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(02 / 08 / 03  @ 9:21 PM)
Hey everyone :D comment if ur my friend ;D and u love me!
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* PreTTy BaBy * (12 / 12 / 02  @ 2:14 PM)
alright so, the past few days I've been at my friend Megans. We did a lot of um... *troublesome* drank, and stuff. Hey Oh well.. you love it. People on livejournal are so queer sometimes. when one person gets mad at someone its like a whole livejournal war. *OH NO!* im scurred. haha but yah, hopefully I'll get close with people on here, cuz they don't seem as stupid!.. <3 ya.. leave me sweet ones
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this is M e (12 / 08 / 02  @ 7:07 AM)
Hey everyone :] figured I'd try this bitch out. Prolly no ones reading this because of the fact that I suck but if you'd like to add me than I'll add ya back ;D This is my journal, so I'll speak my mind and if you don't like it then? well? don't read it or something. I'm original and I'm into a lot of different shit. I like pink and yah :D k bye
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