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Not feeling great. [11 Apr 2003|10:32am]
[ mood | exanimate ]
[ music | The Scientist » Coldplay ]

I believe I am not well. Waking up this early--and I mean early in the morning will do that to you... Especially after you've fallen asleep at around...four in the morning. Damn, I'm tired.

But it's okay. SOMETHING TODAY!!! Thank God. I mean, SARS has not broke out in the Philippines (yet) and I'm already under house arrest?! Niice. If I am lucky and fortunate and providential, SARS--brought to the Philippines no doubt by half-witted vacationers--will reach us by late May or early June, which means...following other countries taking necessary precautions...


I never want to go back to that hellhole/dungeon ever again! What's the point? I'm just gonna be separated from my friends...and my section!...

More quizzes while I wallow in my boredom. Whatever--besides, it is way too hot to move any part of my body besides a few fingers across a keyboard.

Click this, if you care )

That's it. I'm about to leave the house.

A word to you though. You're absolutely nuts waking up at 8 am, hope you know that. Still love ya though.
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