior: No, that is called human error.
Joe: And what if the speed zone signs were unclear, or blocked, am I liable for "speeding"?
Supeior: No, aslong as you were not going over 35 mph.

So, I have this mans boss on my side, saying that it would be immpossible, and I also recieved a perfect on my exam, with Mr. Embry's comment of: "You are a very safe, cautious, defensive, and responsible driver..."

Yet, I still did not recieve my liscene, and as of now, I have to wait till monday to get an appointment, but hopefully, under some pressure, this douchebag will give me an appointment this week.

I have been fucked twice by the court systems in the past years... the bastards I say, but this by far was unfair and defintily far from impartial.
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Wednesday, September 15th, 2004

Subject:All right, scratch out that last post please...
Time:10:26 pm.
Mood: happy.
Music:Snoop Dogg - Gin and Juice.
Well, forget what that last post (albeit over three months ago) stated, I am fine now, school is great, yes me and autumn broke up, and yes me and alisha are together (yea check it.)

I am really happy for once, and i hope it is always like this.

Work still sucks, but o well, im still so damn happy.

Hopefully I will write again soon...
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Monday, June 14th, 2004

Subject:Alot of things happened...
Time:10:27 pm.
Mood: depressed.
Im not talking of anything politics today, im going to treat this as a real journal for once, and just tell you about events that hav happend today.

Its obvious that the ones i love most will pay the worst for being near me. I thought i lost autumn today, i really thought that there was nothing i could do to change how she felt, and i cried... i couldnt stop crying, and i still am.
I love her so much... and i just want nothing to change between us, I want there to be an "us" still.

I cant even type what i want to, its bothering me that much... ill try to post when everything is better.
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Tuesday, May 4th, 2004

Subject:Answering some inquries that a certain poster had on my last post...
Time:11:43 pm.
Mood: pissed off.
Recently a certain individual had left a post on my journal, expressing his pedestrian concerns with my philosophy. Whilst he was unaware of anything I have ever posted before inside of my journal, he continued to inquiry why I was pursuing some of these set goals.

If the poster would have followed the set designated instructions I had left on the post that had troubled him so deeply, he would have found my reasons. The Clause of which I speak of is:

“…The Main Platform of this party so far is: (For my reasons, just read some of my other posts, or contact me)

Pro-Female Combat
Legalization of Marijuana
Full support of Gay Marriages
A Socialist State
Abolition of Financial Establishments
Universal Health Care, of the Highest Quality
Improved Social Benefits
Obviously anything that once required money will be void, meaning free College Tuition
Abolishment of the Electoral College and emphasis on Popular Vote
Direct-Democracy as the Governmental Form/ Socialism as the Economic System
Anti-Capital Punishment
Improved rights
More established freedom of expression
Diplomacy over Warfare when dealing with Foreign Nations …”

I would like to point out a phrase inserted into that last clause… which states as follows: For my reasons, just read some of my other posts… Who would have ever suspected that I might have possibly used my journal more than once, and likewise, it is almost certain to infer that I have discussed one or more of these topics at hand in the other posts as well. So for this incapable poster, I shall graciously and most faithfully state my reasons as for all of these posts.

Pro-choice- The women’s body is, like as stated, her body. The relation between a fetus and the carrier (that being the mother) is obviously parasitic {the mother receives no benefits from the fetus, and the fetus draws nutrients from the carrier, whilst the carrier is forced to adapt to provide the needed nutrients and acids to the fetus.) If the women wishes to rid herself of such a parasite, then she should be allotted to.
Pro-Female Combat- Equal rights should follow equal opportunities for duties. If a women wants to die for this country in a senseless war… go ahead, who am I to tell you that just because you were born of a certain sex, you are not allowed to certain duties.

Legalization of Marijuana- Marijuana is not a drug that kills instantly. It is a drug that brings about a sense of euphoria, while presenting you with a sedative feeling to go along. It causes health problems after along time… doesn’t that sound just like Alcohol? If you want to smoke marijuana, go ahead, it is your life choice; just do not complain that it has ruined your life. Marijuana does not ruin people, people ruin themselves.

Full support of Gay Marriages- Homosexuals are people and citizens just like other Heterosexual (regardless of race) citizens of this country. If two people love each other, I see nothing wrong with that. If two people of the same sexual gender love each other, and want to make a commitment to love each other solemnly and faithfully to each other, how can you say that is morally wrong! If homosexuals cannot marry and have the same benefits of Heteros, then I don’t think marriages should even be allowed for each other. Under the 14th amendment of the constitution, it is their (homosexuals) right to be allotted for the same treatment, ceremony, and entitlements as any other would be.

Anti-War- I think this speaks for itself… I don’t think terrorists are going to take over America.

A Socialist State- I hate capitalism. There is only one voice: The People.

Abolition of Financial Establishments- The only way to end poverty it is to stop it at it’s source. If the nation is a large commune, then no one shall be worse off that another. I see that it is the only way to evolve to a higher state of existence, is to ensure economic equity.

Universal Health Care, of the Highest Quality- I know that abolishing the financial establishments will never work and probably take time; I think the most logical thing to do is to ensure the health of the nation and the citizens within. Canada has a Universal Health Care system instituted, and efficiently I might add. What we pay for a medicine is around 75% lower over the border to Canada.

Improved Social Benefits - That means, better welfare for all. Why? Were else is our tax money going to go? Wars perhaps… maybe moving jobs overseas? If we cut welfare from our expenditures, don’t you think the government will just increase spending in another area. If my money is going somewhere… I want to make damn sure it is making a difference in someone’s life. I am putting everyone else before myself…
Obviously anything that once required money will be void, meaning free College Tuition- That’s not anarchy pissed off poster… that’s free tuition. Russia did it… why can’t we? I’ll tell you why; It is all about the money, that is all everything in this country is about.

Abolishment of the Electoral College and emphasis on Popular Vote- The electoral college is completely unethical in its mode of operation. I fell that the person who was voted for by a larger number of people should be declared the winner of that bout. For instance, when Gore lost and Bush won the election. Yes, Gore did have a larger portion of the popular vote (meaning more people voted for him), yet he lost because of the electoral College system. If the people vote, they vote. We do not need others to do it for us. If a plurality votes for a president (or whatever the leader may be), they should win obviously, because more people saw them to be the best possible choice.

Direct-Democracy as the Governmental Form/ Socialism as the Economic System- Read my other posts… too much to even explain.

Anti-Capital Punishment- Though they are prisoners, they still are humans. I don’t think that we as a nation have the right to decide when a person shall die at our hands or whatever which way. There are many innocents in jail… what is to happen to those on death row… shall they die? Even thought they have done nothing wrong.

Improved rights- Yes less laws mike.

More established freedom of expression- For instance, ridding ourselves of the patriot act. It is basically an exploitation of patriotic feelings, in order to gain entry into people’s lives. The policy of “ if you have nothing to hide… then why oppose it…” Why do I oppose it? Because I have the right to. I have a life, I have a job, I have views. If I want anyone to know anything about my life, I shall announce it publicly (like now), but I have the right to privacy. What if I am a closet-case homosexual? Do I want anyone to know about this? It does not harm anyone but it is still within my rights to retain this information. It is my life, my personal life.

Diplomacy over Warfare when dealing with Foreign Nations - If it comes to a time when nations are on the brink of war, I shall think it best fitting to find other means of engagement besides warfare. Terrorism is a violent expression of views and problems with another group. Fighting will only silence these arguments, or perhaps, worsen them. We should try to work out these problems instead of engaging in every small conflict.

If you do not agree with me, that is fine… after all this is a free country. Freedom is a one way road with many turns and pathways, but it all leads to the same end… death. Who cares if the Homosexual community wants to marry, let them. We have one chance at life, and if we can not see around religion and political leaders who say that they are morally wrong, then where is our nation heading too? This nation is founded upon the rights of self-determination, we determine what is best for us, we are free to attach ourselves and express ourselves to anything or in anyway. It is nonsensical to profess one group to be lower than another, because of a life choice.

Is this the fate of our nation?: American the land of the Free… and the Persecuted… You decide what is right… do not let some very old book compel you to think some way. We are of the same flesh, we should have the same rights too...

Think for are who you are because of the path that lies behind you, not because of an end that lies after this life
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Monday, April 12th, 2004

Subject:The Socialist Commune
Time:11:28 pm.
Mood: complacent.
Music:Chapelle's Show- Episode 12.
I have begun to create a movement, one of not so tangible aspect as to this moment; but as more of an idealistic front. In such much as, I have been compelled to by forces of politics and notions for change and realization, that I am striving to create a new political party, entitled: The Socialist Commune. As to this second, only two members fully reside in this movement, obviously being that of the founder and co-founder (Me, the founder, and John South, the Co-Founder.) While the exact specifications of the goals and requesits of this party are not concretely established, we are striving to obtain more idealists to join in this process, as to find a feel for the public will and embelishments. If you are interested in this movement, please comment to this post, by leaving a name (full name obviously, and a way to contact you, if you desire a most readily response.) Or if anything, you should know me at school, just look for the student always wearing a Communist Shirt or has a picture of Che on his backpack.

The Main Platform of this party so far is: (For my reasons, just read some of my other posts, or contact me)

Pro-Female Combat
Legalzation of Marjiuana
Full support of Gay Marriages
A Socialist State
Abolition of Financel Establishments
Universal Health Care, of the Highest Quaility
Improved Social Benefits
Obviously anything that once required money will be void, meaning free College Tuition
Abolishment of the Electoral College and emphazies on Popular Vote
Direct-Democracy as the Governmental Form/ Socialism as the Economic System
Anti-Capitial Punishment
Improved rights
More established freedom of expression
Diplomacy over Warfare when dealing with Foreign Nations

Contact me for more, for this is only a summary, as it is too late to type all of it and the reasoning now.
I shall try to post again tommorrow.

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Thursday, April 8th, 2004

Subject:Just something to say....
Time:10:50 pm.
Mood: tired.
Music:Blindside - Pitiful.
It has been awhile since I have updated this journal, so obviously, I have decided just to post a few things that have happened. I finally finished Mein Kampf; afterwards I read Sun Tuz's: Art of War and Lao Tzu: Tao Te Ching in the matter of two days afterwards. I am currently indulged in Cervantes: Don Quixote.

Besides that, nothing much has really been significant to post in here. So I guess I could easily ramble on about politics again, but tonight on this post, i shall only comment on one certain issue.

"Creation" of new jobs: Apparently, the Bush epoch has successfully created over 500,000 new jobs in the American Economy since he took power in 2000; Yet anyone that closely examines this, can see that something just does not fit right in here. Obviously, with these supposed new jobs, the unemployment rate has also risen. Since I highly doubt we have had a population explosion at the right time, it is evident that these jobs were created either overseas or not at all (exclusion with Canada and Mexico). Or, another possiblity is that 700,000 people lost their jobs during 2000, and then 500,000 were opened afterwards, leaving still around 200,000 without a career, which would accuaratly explain the unemployment rise.

Do you know what one of Bush's proposal's to increase jobs were? He wanted to make McDonalds an assembly line job, in order to open more jobs. I will not comment on this, as I do not need to call him a dumbass, for he already has confirmed this to everyone.

Another thing that has slightly angered me is this major deal over Kerry wanted to add a .50 tax on gasoline (5 years ago). If you had done your research, you would have learned that Cheny had worked for a Gas and Electric Company, obviously in an administrative posistion. It was Cheney that proposed and completely supported the control of a barrel of Gasoline, as to not let inflation gain hold of it. Now, even in these times, a barrel will cost around $24; If he had had his way, it would have cost aprroximately $40. If this had happened, gas would cost around $4.00 a gallon. Yet for some reason, we seem to make a big controversie over a man that is a candiate that supported a proposal for a tax nearly 5 years ago; but turn a blind eye to a man that is in power who supported the drastic raising of gas prices, and still favors the policy.

Where is the patriotism in any of this?

Fuck Fox News.... think for yourselves.
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Tuesday, March 16th, 2004

Subject:The last sane man left on Earth except for Mikey B; My Father; and a few others...
Time:7:44 pm.
Mood: angry.
Music:Anti-Flag -- Die for Your....
First of all... i was under the impression that marriage was a contract between two consenting bodies, stating that they solumnly swear to death that they shall love each other and remain monogomus. Thus, upon this agreement, they recieve governmental benefits... odd sometimes how Church and State Mesh together at times...

I was informed that Homosexuals only want a Marriage so that they can recieve the tax breaks and inheirtance that the "Heteros" are entitled to. Well, this does not come as a suprise to me, that is a major reason that Marriages sometimes occur. How can we rightfully discriminate against a persons of different life choices, and strip them of the possibilites we have, just because it is decreed wrong by a very old book? If your God is a Discriminator, someone who cannot except someone as a person, but for only their lifestyle, do you really want to worship someone with a Vendetta like that?

I see three soultions in sight:

1.) Ban all governmental benefits from marriages of any sexual orientation. You "faithfuls" can stick to your marriage of love since thats why you are fighting this in the first place. This makes it fair to gays that cant recieve benefits... niether should you.

Under the 14th amendment (credit this to Mikey B. for this thought track, thank you Mike) it states that all persons shall recieve all entitlements and opportunities for government benefits and aid regardless of race or sexual orientation. Not only is it morally wrong to strip somebody of their rights, its also unconstitional.

2.) Allow Gay Marriages Is it that hard to allow two men in love (or two women) to be married and monogomus to each other? It is a beautiful thing when two humans love each other, and to deny them that option is against everything we stand for. Imagine for a second that you were a homosexual who urned for a marriage with your lover... and you were told because you love someone of the same sex, you cannot lawfully wed. Where is that national pride now, knowing that America, the land of the free... has a problem with Homosexuals... that were are a bunch of fucking hypocrits!

3.) Abolishing Marriages.... Before you get angered, i was also going to add that after the abolition of marraiges, that Civil Unions should be placed instead of marraiges... this alone would allow gays to be unified to each other since it would have no relgious involment, therefore would have no reason to not be allowed... and they would still reap the benefits that us heteros have always done.

See how simple things can be... who cares if they are gay, queers... or whatever you call the Homosexuals... they are people still none the less, people that work just as hard as you but have nowhere near the privilages you do...

So do me a favor, if you are against gay marriages, dont talk to me... i have had enough of this homophobia that many have been exerting. If you honestly cannot see around some damn bible and judge something for yourself, then what is the point in living.

I shall leave with one final thought:

If many of you have not noticed, I am a bit Agnostic, meaing i accept the fact that something may have created us or some bizarre event may have of occured to instigate our creation. Do not have a belief, have an idea.... think for yourself... pray when you want to, but more importantly... never forget who you are... and never forget that we are all free, no matter what the outside is, we are all the same.

We are all of the same flesh... Black, Tan, Yellow, White, Red, Clear (Cannot forget the Albinos)... Gay, Straight.... it dosent matter...
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Sunday, March 7th, 2004

Subject:The Communist Constitution...
Time:5:45 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
Music:Mustard Plug.

Amended July 8, 2001
27th National Convention
Milwaukee, WI





SECTION 1. The name of this organization shall be the Communist Party of the United States of America.

ARTICLE II - Principles of Organization

SECTION 1. The system of organization of the Communist Party is based upon the principle of democratic centralism, which means that decisions and policies are made through democratic procedures, and that once a final decision is made, all members are obligated to carry it out. Democratic centralism combines the maximum involvement of the membership in determining policy and in the democratic election of leading committees with responsible direction from one national center coordinating the activity of the entire Party along commonly agreed-upon lines of policy.

Unity is the strongest weapon working people have in the struggle to advance their interests. By making a commitment to unite around a program of action, members strengthen the Party and help unify the working class and peoples’ movements.

Collectivity is the basic style of work of the Party. Through group discussion and action, we seek to develop and apply the best possible plans to advance the interests of working people.

SECTION 2. Each Party body is subordinate to the next higher body, with central authority vested in the National Convention, the highest body of the Party, which not only has the authority to act on all aspects of Party policy and activity, but elects the national leadership to carry through its will and decisions between conventions.

SECTION 3. After a thorough discussion in any club, committee or convention, decisions are arrived at by majority vote. All members, including those who disagree, are duty bound to explain, fight for and carry out such decisions, as long as they do not conflict with national policies and decisions.

Decisions of leading committees on major questions shall be reported to all other Party bodies. Any member, club or committee, disagreeing with a decision, has the right to appeal the decision to the next higher body and request that the decision be reopened. While the appeal is pending, the decision must nevertheless be carried out by all members of the Party.

All appeals of decisions made to the next leading committee shall be heard by the respective body with 90 days or at the next regular meeting of the committee. Appeals may be made to successive leading committees up to and including the National Convention, provided that the appeals are made at least 30 days before the National Convention. Decisions of the National Convention are final. Once a final decision is made, no member, club, committee or leader has the right to violate the decision or to combine with others to conduct an organized struggle against the decision.

SECTION 4. Policies and decisions established by leading committees are open to review during the pre-convention discussion period set forth in Article V, Section 4, below. Members may express their views through the channels established for that purpose. All previous policies and decisions remain in full force until or unless they are changed by majority vote of the responsible committee or Convention.

SECTION 5. The principle of democratic centralism includes the obligation of all members and leaders to fulfill the decisions arrived at by the majority. Both leaders and members are bound by a common discipline.

Discipline is voluntarily assumed by members upon joining the Party and based on conviction, understanding and devotion to the cause to which the Party dedicates its efforts.

SECTION 6. The election of officers and leading committees at all levels shall be carried out with the fullest participation of the members of the elected Party bodies.

Elections shall be on the basis of a critical review and evaluation of the work of the elected body and of the individuals proposed for office. In elections to all Party committees, conventions and conferences steps shall be taken to maximize the representation of industrial workers, specially oppressed peoples and women.

Officers and leading committees are responsible both to the bodies which elected them and to the higher leading committees. All officers and members of leading committees may be released or removed from office by majority vote of the committees to which they are responsible.

SECTION 7. The Party as a whole, and each of its bodies including every club, shall plan and work for the mass circulation and use of our press and literature.

ARTICLE III – Membership

SECTION 1. Any person living in the United States, 18 years of age or over, regardless of race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, or religious belief, who subscribes to the principles and purposes of the Communist Party shall be eligible for membership. The age requirement for admission to membership may be waived in individual cases by a majority vote of the State or District Committee, when, in its judgment, special circumstances warrant.

SECTION 2. An application for membership may be received by any Party member, club, State (or District), or National body. The member or Party body receiving it shall promptly refer the application to the club (if known) and the State or District Committee where the applicant resides. The club and State or District leadership shall promptly confer about the application, and shall assign one or more members to meet or communicate with the applicant as soon as possible. Unless the club or State or District leadership have information indicating that the application was false, or that admitting the applicant would be harmful to the Party organization and its goals, the applicant shall be promptly notified that he/she has been admitted to Party membership, and he/she and shall be referred to a Party club where possible. In unorganized territory, in the absence of a club, the new member shall be referred to the next leading committee having jurisdiction. It shall be the responsibility of the club, if any, or the next leading body jurisdiction, to assist the new member in becoming involved in Party education, mass work and other activities.

If an applicant is not admitted to membership, the club and State or District leadership shall notify the club having jurisdiction (if any), the State or District Committee, and National Committee of the reasons why the applicant was not admitted.

SECTION 3. A Party member shall study and accept the Party Constitution and the Party Program as determined by the Convention, belong to a Party club where possible, be willing to carry out its decisions and pay dues. Membership in the Communist Party is a voluntary act of the individual.

SECTION 4. Party members three months in arrears in payment of dues cease to be members in good standing, and shall be so informed by their club (or district) leadership. Members who are six months in arrears shall be dropped from Party membership after effort has been made by the club (or district) leadership, through personal interviews to bring such members into good standing. They may, however, apply for readmission within six months, and upon approval of the club (or district) be permitted to pay back dues and regain their former standing.

SECTION 5. A member in good standing changing his or her place of residence from one state (or district) to another, shall request the state (or district) of origin to transfer his or her membership to the new state (or district). The request for transfer normally should be made before the member changes his or her place of residence, but in any event, not more than thirty (30) days after moving to the new state (or district). The transfer may be submitted by the state (or district) of origin through the National Committee office to the new state (or district), or it may be submitted simultaneously to the new state (or district) and National Committee.

The National Committee office and the states (or districts) involved shall process the transfer request as quickly as possible, and the new state (or district) shall promptly assist the member in getting situated in the new state (or district).

ARTICLE IV – Club and State (District) Organization

SECTION 1. The basic unit of the Communist Party shall be the club. The two basic forms of the Party club shall be based on: (1) place of work or industry, with shop clubs being the goal; and (2) place of residence, with the neighborhood clubs being the goal.

Each club shall have officers and an executive committee which shall be elected at the time of the annual club conference. Elections shall be by secret ballot if such method is requested by any member of the club.

The purpose of the annual club conference shall be to project the plan of work for the coming year based on: (1) policy as established by the national and state (or district) conventions, and further refined and developed by the National Committee and state (or district) committee; and (2) a thorough and critical examination of the club’s work in the previous year.

All clubs should have officers who fulfill the following functions, where possible: chairperson, financial secretary, educational director, labor secretary, press director, literature director, and a secretary who records all decisions. Two or more functions may be performed by one person. Additional officers and committees may be elected by the club.

Officers and committees are responsible to the club, and shall report on their work to the club from time to time. Financial reports shall be submitted to the club annually. Additional financial reports must be submitted when requested by a majority vote.

SECTION 2. State and district organizations may be established by the National Committee, and may cover one state, part of one state, or more than one state. They shall be known as the “----- State Committee, Communist Party USA”, the “----- District, Communist Party USA”, or the “Communist Party of -------, CPUSA”. Where there is more than one district in a state, the National Committee may establish such forms as are necessary to deal with questions of statewide importance.

The state (or district) organization shall comprise all clubs in one state (or district). The State (District) Committee shall have the power and duty to establish whatever subdivisions best fulfill the needs of Party work, such as state, county, city or section organizations.

The highest body of the state (or district) organization is the State (or District) Convention, which shall meet at least once every four years during the pre-convention discussion period prior to the National Convention. Each club in the state (or district) shall elect delegates to the convention in such number as the State (or District) Committee may determine, provided that the number of delegates to which each club is entitled shall be in proportion to its membership. Where there are members not attached to clubs due to geography, the State (or District) Committee may make special provisions for their representation at the State (or District) Convention. Class and national composition shall be considered in the election of delegates to the State (or District) Convention. To be eligible for election as a delegate, a member shall have been in good standing for at least six (6) months.

Members of the State (or District) Committee shall be elected in such manner and number as the State (or District) Convention may determine. All elections to the State (or District) Committee shall be by democratic process, including secret ballot.

To be eligible for election as a state or district officer or member of the State or District Committee, a member shall have been in good standing for at least one year preceding the date of the election.

The State or District Committee shall elect such officers as it deems necessary. Officers so elected shall be members of the State or District Committee by virtue of their offices, and shall be responsible to the State or District Committee. The State or District Committee may elect an executive committee and any other committees it deems necessary.

A vacancy among members of the State or District Committee may be filled until the next Convention by secret ballot and majority vote of the members of the State or District Committee.

Special State or District Conventions shall be called by a majority vote of the State or District Committee or upon the written request of clubs representing one-third of the membership.

The State or District Committee shall name a committee to administer the finances of the organization, which shall be responsible to the State or District Committee. The State or District Committee shall make a financial report to all regular State or District Conventions.

The State or District Committee shall meet at least four times a year. In districts covering large geographic areas, this requirement may be met up to three times per year through teleconferencing. A request by one-third of the members of the State or District Committee, or by one-third of the clubs, for a review of a state or district policy or adoption of a new policy requires that such a discussion be held by the State or District Committee.

ARTICLE V – National Organization

SECTION 1. The highest authority of the Party is the National Convention, which is authorized to make political and organizational decisions binding upon the entire Party and its membership.

Regular National Conventions shall be held every four years. A National Convention may be postponed beyond the four-year limit due to extraordinary circumstances by a three-fourths vote of the National Committee.

SECTION 2. The National Convention shall be composed of delegates elected by each State and District Convention by democratic process, including secret ballot, and in such number, in approximate proportion to the membership it represents, as the National Committee may determine. To be eligible for election as a delegate, the member shall have been in good standing for at least one year prior to the date of the Convention.

SECTION 3. Special National Conventions shall be called when there is an affirmative vote of 40% of the members of the National Committee or a majority vote of all State and District Committees. The office of the National Committee shall circulate any official request from any State or District Committee for a special National Convention to all other State and District Committees for their action. The time and place of special conventions shall be fixed by the National Committee. The basis for representation shall be determined in the same way as that for regular conventions.

SECTION 4. Prior to regular National Conventions, at least four months shall be provided for a pre-convention discussion period in all Party clubs and leading committees on the problems, reports, resolutions and other documents coming before the convention. During this discussion all Party members and organizations have the right to express their views and propose changes, including changes to the Party Program and amendments to the Constitution, to adopt resolutions on all questions of policy and tactics and on the work and composition of leading committees for consideration by the Convention. All policies and decisions, however, remain in full force during the pre-convention discussion.

SECTION 5. Each National Convention shall determine the number of members of the National Committee. Election of the National Committee by the National Convention shall be by secret ballot.

In the election of the National Committee, in addition to individual merit, such factors as class and social composition, wide geographic representation and political importance of the state or district organizations shall be considered.

SECTION 6. Vacancies in the National Committee may be filled by majority vote of the National Committee. Members may be released or removed by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members of the National Committee.

SECTION 7. The National Committee shall elect from its own membership a National Board and such officers as it decides upon. The National Committee shall establish such other committees or commissions as it deems necessary.

All such officers, committees and commissions shall be responsible to the National Committee.

SECTION 8. To be eligible for election as a national officer or member of the National Committee, a member shall have been in good standing for at least the three years preceding the election.

SECTION 9. Between National Conventions, the National Committee is responsible for the enforcement of the Constitution and the execution of the general policies adopted by the National Convention. The decisions of the National Convention shall be binding on all Party organizations and members.

Between National Conventions, the National Committee is the highest authority of the Party, representing the Party as a whole, and as such has the authority to make decisions and take action necessary and incidental to the good and welfare of the entire Party, and to act upon all problems and developments occurring between conventions. In the fulfillment of its duties, and in the exercise of its responsibilities, the National Committee shall guide and direct all of the political, organizational and educational work of the Party and organize and supervise its various departments and committees. The National Committee shall organize and direct all undertakings of importance to the entire Party, and administer the national treasury. The National Committee shall submit a financial report to each National Convention.

The National Committee and the State and District Committees shall encourage the widest discussion by the membership on all questions of theory and general line of Party policy. The shall provide organs to facilitate such discussions, provided that in the opinion of the National Committee such discussions do not hinder or impede execution of Party policy and decisions or weaken the unity of the Party in action.

The National Committee shall not make any major policy change until it has submitted the proposed change in draft form to the Party organization for debate for specified periods and for recommendations thereon. In an emergency, which must be affirmed by a two-thirds vote of the National Committee, the National Committee may adopt another procedure for making a major policy change, including a referendum vote of the entire membership or the calling of special enlarged, delegated conferences on a national or regional basis.

In the discussion of such major policy changes, rules for pre-convention discussion shall apply in regard to the proposed policy change only, except that the period of discussion may be determined by the National Committee.

SECTION 10. The National Committee shall meet at least three times per year. The officers or one-third of the members of the National Committee may call additional meetings.

SECTION 11. Summaries and reports of National Committee meetings shall be made available to State and District Committees and shall appear in digest form in publications available to the Party membership. Such reports may be published when the National Committee so determines.

All departments and leading committees shall submit reports regularly to the National Committee.

SECTION 12. The officers of the National Committee shall make known to the members of the National Committee any request of any member of the National Committee for either a review of a policy or the introduction of a new major policy question.

A request by one-third of the members of the National Committee for review of a policy or for adoption of a new policy requires that such a discussion be held by the National Committee.

ARTICLE VI – Rights and Duties of Members

SECTION 1. Every member of the Party who is in good standing has the right and duty to participate in the making of its policies and in their execution, and to participate in the elections of the Party bodies to which he or she belongs.

A member has the right, within the Party organization, to express openly and uphold his or her opinion or differences on any question as long as the Party organization has not adopted a decision. This may be accomplished in meetings of the Party organizations and in authorized publications. After a decision, a Party member who disagrees has the right to appeal successively to the next higher body, including the National Convention. At the same time every member has the duty to carry out the majority decision.

Members may critically evaluate the work of all leading committees and individual leaders, irrespective of the positions they hold, provided it is done in appropriate Party meetings, conferences, conventions or other Party bodies. No one may interfere with this right of critical evaluation. Any member may address a question or statement to a leading committee at any level. Leading committees must respond as promptly as possible.

During pre-convention discussion members have the right and duty within Party organizations and publications designated for the purpose, to discuss any and all Party policies and tactics, and the right to critically evaluate the work and composition of all leading committees.

SECTION 2. A member shall strive to attend all club meetings. Members shall continually strive to improve their political knowledge and their understanding of Marxism-Leninism, to take part in the discussion of Party policy, to initiate activities, to work of the aims and policies of the Party, and to seek to win new members to its ranks. They shall also read, circulate and help improve Party publications. All members shall circulate the press and make work with the press central to their mass activity.

Each member shall critically evaluate the work of Party collectives and his/her own activity, with the aim of improving the work of the Party, its bodies, and his or her own activity. The National Committee and leadership at all levels shall take the initiative and give the lead for the development of the fullest critical evaluation and self-evaluation in regard to improving its work.

SECTION 3: It shall be the obligation of all Party members to struggle for the unity of the working class, against all forms of national oppression, national chauvinism, discrimination and segregation, against all racist ideologies and practices, such as white chauvinism and anti-Semitism. It shall be the duty of all Party members to fight for the full social, political and economic equality of the African-American, Mexican-American, Puerto Rican, Native American Indians, Asian and Pacific Islanders, other oppressed minorities, immigrants and the foreign born, and to promote the unity of all people as essential to the advancement of their common interests.

It shall be the obligation of all Party members to struggle against all manifestations of male supremacy and discrimination against women, and to fight for the full social, political and economic equality for women.

It shall be the obligation of all Party members to struggle against homophobia and all manifestations of discrimination against gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender people, and to fight for their full social and civil rights.

SECTION 4. All leading committees shall seek a maximum of consultation with other committees, Party clubs and the membership in policy formation, and especially with those comrades directly involved. In the period between conventions, the various Party organizations, from Section Committee to National Committee, may organize delegated conferences to evaluate Party work in a given field or to develop a position on new issues which may arise.

Other forms of consultation may include membership referendum.

SECTION 5. All Party members who are eligible must belong to their respective labor unions. If no union exists at a Party member’s place of employment, he or she shall strive to organize, or help to organize, a labor union whenever possible.

SECTION 6. All Party members working in coalitions and mass organizations (such as labor unions, farm, community, civil rights, fraternal, religious, etc.) shall promote and strengthen the unity and leading role of the working class, and fight for the broadest possible unity of the working class and its allies, in the course of fighting for their needs.

SECTION 7. All members who are eligible shall register and vote in all public elections, wherever possible.

SECTION 8. The Party shall give full aid in the acquisition of United States citizenship to those of its members who, because of unjust and undemocratic laws and practices, are deprived of this right.

ARTICLE VII – Disciplinary Procedures and Appeals

SECTION 1. Subject to the provisions of this Article, any member or officer of the Party may be reprimanded, put on probation, suspended for a specified period, removed from office, dropped or expelled from the Party for actions detrimental to the interests of the Party and the working class, for factionalism, for making false statements in an application for membership, for financial irregularities, or for advocacy or practice of racial, national or religious discrimination, or discrimination on the basis of gender or sexual orientation.

No action, including dropping, may be taken against a member without notifying him or her of the action and the reason for it. Assistance should be given to help comrades to overcome weaknesses and shortcomings, when possible.

SECTION 2. Subject to the provisions of this Article, any member shall be expelled from the Party who is a strikebreaker, a provocateur, engaged in espionage, an informer, or who advocates force and violence or terrorism, or who participates in the activities of any group which acts to undermine or overthrow any democratic institutions through which the majority of the American people can express their right to determine their destiny.

SECTION 3. Charges against individual members or committees may be made by any member or Party committee to the club of which the accused is a member or to the appropriate higher committee having jurisdiction.

All such charges shall be handled expeditiously by an elected trial committee of the club or appropriate higher body. The trial committee shall hear charges, make recommendations and then disband.

SECTION 4. All accused persons concerned in disciplinary cases, except publicly self-admitted informers and provocateurs, must be notified of the charges against them, shall have the right to appear, to bring witnesses, including non-members if agreed to by the trial committee, and to testify. The burden of proof shall be on the accusers.

SECTION 5. After hearing the report of the trial committee, the club or leading committee having jurisdiction shall have the right to decide by a two-thirds vote upon any disciplinary measure, including expulsion. Disciplinary measures taken by leading committees shall be reported to the club of each accused member. Higher bodies must be informed of all disciplinary actions above a reprimand. There shall be an automatic review of all expulsions by the next higher body.

SECTION 6. Any member or committee that has been subject to disciplinary action has the right to appeal to the next higher body up to the National Convention, whose decision shall be final. The National, State (or District) or other leading committee shall set a hearing within 60 days from the date of receipt of the appeal and notify the appellant of the hearing date. When, however, the appeal is to a State, District or National Convention, the appeal shall be acted upon by the Convention following the filing of the appeal, provided that such appeal is made at least 30 days prior to the convention.

ARTICLE VIII – Initiation Fees, Dues and Assessments

SECTION 1. Initiation fees and dues shall be paid according to rates fixed by the National Convention. Between National Conventions, the National Committee may revise the rates of initiation fees and dues by a two-thirds vote of the National Committee.

SECTION 2. The income from dues and initiation fees shall be apportioned among the various subdivisions of the Party as determined by the National Convention, or by a two-thirds vote of the National Committee between conventions.

SECTION 3. Special assessments may be levied by the National Convention or by a two-thirds vote of the National Committee.

All local or state (or district) assessments are prohibited except by special permission of the National Committee.

ARTICLE IX – Amendment

SECTION 1. This Constitution may be amended by a majority vote of any regular or special National Convention, or by membership referendum initiated by the National Committee or one-third of the state and district organizations. It may also be amended by three-fourths vote of the National Committee and a majority vote of the majority of the State and District Committees. This vote must be preceded by a minimum of a two-month discussion period in the Party organization.

ARTICLE X – Authority

SECTION 1. The Communist Party is not responsible for any political document, policy, book, article, or any other statement of political opinion except such as are issued by authority of the National Conventions and the regularly constituted leadership of the Party.

I am a paid member of this party...

_We shall rise to power one day, whether it be now or later... our time will come...

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Thursday, February 26th, 2004

Subject:Another update... not so harsh as the last
Time:3:46 pm.
Mood: relaxed.
Music:A_perfect Circle.
I just finshed reading "The Prince" by Machiavelli... A book which is commonly critized for its harshness upon politics... I found it quite interesting...

But after reading this book, I have moved onto another controversial book entitled "The Communist Manifesto" written by Marx and Engels...

I find it to be quite unique so far; if you couldnt tell, I'm not to patriotic....

More later...

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Thursday, February 19th, 2004

Subject:I'm going to catch alot of shit for this...
Time:8:59 pm.
Mood:Like i always am....
Music:Kevin James _Stand Up Comedy...
Just some excerpts from something I wrote...

It has come to my attention that in the last year, I have become more politically involved then I was, in say sometime ago. Unfortuantly, with this involvement, i have also became sick of some groups of the country.

Many issues have come to thought upon this, and I know i will catch shit for this statement i plan to write in awhile. I would simply like to state my views upon some critical topics in this time. If you find any of this offensive, then stop reading, don't bitch at me for what i believe, mainly because... I'm not right, and niether are you, its simply a matter of opinion and some science and common sense.

First topic i will analyse will be that of abortion. To state the obvious, I would like to point out that the relation of the featus to the carrier is obviously parasitic... sadly thats all it is. To prove this, the carrier is forced to adapt will the parasite grows and develops. Truth is sometimes the hardest to accept, mainly because it isn't what we want to hear. My stand point on this is that abortions should remain legal, if you don' want it, then it is your right to dipose of it, after all, it is nothing more than part of you. Yes, there are better means to rid yourself of the burden (mainly adoption) but it should legally remain an option for everyone. Some say it is murder, well sadly, it isnt murder because it is not born yet.

The next topic will be that of Homosexual marriges. There should be no arguement here, they should be allowed to wed; In fact, I find it hard to even think of why they can't. Mainly the reason that people frown and degard them is that it is "a sin to wed homo's". Sorry, I think that you and all of your followers missed the part in our history that we established a seperation of Church and State. I also find it funny how many of the opposers to this also _support_ CAPITIAL PUNISHMENT. I find that a bit redundent; I was under the impression that murder in any case towards anyone was a sin. Well obviously, killing someone is murder, and capitial punshiment involves the death of someone. It's funny how people use on thing to their advantage, and oddly forget about it when it dosent support them.

Religon in schools... Voluntary prayer and scripture reading is competely fine by me, i see no reason to hate religon, though I am agnoistic. However, if it is forced, then it should be dealt with as a crime of the infringment of rights. Simply put, Chruch and State are seperate.. but State and Freedom are something that we still have...

Women in combat. I do not personally like war, but i must also state that my views are not inpertant, but only the majorities do. I honestly feel that equal rights should aslo allow for equal duties. If you want to die, then you should be allowed to. If you want to serve on the front lines, then you should be allowed to.

Legalization of Marijuana. Well, who cares? It's a drug that kills eventually and sometimes can bring about a feeling of euphoria and cause long term health effects. Sound like something familiar... alcohol maybe? It should be legal... crime rates would drop, and we could tax the hell out of the sales (which would be alot).

War on terroizim. Terroizim in the eyes of enemy is Capitializim (think America). obviously these actions against our countries are done in reason, as every choice is always followed by reason. These actions are done to state and to make apparent to everyone the conditions that they face. There are other menas of engagments; America, the land of the free, is not always the grand land that we have been told. If you honestly believe everything you hear... well you might wanna go over seas yourself to see whats going on. We over step with war at sometimes that isnt needed. They overstep with actions that could be done differntly. Bottom line, it has no direct effect to us, then we should have no actions against it.

I would burn a flag without regret, mainly because I have the right to do so, and it's only a piece of cloth. If you place so much importance upon a piece of cloth, you should think again about it; Its only a flag, not our nation we are burning. Amercia maybe the greatest nation in the world, but that dosent make it Pious in anyway. I do not say the pledge of alligence. Why you might ask? Research its history and maybe you might not like it, besides, I pay taxes and live here, thats enough loyalty for anyone.

I think that we should be a Democratic-Socialist Nation. Thats how I feel... and if you do not like it, well to fucking bad... thats how I feel, and I am not right either, I'm only stating my views.
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Wednesday, January 28th, 2004

Subject:Okay this is the third time
Time:2:54 pm.
Mood: relaxed.
Music:Rancid - Radio / Less Than Jake - Science of....
This is the third blurty i have made... since all of my other ones have been deleted sadly...

Not much has happened, My vacation i had was awesome... and we have had three snow days in a row.

I had time to pick out my classes for next year: AP Psychology; English III Honours; Physics; America's Modern Wars; Sociology; Business Law; United States History Honours...

thats about it for now...

_from the ever so sexy joe kid_
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Blurty for Joe.

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