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    Friday, August 22nd, 2003
    2:48 pm
    I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It's been a long time since I last updated this.Life's been ok lately.Henry and me decided to screw Cynthia and try not to let her ruin our fun.I even got my mom to prohibit her to following us on our dates.I also love FLCL or Fooly cooly as Adult swim says!Naota is so adorable!I love him so very much.I also got into a lot of trouble with Cynthia's best friend June.That girl is a real pain in the anus.Yep she really is.Oh well not much else to report.

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    Current Music: Ride on shooting star-The pillows(FLCL)
    Friday, July 4th, 2003
    1:22 pm
    It's been a long time since I last updated.Well,things with me and Henry are going so-so.Cynthia just harasses us so much.I am the one who loves Henry not her.She is "infatuated".W/e....I am eager to watch Big O again.
    I actually liked the series a lot and want many new eps! :) Today I am going to the mall with Hnery to buy some new anime.I'd like an ova or something short.I tend to be too broke to buy long series dvds. :( Time to go.
    Friday, June 13th, 2003
    10:10 am
    My computer's been broken for a while now and I couldn't update this.I talked things over with Henry and we're friends again.Cynthia is still annoying and it's difficult for us to go out together.I've been watching Kikaider on Adult swim.Man!It's cool!I love Jiro sooooo much!!!Not much else to wirte about really.

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    Current Music: Mind-Mooney Suzuki
    Monday, June 9th, 2003
    10:03 am
    Today I decided to stay home sick.I didn't want to face school at all.Let me stay in the heaven I call my home.
    Yesterday I stayed up and watched Adult swim and even a little bit of Boomerang afterwards.Heh,it entertained me really.Though Trigun yesterday was about Vash......::grumbles:: Oh well.I barely slept last night too.After watching TV I went to my room and played a little bit of .Hack//Infection.Seeing Elk finally in my team again cheered me up a bit.Then I laid in bed in a sort of daze.Now I am here watching infomercials and downloading anime music.I remember Card captor Sakura was my first subtitled anime.Yep that was cool.I don't like CCS as much nowadays. ::sigh:: Hopefully Cynthia will come home late or something.I can't stand her anymore.I mean
    will she try to steal Kayla away from me too.Ha.Probably.Maybe Henry will actually fall for her.Oh yeah that'd be what I need.I should go now. ::walks away::

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    Current Music: Fruits candy-CCS
    Sunday, June 8th, 2003
    2:10 pm
    Ok...I am depressed...
    It's been three days since I last talked to Henry. ::sighs:: I miss him so much.These past few days have been the saddest I have had in months.I thought I had finally found someone I could relate to.Someone whom I could be myself around.Someone I loved.But now I lost that.I guess he'll start seeing other girls...PUNK girls.Maybe he'll crawl back to Caroline.I mean she is quite popular with guys.Well,Cynthia ruined everything with Henry and me.I mean she'll continue to go after him even if we resolve everything.Guess it was never meant to be.

    Current Mood: depressed
    Current Music: Hikari-Hikaru Utada
    10:24 am
    Well,Henry's pissed off because Cynthia is annoying him.I am pissed off because of Cynthia too.June hates me because I am not a punk.Cynthia is a stupid punk wanna-be.Plus Henry doesn't want to go to my house anymore because of Cynthia.We got into a fight about it.Our relationship is on the rocks and I am quite angry right now.

    Current Mood: pissed off
    Current Music: Soul Refrain- Eva:death and rebirth
    Monday, June 2nd, 2003
    5:51 pm
    Let's do the chocobo macarena!! ::music plays::
    Today's been okay.I traded Kayla my Inu-yasha 1 manga for her Shonen Jump mag.I loved Shonen Jump!!
    Naruto rulez!Loved it soooo much!!!I LOVE SASUKE!!!!!!I also enjoyed One piece a lot.Zoro really kicked ass.DBZ....yuck.Never liked that crap.Don't like Yu-gi-oh too much except I do like Seto a bit.
    Yu yu hakusho was cool as always.Sandland.....was weird to me...........Shaman king I liked but it's nothing I'll become obsessed with,you know?So I am satisfied with my trade.Beside,I am not as obsessed with Inu-yasha as I used to be around a year ago.I still love Sesshoumaru though.Today I also find out about my sister became a "punk".LMFAO!That seems quite strange.Just so funny to imagine....but oh well.Henry stole my Shonen jump!!!AHHHHH!!!G2G!!!!!

    Current Mood: pleased
    Current Music: Chocobo macarena
    Sunday, June 1st, 2003
    9:22 am
    Hello hello
    These past 2 days have been(to quote Tony the tiger) grrrreeeaaat!On Friday I went out on my date with Henry.Tee hee!It was fun!Cynthia tagged along tho.I thought she would ruin the mood....but she didn't.Ha ha ha!
    We saw X-2 again.I love Wolverine so much!!!Hugh Jackman is ultra sexy. ;) Then we went walking around the mall.Henry held my hand at some point.I had this goofy look on my face the whole time.The funnest thing was that we ditched Cynthia at!I know it sounds mean but if you all knew how she is relaly like,then you could understand.We then went to FYE and Henry got G Gundam.I was never interested in G Gundam.I thought it was more childish and not as good as the other Gundam series.Henry assured me that it wasn't.So I decided I would go on Saturday to his house to view it.After that we went to a couple of places like Sanrio world and
    Spencers.We got the Wolverine ice cream at Baskin Robbins and shared it.We kept giggling about that for some reason.Then we found Cynthia and went to Henry's house to drop him off.Then nothing much happened after that.We just went home and I went to bed.

    The next day

    I woke up and did some chores with mom.It was a blast!I told my mom about the date I had and how fun it was(I did leave out the part about abandoning Cynthia tho.)Mom also helped me paint my nails when I was done with chores.I haven't spent much "quality" time with mom,so it was nice to do so.Then at around 1 pm i went to Henry's and we saw G Gundam.It was a lot cooler than I thought.Especially in Japanese.The dub tho....ick.
    Domon is my kind of!Me and Henry then saw some Evangelion and Trigun.I envy his dvd collection.He orders off it!I need more cash!!!!I WANT DVDS!!!! @_@ Then we played DDR and FF10 for a bit.Fun fun fun!I suck at DDR but tis lots of fun.In FF10,I have a decent team.Auron and Tidus kick ass!!I use them all the frigging team.I never use Lulu,tho.....she' ::sweatdrop:: After all that,Henry and me talked about stuff...and he asked me to go out again today.We're going to the local shopping center to an old
    video game place.It's coolios.Maybe I can sneak a kiss. ::winks:: Well time to go out then!Adios!

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    Current Music: Flying in the sky G Gundam
    Thursday, May 29th, 2003
    9:12 pm
    My little sister Cynthia got dumped by her boyfriend,Bobby yet again.Jeez.It annoys me to no end when she doens't listen to me.I knew he was just playing around with her but does she listen to me?NO!She picks her stupid
    philandering boyfriend to her own goddamn sister.But w/e.It's her life...I bet she'll try to go after him again.
    ::groans:: On another topic,I have some "love problems" too.Well,not love problems but "love break" thrus,I asked me out on a date......It made me soooo happy!! :) I mean I have been wanting to go out on a "official" date with him sooo badly.I mean I don't care about the 2 year difference.People already think of me as a freak...or a MUTANT!(lol,inside joke)But this date is probably going to be the same as when we go out!It's true,though.I want to go see X-men 2 again so maybe we can go to that then hit the mall and buy random junk.Booyah!If that's the case then I already had my first date aeons ago.But....heh.He'll know?Kiss me and stuff. ::blush:: Oh well....
    let's see how it goes tomorrow.

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    Current Music: In the end -Linkin Park
    Wednesday, May 28th, 2003
    4:44 pm
    First entry
    Yes,my first entry.I already explained a bit about who I am on the info page.Today I went to school which was quite boring.I slept thru most of my classes.Well I stayed up during math,talking to Kayla and reading her Wish manga.Oh yes!I love Clamp! ::hugs Wish and Chobits mangas:: Well after school me and my buddy Henry
    went to the mall and we decided to put our cash together and we bought .Hack//sign vol.1.Yay!!!Now I don't have to wait until Saturday to get some .Hack dosage.Plus....its not cut ofcourse! Ahh...Tsukasa....
    I love thee so.....I also went to the sanrio/san-x store and Henry bought me a Hello kitty's soooo adorable. ::hugs Henry:: You're such a sweetheart,Henry!!
    Well that's it for now.Adieu!

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    Current Music: Obsession - Seesaw