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Hey Giiirlz&Boys (04 / 02 / 03  @ 10:22 PM)
Okay guys, Im gonna start writing in my blurty alllll the time so I wanna know whos got me on they list so I can comment on them and shiiiet!! So comment and tell me whats up, and who wants to stay on my list cuz I love you all and I promise to comment alll the time!#$~PEACE
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(03 / 27 / 03  @ 11:11 AM)
okay worrrd kids!! If anyone knows how to make a journal like PSP tutorials has, dazzle has, with the date highlited only..TELL ME. i'll send u 20 dollars in the mail, and make you as many layouts as you want. Pleaseee??@?@ TELLL MEEEEEE
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(03 / 26 / 03  @ 9:09 AM)
NeW LAYoUT !!!


I want more friends, so I can comment more and meet more new people, so add me!!

How do you guys like my layout? TELL MEEEEEE
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dayummm! (03 / 04 / 03  @ 9:09 AM)
I havent wrote in blurty forever :] well nows my time riiight? Hey so if you have me on ur friends list, or wanna be added, just comment girlies..or boysies..haha. I need friends, i'll give you a cookie if you add me. I'm making a new layout later. LOOOOVE YOU~
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