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    Saturday, January 26th, 2008
    9:31 pm
    Where have I been? ;-)
    I have completely lost track of time and when I was even here last :-( - it' been years! Shame on me. It seems as though all of my online friends have moved on. Who next will see my journals? I welcome you ...


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    Monday, February 23rd, 2004
    9:00 pm
    The Typewriter
    A husband and wife decided they needed to use "a code" to indicate that they wanted to have sex without letting their children in on it.

    They decided on the word "typewriter."

    One day the husband told his five year old daughter, "Go tell your mommy that daddy needs to type a letter."

    The child told her Mom what her dad said and her mother responded, "Tell your daddy that he can't type a letter right now because there's a red ribbon in the typewriter."

    The child went back to tell her father what mommy had said.

    A few days later the Mom told the daughter, "Tell daddy that he can type that letter now."

    The child told her father, and then returned to her mother and announced, "Daddy said never mind with the typewriter, he already wrote the letter by hand."
    Wednesday, February 18th, 2004
    11:03 pm
    Valentine's Day Wishes
    I met my lover last night -- we had "parted" several weeks ago -- a mutual decision -- but recently decided that the sex was so very fabulous that what a waste it would be to have such a hot cock and soaked and willing pussy so close to each other and not utilized. Great logic on our part, eh?

    We met last night in a suite I had reserved. Chinese take-out was the fare on the menu, at least the first course, that is. If any of you had serioulsy read my journal -- the whole journal -- including my entries at _sticky_stuff -- you'd know what kind of fun followed.

    Since she is in a sexless marriage (who isn't? Except for "Wet Cunt" -- love that gal!) as am I, when we meet it a true lust-fest that starts early, goes all night and ends late.

    On last night's menu we started with Madame's favorite, Rock-hard Cock, trimmed closely, but not shaved, and eaten raw and whole. After quite a long roound of her exquisite sucking and licking, she proceeded to give my body a bath with her tongue -- quite delicious and delightful -- I can assure you.

    She was still dressed by the way - I was ordered "to strip" -- gotta love that!

    When she stopped momentarily for a breather, her blouse raised up slightly to reveal her beautiful stomach and, a shiny, silver piercing at her navel. The very sight of that made me feel like some enormius fish, a predator in the deep ocean who sees a shony lure flickering in the distance.

    I sat up quickly, raised her blouse up to the bottom of her breasts and began to roll my tongue across her abdoman. The combination of my hot, wet tongue and the unexpected speed by which I sat up to meet her tasty flesh shocked her a bit and made her elicit the most sensual moan form deep within. Like me, she hadn't been fucked in several weeks.

    Within minutes of my licking and sucking, her nipples began to harden beneath her bra and I could smell traces of her delicious scent -- musky, warm and wet -- rising up from her groin. I slipped my hands beneath her tight, black skirt, past her panties and found my way to her soaked, wet pussy. Just touching her and feeling her wetness made me so aroused -- actually, it made me nuts.

    At the mere touch of her wetness, my cock became so engorged that it hurt. I moved quickly to remove her blouse, skirt and panties. Within seconds of getting her naked, I asked if I could just stick my cock into her -- "bare-back" -- and with a quick and decisive "Yes!" I plunged into her and thought I died and went to Heaven.

    Her immediate response was a deep groan and pushing her pelvis harder towards me in a way that felt as though I could crawl right through her if I tried.

    I slowly pushed the hardened shaft of my cock into her and my pace gradually increased. With each thrust her eyes rolled back, her voice deepened and the moans that she elicited only pushed me on closer to ecstacy.

    I lay on top of her, thrusting faster now, for what seemed like a half hour or more. At one point she reached down with one hand and began to rub her clit vigeroulsy. The feeling of her massaging her clit, brushing against my cock as it pushed in and out of her sent my brain spinning.

    After a few minutes of this stimulation, I could feel her orgasm growing quickly. Without warning she let out a long, deep cry as I felt every muscle in her pussy wrap around my cock so tightly -- like a Boa wrapping around it's prey. except here, death would not come. No. Instead, Death's dear, dear cousin, Ecstacy, would come to us -- sending us reeling, intoxicated into this deep, darkk and wonderful wet place.

    Her orgasm continued for some time and I just let go completely into the sensation of being so engorged and "trapped" unable topull out or stop. Somewhere there she whispered in my ear in the most lusty and sensuous way, "Don't cum until I tell you too, OK?"

    Those very words pushed me further and faster into her until her orgasm ended and now it was just raw, unadulterated fucking.

    I wrapped my long arms around and beneath her, engulfing her in my grasp, pushing harder and deeper into her -- at times, pushing her into the headboard. Entranced, she was not even aware of this. Her eyes just rolled back in her head and she grabbed hold of my hips and thrust me even deeper still into her.

    We carried on like this for nearly one hour -- much to my amazement. After laying together, in silence at first, stroking and kissing each other gently, she then asked, "What would you like next Lover?"

    "Me, in your mouth, wholly."

    Without a word or a moments hesitation, she kissed her way down my chest, across my stomach to my cock which by this point was flacid and resting quietly. She took me into her mouth, every inch of me, and slowly sucked. I felt myself growing in her warm, moist mouth as she wrapped her ever-flickering toungue around the head and shaft and sucked faster and deeper.

    Once I reached my full erection, she sat up, repositioned herself over me and began to push her head up and down rapidly with my cock in her mouth.. With each downward stroke she took every hardened inch of me into her. The only time she paused, even for a moment, was to brsuh away her long, raven-black hair away from her face and mouth.

    At one point, I gathered all of her hair into my hands, pulled it back and out of her way only to reveal this lucious creature so determined, so focused on pleasuring me that it took my breath away. When I asked if she loved to suck cock, her gravily response was "Oh yes." What more need be said.

    After she sucked on me for quite a long time I motioned for her to mount me. She moved up along my legs to my lower torso and positioned herself directly over my erect cock. Taking it into her warm hands, she inserted in into her now soaking wet pussy.

    With slow and deliberate moves, she rolled her pelvis back and forth and up and down trying to find just the right spot for maximum pleasure. When she succeeded in finding that sweet spot, she increased her speed and intensity slightly and then more and more until she found her rythm.

    Moving up and down on top of me in this manner sent shivers up and down my spine. I reached behind her and placed my hands firmly on her ass and aided her movements, thrusting her down on top of me for the absolute maximum penetration.

    As she continued I moved my hands to her breasts, medium-sized,, full, round and quite delicious. I squeezed them firmly until she moaned -- indicating her approval.

    After awhile, I rolled her on her back and took control once again. Stunned that I was still so erect -- me urged me to fuck her harder and faster. As I did, I could feel her moind swelling beneath me again and I knew that another orgasm was coming. Minutes later it arrived with it's usual "fury" -- rocking her body and making her gasp for air. Towards the end she admitted that she was "So fucked" that she was dizzy!

    Hearing this I whispered in her ear, "May I cum now?" With a broad grin -- her whispered response was, "How about right now?

    I think she barely finished the sentence when I felt something well up from deep within my groin and within seconds I felt a huge, hot load of my cum come rocketing up through my shaft and release into her welcoming pussy.

    After thrusting every drop out of me and into her, I collapsed beside her. We touched, quietly, carressed, kissed and held each other.

    She dressed, handed me a Valentines Day card that read, "What can I say on Valentine's Day -- you make me wet and I'm gald we met -- to the man who rings ALL of my bells -- XOXO"

    With that she departed into the night leaving me alone with my thougths, a huge wet spot on my bed, her scent still permeating the room and the memory of another fabulous fuck with someone who matters ...

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    Monday, December 22nd, 2003
    1:04 am
    They Come at Night -- Dedicated to "wetcunt"
    The flight from Los Angeles used to seem so long to me. Before “the incident,” that is. Now, time seems to have taken on a different meaning to me. It’s strange, in a way, how one single incident in one’s life can not only reshape one’s perspective but, reshape one’s entire existence.

    It was seven years ago this Spring that I was in Paris, on what should have been a typical business trip. After meeting with the friend of an Associate, Jean-Claude, after-work drinks led to many more drinks and then, onto the Paris tourists never get to see. Or so I was told.

    In the wee hours of the night these new friends led me to “The Underground” – a series of after-hours disco’s that required “passes” for entry. Once inside, it was clear to me that my hosts were well-known here and very well taken care of. Jean-Claude’s entourage was an assemblage of some of the most handsome men and gorgeous women I had ever seen. So striking were they that they seemed almost unnatural in the intensity of their good looks. Their good looks were only surpassed by their friendly and engaging manner going to great lengths to make me feel welcome, as it were.

    The service personnel here doted all over them, cocktail servers, delicious, each and every one of them. Scantily clad, sensual, ever-alluring and always exchanging forbidden glances with my hosts, male and female alike.

    I’m not sure exactly what happened next but what I do remember is that after hours of dancing, I was led to a series of tunnels beneath the club where the real party was. As we descended I was suddenly aware of the strangest scent. I’m not sure if it was perfumey or pungent or repulsive. It was simply like nothing else I had ever smelled.

    As my hosts and our now new-additions from the staff upstairs ambled along, we eventually entered a chamber more akin to the Catacombs than a nightclub. The tempo of the music was more subdued here, almost hypnotic and trance-like. The lights were also equally subdued and the environment was almost cave-like.

    As we entered, my hosts and others grabbed my arms and whisked me in the door where we were greeted warmly by staff and ushered to a very private area. Here, we were given hors d’oeurves, wine and champagne. Without warning, I was suddenly surrounded by these same gorgeous women who accompanied us and their hands and arms were around me like some surreal sea creatures. Arms and legs flailing in sexy, alluring and tempting ways.

    The look on my host’s face was one of devilish delight as he watched me trying to figure out what was next.

    Somewhere along the way the women began to caress myself and the other two men in the party until one made her way down to the floor, between his feet, and slowly began to mouth his crotch. The very sight of this made me so aroused and it became so very obvious with my erection now pushing its way up for air.

    One of the women near me, Nicole, ran her hands down my chest to my crotch and began to massage my now-hardened cock with a sly grin on her face. She whispered something in French to her accomplice, Jennine, and Jennine went down to her knees, opened my trousers and slowly placed my engorged cock fully into her mouth.

    Never in my life had I had a woman swallow me whole. The feeling of her wet, warm mouth sent shivers up and down my spine. Nicole proceeded to run her hot tongue along the nape of my neck, around my ears and into my mouth increasing the pleasure ten-fold.

    All the while, as I slipped into and out this consciousness, I could not help but see Jean-Claude’s face and that devilish grin watching me from across the room.

    The feeling of the music, lighting, liquor and amazingly sensuous sex all mixed together in the most intoxicating way. It was here, I believe, that my life suddenly changed.

    As I felt myself near cumming, Nicole whispered in my ear, in French, and without warning, I felt Jennine’s mouth suddenly create this piercing feeling around my cock. It was only mildly painful but, with all of this stimulation, my attention was elsewhere.

    After a few moments, I felt the room begin to spin, I came wildly and Jennine drank every drop and sucked the rest out with this amazing mouth. As I reached down to touch her face, I felt all wet around my cock. As I looked closer, I saw what I thought was blood. As she raised her head, she gazed at me impishly and lo and behold, her mouth and lips were covered in my cum and blood!

    Within what felt like seconds, the room swirled again and it was lights out for me.

    When I awoke sometime later I was alone in this place, or so I thought. As I glanced around the room further, in a stupor, next to me sat a woman, unfamiliar to me and not part of the original entourage. She held a cold towel to my face and said her name was Susan. She informed me that what had just happened to me had also happened to her recently and that it was a bit hard to explain.

    With that she led me outside where the sun was just hours from rising. Even the slight glimmer of sunrise across the horizon gave my head and eyed the strangest pain. She led me to a taxi and directed the driver to my hotel. As we pulled up to the front of the hotel, she quickly paid the driver to escort me in where he in turn passed me along to a Bellman who escorted me to my room.

    When I awoke I realized it had been two days since I was escorted to my room and, I had slept the entire time. I remember saying to myself how I felt like I had slept like the dead. I had no idea what the implication of those words truly meant.

    As I packed my suitcase and prepared to head for the airport, Susan called to see how I was. Dazed, it took me a few moments to realize who she was and how she had helped me. Her sultry voice brought me to my senses rather quickly. After a few moments of brief chit-chat, she gave me her email and phone number in the UK and I departed for the airport.

    In the course of the next several weeks Susan had entered my dream-state – a strange experience, to say the least -- with frequency. These visits, coupled with somewhat frequent email, created a sense of intrigue about her that made me hunger for more. We usually discusses these “dream visits” and the unusual nature of the content – vampires.

    What I came to learn through our exchanges, was that that night in Paris was more than just a good time on the town. I had been “selected” and “initiated” into a new level of their existence – sort of the best and worse of both worlds, so to speak. That blow-job from heaven was, rather, a blow-job from hell. The piercing feeling was Jennine both feeding on me, in a measured way and, initiating me into their world, the Preternatural world.

    So shocking was this news that at first I thought it was a joke. However, as I began to inventory myself, I was aware that a number of somewhat sudden changes were taking place within me and they could not be easily explained. My passion, lust and sex drive had risen considerably, as had my hunger for food – red meat in particular. Strange.

    As I began to trust her word more and listen to myself more as well, I started to come to grips with the fact that there was something here that I must explore further.

    Sleep eluded me these past few weeks. Although, I was rarely ever tired. To the contrary, I had more energy than ever before. Time seemed to matter no more. Days and nights blended one into the other, seamlessly as if time existed no more. At least not time as I had known it.

    My “intuition” too was heightened to levels like I had never experienced. It was almost as if I could “hear” the thoughts of friends and associates long before they ever spoke. And when they did speak, their shrill voices pierced my ears and I heard at a level that nearly deafened me at first, until I quickly learned to adjust.

    Although I did not feel a “blood-lust” like in those campy vampire classics of my youth, I did find myself at times cruising LA, Hollywood and Vine, looking lustily, perhaps even hungrily at the painted-on sensuousness of the ladies of the night. What a term; Ladies –of- the -Night. If they only knew …

    It seemed more like my libido had risen to immeasurable heights, not a thirst for blood, but who knows. I left them to their Johns, safe for now, as I rode along quietly in my Benz.

    As I came to terms, in some strange way, as to the effect of that night in Paris, it started to wash over me in a strange yet soothing way as though it were somehow my destiny. And, here I am.

    During a recent email with the sexy and sensuous Susan, she offered to meet knowing that I’d be in London on business.

    I must say, although our emails and phone calls were somewhat tame, there was always an underlying spark between us that I could not ignore. I guess it’s sort of like the thing one hears about when two people survive a plane crash. Some strange, unspoken bond that exists between them that no other could ever understand.

    In our correspondences she did admit, as did I, that we had both elected to be celebate until we better understood this thing that happened to us both.

    Now, here I am at 37,000 feet above the Atlantic on the last leg of this recent journey and, to see Susan for the first time since that fateful night in Paris. The Captain slowly turns on the lights in First Class as the Flight Attendants awaken us for the final approach.

    The Arrival

    As I made my way through London’s Heathrow, a driver picked me up and drove me to my favorite haunt in London, Regency Hotel. The Regency is located in the leafy calm of Queen's Gate, South Kensington and is a second home for me.

    Since my arrival is from the west coast, it is night and I arrive under the cool cover of darkness.

    A suite awaits me and so does Susan. In advanced of my arrival she asked if I would allow her admission to my suite so that she could offer me a “proper greeting.” I, of course, agreed and emailed ahead to the Manger to authorize her access.

    As my car now pulled to the front of the hotel my heart began to race a bit with anticipation of what may lie ahead. The Doorman opened my car door, welcomed me by name and briskly directed a Bellman to grab my bags and “hold them” for on-call delivery. Since this was not the norm for me, I had to assume it was arranged by Susan. What did she have in store?

    As I made my way up the private elevator to the suite, my heart raced a bit more and I could hear the blood rush through my veins. My face broke into a smile and I welcomed whatever lie ahead.

    As the elevator doors opened I noticed the suite doors slightly ajar. A gentle breeze was blowing through them telling me that the outer balcony doors were open. As I opened the door more fully I noticed that the entire suite was lit with candles, dozens of them in every size and shape imaginable.

    Across the suite’s main salon the sheer curtains blew into and out of the room through half-opened balcony doors. Through the sheers I could see the outline of a woman.

    As I walked across the salon towards the open doors, I saw a fluted glass of champagne placed ever so thoughtfully near my last steps before my exit. I took the glass to my lips, smelled the sweet aroma and felt the tiny bubbles rise up to my nose and face. I took the glass to my lips and drank. The taste was so sweet, so sensuous, so wet and inviting.

    As I parted the doors with my hands I saw the most sensuous creature standing there on the balcony. Her black dress, stockings and heels made her appear as though she were a part of the very night itself. As though she would disappear into the night’s blackness at any moment.

    Her rich, red hair swept across her shoulders and back contrasting so sharply against her milky-white skin. She looked almost transparent. The city lights shone behind her silhouetting her outer shape against the cityscape and, allowing me to see through her dress, just enough to have a sense of her shapely body. It was a sight for these eyes.

    As she turned towards me, her luscious lips were further accentuated by deep, red lipstick and she simply said, “Welcome.”

    I could not restrain myself, not even for a moment. I moved towards her swiftly, without hesitation, and took her face into my hands dropping my champagne glass onto the ground at our feet. As our lips moved closer, her mouth parted slightly and she took my tongue into her and licked and rolled it around in her mouth like a very welcomed guest.

    As I ran my fingers vigerously through her hair, our mouths and tongues engaged in an ancient dance, like two snakes in the jungle wrapping and writhing around each other trying to enter the other.

    I found myself moving my mouth along the nape of her neck and moving the delicate spaghetti straps of her dress away, out of my way, to expose more of her soft, milky white skin.

    Her taste in my mouth was almost too much to bear. I bit her neck ever so slightly and heard her moan and writhe beneath my firm grip of her waist. As I bit and licked her neck her hips moved around thrusting her pelvis towards me in powerful movements, pushing me away and pulling me in alternately.

    As she reached down for the front of my trousers, she felt my thoroughly engorged and hardened cock. I suddenly ripped her dress way from the front in a way that nearly shocked me. As her dress parted I saw before me this milky white skin that made me want to devour her. Her ample breasts and bright pink nipples shone through her black, scanty under-garments. Tearing at her bra I exposed her breasts and took them into my mouth; first one, and then the other. I sucked them so hard, sweet liquid dripped form them. She gasped and moaned with delight.

    I pushed her hand away from my cock and laid her down on the chaise. As the half-moon rose in the sky above us, I felt wild, untamed and so primal as my fiery tongue made its way from, her breasts to her abdomen.

    I licked and sucked my way all the way along her chest and stomach until I reached her panties. I tore her thongs away with my teeth leaving them shredded a whispered peal of laughter rolled up from her throat.

    “Haven’t had it in awhile?” she said tauntingly. “Just wait.” She whispered in a knowing tone.

    As I caught her sweet scent my senses went haywire and I had her shaved moud in my mouth. I felt like a shark whose jaw had just unhinged to accommodate a larger-than- usual meal that he would not let pass.

    She smiled and laughed quietly, sensuously.

    As I had her in my mouth her wet cunt ran with her juices and filled my mouth. She was not laughing now. I rolled my tongue around her labia and clit at a speed that defied anything any mortal could do. As the speed and intensity increased so did her moans.

    Her clit was so engorged with her own blood now it was as if she were erect in a way that only a woman could be.

    My tongue darted fiercely in and out of her drenched cunt now and her moans grew ever louder. Her back arched, her legs wrapped around my head and she grabbed my hair, thrusting me, almost daring me, to go even deeper. Suddenly, in a voice like I had never heard before uttered by any human I had known, she said, “Bite me!”

    Without hesitation I bit deeply into her blood-engorged cunt and my mouth filled with her cum and blood. My head felt like it would explode. I drank and licked and sucked rhythmically as if I had done this my entire life.

    After a few moments she thrust my head even closer and she came wildly. A sound was emitted from her that was like no other sound I had ever heard in this lifetime. It was as strange as it was familiar.

    She pushed my head away and brought my head to her face. She kissed and licked herself from my face. I was drenched in her blood and cum. My head spun wildly, hopelessly until she laid my head on her bossom and said, “Rest Lover. We have a long night ahead.”

    After awhile she gently moved me onto my back and took my still-engorged cock slowly into her mouth. Taking it deeply inside of her, her tongue rolled around the head and shaft in way that awakened me from my blood-drunken stupor. Aroused now, I was determined to take control of her and fuck her. She let me know, in no uncertain terms that this was her time now. I acquiesced.

    As she sucked and stroked me in ways that words cannot describe, I saw her reach beneath her torn dress to her black garters. There, beneath one garter, was a sterling silver amulet. She raised it to her mouth, bit down on it slightly, causing it to separate. When the two pieces parted she placed them into her mouth. As she raised her head the moonlight glistened off the silver and revealed these devices, attached to her incisors, glaring at me in an almost menacing way.

    Through her devilish smile, however, I knew there was nothing to fear here. I later learned that one “down-side” to our “partial initiation” was that fact that our incisors grew slowly and could not work “on command” as with the others.

    She wrapped her mouth around my blood-filled cock again and completely engulfed it. Suddenly, as in Paris, I felt that slight sharpness and knew that she was drinking. As she sucked hard, I came hard and fast in her mouth. When she finished, she raised her head, cum and blood dripping, and brought her lips to mine for a deep, sensuous kiss. The taste of her cum and mine mixed with our blood, was a taste beyond compare.

    We laid there for what seemed like hours, in silence, allowing the moonlight to drench us, replenish us, cleanse us …
    Thursday, December 18th, 2003
    8:02 pm
    " I'm waiting. Waiting for him to come to me. My master. The one I have chosen to follow.
    He can't come before night falls and cools the air and the earth, because the sun would be his death. And soon it will be mine too.
    I open the blinds and step out on my patio to squint at the sun. I won't miss it much. It singes my white, sensitive skin and my eyes hurt at the glare. How I long for the cool caresses of Mother Moon on my skin, bathe in her silvery light.
    The anticipation lets my nipples harden against the thin fabric of my gown. I run my hands across my breast swiftly and moan softly at my own touch. Only a few hours more. Time to prepare myself for him.
    I go inside and open my closet. Something simple ( so it will come off quickly and easily) yet elegant. I choose a low cut dress made of black stretch velvet. It hugs my upper body tightly and brings my breasts out nicely and best of all, I don't have to don a bra. I pick some silk stockings and my new garter belt and head for the bath.
    I immerse myself in fragrant warm water, caressing my skin with my sponge, then shaving my pubis until the skin is soft and extremely sensitive to touch. The thought of his fingers and tongue on it, make me shiver in anticipation. This will be the best night of my life. And it will be my last .... at least in this life.
    After I finish bathing I tuck my hair up. He loves to pull it down to watch my red tresses tumble over my shoulders. I pull the stockings up my thighs and fasten them to the garter belt, No panties tonight...
    Finally after putting on the dress, I step into my high-heeled pumps. I only apply little make-up. The natural flush of my skin is all I need tonight. And also only a hint of jasmine on my pulse points. After a final check in the mirror I notice that sunset is almost there. I pour myself a glass of champagne, light the candles I have set up around the bed and the living room and open the patio door.
    He comes just as the sun is completely set, his movements merely a blur to my still mortal eyes. He takes my hand and gently lifts it to his lips. -My Love, how I have longed for this moment! Are you ready to join me?- I can only nod, my mouth unable to form words because I am wrapped up in his aura. His blue eyes shine like sapphires and his hair shines golden in the candlelight. He is dressed in black trousers that accentuate his lovely backside and a shirt of midnight blue silk.
    He takes my hand and leads me inside where he wraps me up in his arms and kisses me, his tongue working his way into my mouth. I shiver with excitement as I feel his fangs lengthen.
    He draws my lower lip into his mouth and lightly pricks it with his fangs. I gasp as my blood flows onto his tongue and I see his eyes flash golden for a moment.
    He scoops me up in his arms and carries me over to the bed, gently laying me down on the satin sheets. Then, seemingly from out of nowhere he produces two cords of soft silk. He takes my wrists and ties me to the bedposts. - Do you trust me, my love?- I nod, my heart racing. -Then surrender to me-
    My voice sounds husky, almost like someone else's, as I look deep into his eyes and say -Take me!-
    His hands roam over may breasts while he nuzzles my throat, licking at the vein, he tweaks my nipples through the cloth, a growl of frustration audible because of my garment. Slowly his hands wander down and push my dress up. As he sees that I'm not wearing panties his face lights up in mischief. With a flashing movement he tears the dress apart so it falls to the sides and reveals my body. His tongue slides over his lips at the sight of my already glistening pussy. He quickly sheds his clothing and my breath catches in my throat as I see his preternatural flesh glowing in the golden light.
    His penis is already hard and I wish I could touch him, take him inside my mouth. But my hands are tied fast to the bed. His fingers glide up my thighs and spread my legs apart. Then I feel his tongue sliding between my labia and swirling around the hard nub of my clit. I buck my hips upwards, whimpering in delight. He laughs and I can see that his eyes are completely golden and his fangs glint from under his upper lip. He slips two fingers inside me and I can barely contain myself. I beg and implore him to take me but he puts a finger to my lips and tells me to be patient. Then he increases the rhythm and I nearly go mad. I burst into orgasm and scream his name. He waits until my breathing is more regular again, then settles between my legs, wrapping them around his waist.
    -Your blood will be so much sweeter now-
    His voice is barely human now, but dark, low and beast-like.
    Then he pushes himself into me, his member filling me up. His strokes are frantic, I scream in ecstasy and I'm almost climaxing again when I feel him slumping on me and burying his fangs in my neck. The pain is overwhelming but it lasts only a moment. My moans of pain turn into moans of pure lust as he feeds and I cum again. I feel him pulse and spurt his seed into me as he continues feeding from me.
    Then my movements become sluggish and I feel my life slipping away from me as I get cold. Strong arms cradle me and something wet is pressed to my lips. I lick at the liquid and it is ambrosia! I begin to draw at the life-giving font and the world changes around me. I see him smile down at me as he licks the last remnants of his blood from his wrist. At the sight of the crimson droplets my world turns red and I hear myself snarl.

    I am hungry for more."

    -The End-
    Tuesday, December 9th, 2003
    11:10 pm
    Since their first intimate encounter they had met routinely now, although, there was nothing routine about these meetings. Both loved the sexual variety they indulged in yet, they each surely had their favorites. She quickly labeled him as “talented” in many respects especially, in the oral department, Actually, she was rather surprised, and delightfully so, that he did possess such great talent in this area – an area she was fast-growing to appreciate and fully enjoy. He wasn’t quite sure why that was. It may have been the fact that he “got lucky” the first time out and hit her G-spot which sent her through the roof or, was it that just she needed to surrender for a change and let someone, something, just take her over and consume her – if even for just a short while.

    When he went down on her she always surrendered herself to him in that way knowing full well that she was in good hands. Whatever world it was she entered during that time was a place he would see her drift off to – deliberately, sensuously and eventually, intensely. It was a private place to be sure – one that he never felt compelled to enter or even to inquire about. He found joy and intense arousal in being the catalyst to send her there all the while being a voyeur of sorts to witness her departure and her cumming home, as it were. That image of her, as seen from her wet, soft groin all the way to her full, wet lips – biting her bottom lip as she often did as the intensity grew -- so easily and intensely pushed him onward.

    She also, to his delight, enjoyed everything else equally as well. If asked, he would easily describe her as a great lover and without question, a great fuck too. Her willingness to “try anything once,” as she was known to exclaim with some frequency, were words to be counted on. She loved to fuck, she loved to suck. She also seemed to equally enjoy the times-in-between when they both just lingered, talking, stroking and fondling each other as they “caught their breath” for the next round to come.

    Moving from next to her to on top of her was always an easy transition for him – and for her as well when she wanted to drive. He enjoyed her fleshy form as much as he enjoyed staying just far enough away from her as he penetrated her, pulling his cock out just to the tip before thrusting it in again – usually all the way to her cervix wall. From her movement and the resonating sounds that followed, it was clear that she was enjoying it immensely as well.

    The only entry they had not yet tried was rear entry – he saw that coming in their very near future. Why not yet? He was sure that with the first thrust in, the intensity, the primal feel of that position would surely drive him mad and cumming wildly within seconds.

    Each time they had met, it always looked sort of like this – hanging out, undressing each other, taking turns initiating and driving and always lots of sucking and fucking.

    Her favorites? All of the above – or so it would seem. She seemed to relish the fact that the dynamic between them – one that seemed to be based oddly on trust and chemistry – gave her free reign in any number of arenas with him. Although a bit shy at first or, was it self-conscious, she allowed herself only minor hold-backs. However, it didn’t take long for her to cross that line and open.

    Strange, she was so open and willing when it came to talking about and engaging in any activity or topic whether it be about sex or whatever. Yet, she dressed out of the room … only after their third or fourth encounter did she break that rhythm and dresses before leaving at the foot of the over-sized king bed – now damp following their hours of play. If she only knew the pleasure he took in seeing her that way – naked, fleshy and supple – her whole body somehow transformed and reshaped from their recent fuck-fest.

    It never ceased to amaze him how hours of sex made the body feel and look different. More times than he could ever hope to count he walked down the streets of LA, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London and New York, wading through the crowds with the keen eye of a tiger trying to see who among them just got some. It some cases it appeared obvious, it other cases, it was a “fact” of his own creation – the result of a fantasy gone amok. Did it really matter? Not really. He saw sex wherever he would go. It was probably one of the few things that kept him going, to quote his new friend …
    Saturday, December 6th, 2003
    1:07 am
    I sit in my comfy chair at the large window of my living room. It is a warm day and I'm sitting there just in my black lacy panties to catch some warmth. The sunlight tingles my skin and my nipples get hard. I like that.
    So I start to tease them with my hands and fingers. I roll them around and pinch them gently until they are tight little nubs. Oh, it feels so good.
    Suddenly I notice that there is movement below me. I look down to the street and there he is.
    Staring up to me with that broad smile on his face. He rubs his hand slowly across the front of his pants and I can see that there is a huge bulge under the fabric.
    The wetness shoots to my groin and suddenly I want him. I want him up here with me and inside of me.
    I motion to him to come up to me and without hesitation he comes up the stairs.
    I don't move. The door is open and he will find me.
    Then he stands in the door. He is younger than me and very attractive. I smile at him and slowly wet my finger with my tongue, then I slide it inside my panties, looking him in the eyes as I start to pleasure myself. He gasps then pulls his shirt over his head and unbuttons his jeans. He doesn't wear anything under them and so his gorgeous member jumps right out. I gasp at the sight of that cock and I want it now!

    He kneels down before me and pulls my panties down and he smiles at the sight of my dripping pussy. It is already throbbing. He wants to lick me but I stop him. I want this huge cock first. Gotta have it in my mouth now.
    So we change places and I kneel between his legs. I grip his cock in my hand and start jerking slowly as I bent down to lick my tongue over his juicy head. Then I roll my tongue around it. licking and sucking. He moans and closes his eyes. His hands reach for my hair but I push him back. Patience!
    Then I close my mouth around him and start giving head. Slowly at first then faster and now I let him grip my hair and pump my head down. His member slides down my throat and he fucks my mouth hard. I roll his balls between my fingers and with my other hand I tease my tits and my pussy. He groans below me and bucks his hips upwards in an ever faster pace. His fingers tighten in my long red hair and he spasms inside me, his cum shooting into my mouth. Ah, delicious!!
    I pull back and watch him as he comes down. But now it is my turn. He pulls me up and we share long, wet kisses, our tongues fighting with each other. His hands knead my tits and he pinches my nipples. I throw my head back and moan deeply. His lips take over from his hands and as he starts biting my nipples gently his hands wander down to my butt. He kneads them and slowly spreads them apart. Hi s fingers slide into the crevice and he feels the hot wetness that awaits him there. His fingers slowly wander around between my thighs and slide in between my labia. He finds my clit and starts rubbing it with his thumb while his fingers slide in and out of my cunt. I moan and groan, because it is unbearable. I want him to fuck me!!!
    And I tell him. He smiles and tells me to bent over. I love to do it that way - doggy style. I bent down and feel him spread my legs and then he pushes himself inside of me. God! This is good! He is so hard and thick that he fills me completely and I nearly cum just because of that. Then he starts to pounce me hard and I can't help it anylonger: I scream.
    His balls slap against my butt as he fucks me and the sound drives me crazy. And then I cum.
    I feel my pussy tighten around his cock and then he cums again, shooting into me with full force. We roll on the floor enjoying our orgasms.
    Then we fall asleep. be continued.....
    Wednesday, November 26th, 2003
    10:24 pm
    Wet & wild
    This cyber-world is a strange and interesting place, to be sure. Not so long ago I never would have imagined myself here – in any capacity – let alone putting up web profiles, searching for “playmates” and in time, engaging with others in hot and heavy on-line, cyber-sex. Well, here I am.

    Along the way I met a most interesting and intriguing woman by the name of Madam S. A curios creature, wise for her years, adventurous and very eager to engage – at least in cyber terms, that is.

    For weeks now we have been engaged in the most delicious cyber-play – emailing IMing and letting ourselves stretch into new reaches sexually through the most tantalizing “foreplay” – I can think of no better word – and both loving every minute of it. To say the least, it has been a delightful, delicious and devilish distraction.

    One recent afternoon, while we were both at our respective offices (each unknown to the other), we engaged in a hour-long game of “turn-on” that sent every ounce of blood in my body to one particular place. That playtime was without question or doubt the single most arousing experience I have had in years – or longer.

    To add further fuel to that fire, while we engaged in our play, my office was occupied by two other delicious specimens – my assistant and an Associate of my firm – “Eye-candy, both.”

    What started out innocently enough, “Hi, how are you today?” quickly and incisively turned to a level of sex that had me throbbing with arousal. So much so, that I, at her request, had to remove my hardened cock out of my suit pants to not just play with it and further my arousal but, just to give the poor guy some air!

    Fun as that was, it was not until she queried as to the shape, size and condition of my cock that set me off to new heights of arousal. Stroking that hardened and pulsating member – and of course, encouraged by her – brought me to the very edge of cumming. Luckily for me, my office cleared out several minutes before or else I may have “attacked” one of them!

    Only minutes after their departure I had to bid my cyber-sex partner adieu and take myself to my private restroom in my Executive Office. Once inside, with the door closed, I darkened the room allowing only the light that slipped sparingly through the door jamb to be all that illuminated me and my blood-engorged friend.

    It had been ages since I allowed myself this kind of pleasure. I dropped my pants to the floor at my ankles, spread my legs apart and began to slowly stroke my cock rhythmically feeling how hot and hard it was.

    Madam S was clearly on my mind …

    I could only let my imagination drive me – we’ve never met, you see – but the level of sex talk between us painted a very clear and strong picture for me of a woman, younger than I but wise for her years. Sensuous and exploring, trying to find her way through this tangled web of relationships we encounter our whole lives – sexual and otherwise.

    Her willingness – and readiness – to describe herself in detail in explicit physical and sexual terms raced through my mind. The more I thought of our sex-play the more aroused I became. I suddenly became aware that the rhythm of my stroking had increased considerably. The faster I went, the more I fought to put a face to her words. Suddenly, a physical form appeared to me – in shadow – a form that had a sense of mystique to it, hidden from my clear view but very much present. She had come to me.

    It seemed as though she was able to escape the office for “lunch and a few errands.” The errands – and lunch for that matter – had little to do with her office at all. Instead, she had appeared at my office door -- quick fifteen minute ride for her – dressed ever so deliciously in a long, black gauzy dress that stopped at the mid-calf point. The soft, sensuous flow of the fabric both showed the fullness of her body and yet left much still to the imagination.

    Her black-strapped heels only made her that much more delicious and sent me wildly flying in a rhythm now that was sure to make me cum.

    I saw her entering my office, turning off the lights, sauntering across the room confidently and sitting on the desk before me. As she slowly parted her legs and raised her skirt just slightly, I saw a site that made my heart race – there beneath her skirt was a site to behold, she had removed her panties prior to arrival. Between her legs lay a glistening pink, wet place that looked so inviting and oh so delicious.

    As she very slowly and methodically raised her skirt her thighs, soft and white, were revealed. I slowly moved my chair closer to her, taking the invitation seriously at this point. I ran my hands up the inside of her silky thighs moving closer to and then further away from that pink, wet delight. The stroking seem to agree with her. A slow, deep moan ran from her throat up to and out of her now moist lips. The very sound sent me wild inside.

    I moved my hands closer to her groin now until I touched this wetness --- oh so sweet. The scent now filled the room – or so it seemed. I moved even closer and began to kiss her inner thighs ever so lightly. I moved up the softness of these legs and found myself now reaching out, with my tongue, until just the tip touched her labia and vulva and then, her clit. Once contact was made her moans grew a bit louder and deeper.

    As I moved my tongue around with more pressure she propped herself up with her arms outstretched behind her on the desk sitting partially upright allowing herself to be pleasured. At the site of this I now move more rapidly rolling my tongue around her clit watching as her arousal now consumed her as mine did for me.

    After several minutes of this, and with my face soaked with her juices, she pulled me to her for a deep, wet kiss. As she deepened the kiss I felt her reach down and undo the front of my belt and pants, reach in and take hold of my cock. It was so hot and so swollen at this point I’m sure it will explode in her hand.

    She moves my pants out of the way and pulls me closer, inserting my cock into her. As I entered she wrapped one arm around my neck and pulled me even closer. As she did so, she then slid closer to the edge of the desk and with a whisper, barely audible, she said, “Fuck me.” She moved closer still to the edge of the desk and began to push her hips back and forth in a rocking motion that propelled me in and out of her. I could feel the juices running from her and down onto the blotter on my desk.

    The whole scene consumed me …

    She slid her hand down between us and started to massage her own clit. Her eyes closed, her head rolled back and the next words I heard were, “Cum with me.”

    She increased the strokes to herself while at the same time, in such a synchronized but non-mechanical way, she put us in a rhythm that was so intense, so erotic that as I first felt her first contraction just before her orgasm, I felt myself cum wildly, Within seconds she followed.

    This picture in my mind, as I stood there alone in my own “exec washroom”, sent an ejaculation coursing through me that made me shoot across the room and nearly knocked me off my feet – literally. The cumming came in three quick successions and made my cock soften but, my own head swell with the rush of blood that is a part of that process.

    My head throbbed for several minutes from the intensity of it all. I was so glad everyone went home – so glad Madam S invited me for such an outrageous experience of “Afternoon Delight.” One day, I swear, she will knock on my door …