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13th February 2003

9:01pm: since i won't be on from now til saturday i wish you all...
Happy V-day to you all and to all who i do't kno um happy v-day to you to! )
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12th February 2003

8:25pm: yay yay!!
w00tness i made a community! claim_shonen weee join please!!! oh ad i'm looking to affiliate with any community okies i'm gonna make another community be back shortly!
3:40pm: waii~!!! look what i found!!!
hee thanx strawberrygirl for my blinkie ^________^
but thats not the thing i found click the link below to see ^^
cuteness cuteness! )
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11th February 2003

4:59pm: hey hey ^^
hee ^^ hi everyone! i made myself some new icons! go see! i wish i could do the dotted line thing wierded does on hers but i sadly am not as good as her at icons :( but anyways today was FCAT Pre-test it was actually really easy i talked w/two of my buddies and all was ok christina got in a fight w/her mom i felt sorry for her she was crying and all judy didn't seem care which was odd since she calls us her "best friends" i'm beginning to see that vhristina is starting not to like judy anymore i wouldn't blame her much actually cuz judy can lie ALOT but enuff about that spanish was fun today i talked to juan we talked about his superhero lollpop (don't ask ^^;;) he put an X on my hand and that means im dead x,x and i'm like ur dead too! i x'ed his hand and we had our lil fight there lol they we were talking with my bro and these ppl and im like franky! gime the answers or i'll tell everyone ur secret! and he's like what secret hehe... lol and i was like that ur a ...LESBIAN! lol we all laughed and he was like how could you! and juan was like dude? you like girls illl lol we always nmake fun of each other in that class and so many nice ppl are there they all know how to take a joke and well thats good ^^ except for our teacher she's a b with an itch well i'm off ta bed!
oh yea ruki i'm done with ur icons click here ^^ )
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9th February 2003

10:13pm: new layout ^^ a lil temporary tho ^^;;
well as you can see i have a new layout tada! all thanx to my bro the marvolouso dark_requiem i hope you can see the text maybe i'll have to make it bold ^^;; well anyways i wanna thank everyone who commented to my last post i was about to have a heartattack i swear ^^;; well i'm gonna take a bath and finsh ruki's request bai bai!
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12:31am: i'm scared i think someone is hacking into my computer! i got a virus now and i tracked the ip adress its 345768 i'm sorry everybody i'm gonna have to be off for awile -cries- i have a bunch of spam in my email god and a bunch of emails from ppl saying "wtf is ur prob sending me spam" i'm using my mom's aol computer so if anyone got something from chibikitty22288 thats me i'm so sorry!
signing off for a week

*edit* omg i thought i was about to have a heart attack aol notifyed me w/a new pass and everything seems o be ok i hope nothing went on with anyone on my bl *pants* i'm about to have a heartatatck here i thought it was the korean virus that had been going around and now america is under code red alert jesus christ i need a pill -sweatdrop-
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8th February 2003

12:52pm: afternoon pplz ^^
just here in my room bored outta my mind the horrible pain of p.e is here but i the bengay helps ...yes bengay gawd i feel like an old lady -_-; well i noticed my belly looks a bit flatter thats good ^^ i finnally feel better just now mad at the fact i have to very ugly pimples on my forehead damn stress -_- well my bro told me yesterday that some of the guys who work at the supermarket i go to ask him if i'm his sister and if i'm single and ome of these ppl are his own friends ^^;; i guess i should be flattered but really i don't like most of theguys that go to our school they all seem i dunno like if they want something else ya know? at least they're better than those asses that go to gables yea they're hot but they're all conceited and there nothing more worse than having a bf who asks you for your mirror well anyways i just had lunch and im bored i'll prolly make icon requests

P.s thanx so much to strawberrygirl for my blinkies i you!!!

quizuu )

7th February 2003

4:06pm: grr grr >.
jesus christ today sucked badly i swear this week was the worst week i am so pissed right now lemme tell you what happened it all started in 5th period p.e....

excuse me everyone but there will be MANY bad words from here on i'm in anger mode now so if you want to read please click the lj cut link to read more
the most ranting entry i have ever done on blurty )
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6th February 2003

10:00pm: wierd day...but who cares look at the bunnies!!
hey everybody ^^ my body feels like crap cuz of p.e yesterday we started a new exercise eek x,X i had a boring day there was a fight but it sucked badly it was just mindless and guy i hate was in it so of coarse i cheered for the other even tho...they did hardly anything well and then there was a bitch out and at least that was entertaining it had a story to it too.. girl#1 was going out with guy. guy cheat on girl #1 with girl #2 . girl #1 gets pissed at wants to beat the shit outta girl #2 , but girl #2 is a pussy and runs off so girl #1 chases her and flings food at her (ex. pizza crust,soda cans, garbage, ect...) girl #2 is still running and I...I am just waiting for something to happen anyways i'm adding a milion things to my info i just added a few bunnies and a preety text poem anyways i just wanna show the ones i didn't use and the collection of text bunnies i have i <3 bunnies =D
text bunnies )
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26th April 2003

9:47pm: ya knew it was coming sooner or later...
well everyone i have an anoucement! i've changed journals and now all my recent entries will be in momo! so add me there oki? thanx to everyone of my friends who added me *hugs all her buddies* and if ya haven't you can now ^^ dun worry rikku loves all ^__^ i will not ignore this journal and will come back here every now and then but alot of newer entries will be in momo ^^
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4th April 2003

3:32pm: tralalala
fixed up my userinfo! ^^ thanx again to deadly_kitsune for my blinky i heart it <33 *hugs kitsune* i joined to cliques a kamui fanlisting and fuckling lol i like that one ~_^ well right now i'm trying to download Naturally (dolly remix) from Ayumi Hamasaki but it keeps saying *no sources found* argggg!!! >___< anyways i wanna put something in the side bar i dunno what yet hmmm *thinks* oh well how ish all my friends?
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3rd April 2003

11:05pm: ah! its been so long! =3 grr my internet was DISCONNECTED on Tuesday 4-1-03 at 6:43 pm damn i hate bellsouth i then called yesterday with my mom and no one picked up at all! >. lol i didn't make this i found it actually XD but its so cute! monkey! ^__^

i made a new icon too the pics was found on awesome KH site =) well thats all gotta say this week was boring >.>

私はkamui を愛する

weee!!!!! XDD

squall quote "ものは何でも..."

go here to make the crazy things XD

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1st April 2003

12:10am: hey everbody! ^^ well its was preety cold today >.> but i exercised outside w/my bro gotta keep myself in shape spring break really messes up ur body and stuff right now i'm just here at home its sorta late 12:12 i was working on a few ayumi and jpop icons that i'll be posting here and in the jpop icon community i also made a toshiya icon from dir en grey i've had it there since this morning its wierd blurty wouldn't work god it can be so gay sometimes XD anyway! i might as well post those icons since i have nothing better to do or say i'm sleepy and tired *yawn*

icons )

well thats all oh can somebody do me a favor i'm planing on making animeicons soon but i need inspiration so who should i make icons of? it would be a great help thanx
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28th March 2003

4:26pm: sleep sleep sleep is all i did today maybe i'll go to the grocery store...maybe...but as for now i want everyone to answer my lil quiz that i got from another person i kno on DJ who got it from her bf who got it from..

I ____ Rikku.
Rikku is ____.
Rikku thinks a lot about _______.
When I think of _________, I think of Rikku.
If I were alone in a room with Rikku, I would _______.
I think Rikku should _____.
Rikku needs ______.
I want to ____________ Rikku.
If I could describe Rikku in a word: _______.
I want Rikku to __________ and ___________.
Rikku has to ____________.
If ________________ was in Rikku's life, she would ____________.
I think Rikku can __________________.
Rikku_________ me

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26th March 2003

9:35pm: well today started out perfectly and ended in a nightmare

school was suprising it was okay (for once) it all turned interesting at the end of the day when in spanish this guy i sorta do like asked me out on a date we were n the auditorium when this happened and so were some other classes including a class where miguel (see last post) was. as we were watching a movie there i kept checking up on miguel and there he was with his friends looking at me o'.'o

anyways back to jorge (the guy who asked me out) i told him maybe since really i did'nt kno but now i kno i can't and i'll tell you why. why? because my mother is a bitch she can never see me smiling EVER the minute i mention something about guys a whole speach about how i shouldn't be with guys and how i'll get pregnant comes on. What does she think i live in the 50's? god does she think i am THAT thick skulled? i hate that. i hate her godamit.

oh yea then christy came over today it was eh ok we started talking about jorge and miguel and then i said oh i think mario is friend's with miguel and then she all oh yea i think mario said that miguel liked me and then i go why do you lie to me? and she's all what? i go hunny if he told this to you awile back you woulda said something. i hate it how she thinks she can make me jealous it pisses me off! i even told her i don't like him much and she tries to make a deal about it like "oh yea just like make him dump aida and then tease him" no sorry hun thats starting drama and i think she wants that. Then the guy she likes always stares at me in lunch even david was the one that said "hey christy's crush is checking you out." do i tell her? no. why? cuz i don't care.

i'm tired of caring. my mom just came in saying to stop thinking about that and to think of what e'll do in summer
HELLO!?? summer is in another 2 or 3 months bitch! spring break is next week what will i do then!?

oh yea thats right sleep woopdee-doo.

test grr )
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25th March 2003

8:15pm: well today wasn't so bad yesterday was better tho ^^ in lunch i passed by this guy (miguel) he told my bro that he likes me ALOT. He doesn't even kno me, but he's so adorable! anyways i was looking for my bro cuz he had money and i was hungry (it was lunch time) and then i didn't see him in the hall where he hangs out and then i saw miguel and i was like damn he looks so cute x) his hair is so nice too and i like man with good hair so anyways i passed by him we had a little stare at each other and i gave him a lil rinoa meets squall smirk ;) as i was leaving his friend then screamed out GOD BLESS THAT ASS! lol i turned around and his face was like so red (aww) and then he stared at his friend angrily XD -sigh- well you see there is only one flaw he has a gf yes i kno and his gf is my ex best friend (dun dun dunnnnn!) but she was so totally jealous i passed by again to show judy who he was she pointed at him being the idiot she is but i think he liked all the attention he kept staring at me and his gf was totally pissed she kept shaking him and stuff i don't want to be the other woman in the relationship but obviously he doesn't like her i'm not gonna give him the attention tho at least not in public or else its gonna go to his head hehe.

back to normal news i'm dling utena adolesense from kawaiimeow i have the movie of utena but have never seen an episode of it ;_; it seems cool tho i did some searching and found it was a cool anime i'm watchin gilmore girls now and then smallville i <3 smallville clark is effing hott

{E D I T}
blarg i'm dling the utena movie >.< but hey now i have it in my comp and on dvd XD

and now for some fun stuuff!  )
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22nd March 2003

10:32pm: damn internet! >___________
ahh! all i could do this week was comment on ppls journals and barely since my internet has been acting stangely i have dsl for god's sake wtf is going on? i'm glad that its up again tho phew ^^ i joined weirded's new community anti_illiteracy i think its a great idea so go join it!! bwahaha! XD my week wasn't very fun in fact i feel like crying cuz i think i'm gonna fail algebra and english i have the two most bitchiest teachers in the world god dammit i hate math i mean i have a D and now i'm reccomended to take algebra I next year no, no, no. sorry buddy i'm going to geometry and i don't give a rats ass if anyone tries to stop me i already asked my mom to talk w/that old ass bitch fowler about my grades i swear i hate dislike fowler so much she thinks i'm an air head and that my friends are too and then this fat jerk who is so retarded and ghetto wannabe loves to treat her like a whore and she kisses his ass! >_< WHY!? he's so sarcastic too but i know how to shut up those types of people like yesterday i asked that old bag for extra work for what i've missed she said no i was pissed only he laughed so i go "hahah well at least i have a better grade than you fatass" and belive it or not even his own friends laughed at him! XD so he was pissed i had the last word so he goes "at least i'm not afraid of roaches!" (last class roach encounter all i can say is eek.) so i return the insult by saying "thats cuz i don't sleep with them unlike you." hehehe well anyways i used up my anger in my newest icon of rikku i dunno if i should make it blink..hmm i used opacity on the text and brush for this one hee i learned it ^_^ along with grid and some otha nifty migers well i better stop writing i write too much must be boring all of ya x_X oh yea welcome back kiko! you've been missed
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15th March 2003

2:47pm: ^____________________^ finally the weekend! and fcat pratice is over hurrah! it seems like forever since i posted o.O right now i'm preety bored as usual on the weekend i'd love to go to the fair since its in town but the weather was a bit odd before its sunny now tho maybe tommorow i'll go to the beach that would be wonderful. ^^ yesterday we started weight training in p.e wow i got such an exercise i could barely walk after that not that it hurt just that my feet felt retarded good news tho i brought my grade up in algebra! sigh its a D i kno but i'm glad a D is way better than an F which everyone in the class seems to have -____-; but now i have a D! =D just a few more points to C..-prays- well i'm gonna see how everybody is doing and then post icon request in animeicons tata! ^^
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8th March 2003

10:12pm: hmm well today was ok sorta we were going to the beach BUT the beach is with a nasty bacteria and bla it was perfect weather too 80 something degrees and i spent all that sun time i wasted taking a tan in my back yard and sleeping for over 3 hours last week was a bit entertaining i went out shopping i love getting out of my house its so boring staying in ur house on a saturday in the morning i talked to my friend chisty about danny i really think she's too good for him and that she SERIOUSLY deserves better i mean 1. he asked her out over the phone i'm sorry they see each other EVERYDAY at school and can't say it to her face? that's pathetic. 2. he kisses her away from her friends and public and in front on me and hell anyone he pretends like he doesn't even kno her 3. he's butt ugly 4. he does drugs and drinks 5. he's gonna drop out of highschool cuz he thinks he's too smart for it yea my ass 6. he flirts w/me! >.< i dun hate the guy i just hate the fact my friend was so retarded for liking him and then come to me 4 help what am i suppposed to do? make him like you? she says she's over it but hmm i dunno i get concerned to much on other pplz lives bah thats her life not mine she figures it out i worryto much anyway.

like this morning i had the worst cramp in my stomach and my bro said it's prolly salmonilla i got so paranoid i took 2 aspirins and then drank 2 spoons of pepto bismol oh yea saw yugioh this morning it was good but dmg was ko'd! ;_____; yes she is my favorite card hell my layout is dedicated to her and almost all of my icons she's my role model ^^ then kaiba came -sigh- for he is so hot ^__~ not as hot as kamui but almost there ;P well nothing much more to say made these two things with my brushes in psp 7 cuz i had nothing better to do but now since i'm on i'll go check up on everyone fun w/my new brushes )
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12:20pm: they're baaack
hey everyone! been awile ^^ but i'm back and i made a batch of icons! mostly squaresoft anyways here are my rules read em or else no icon fo' you! ^^

1. comment if taking any
2. credit me these took me awile so please
3. share and enjoi! ^_^

i got
5 | squaresoft
1 | X/1999
1 | pita-ten
2 | full moon wo sageshite
1| gatekeepers

click me ^-^ )

6th March 2003

11:19am: wooo
man its been awile sorry for being gone so long! *hugs buddies* hm this week was eh better than last week i can tell ya that this week was FCAT week blarg the pretest for reading was the easiest thing but the math...ok lets just say i'm the worst type of person at math ^^;; today i didn't wear uniform (ooh i'm baaad) i wore my new hurley tee i luff it so much ^^ right now i'm just here bored workin on some new icons after i'm done i'll check up on everyone. man i had to see my algebra teacher 3 days in a row all were more annoying than then next you try being in a classroom with ur algebra teacher and 2 close friends for 7 hours and then check back in w/me -_______-; well anyways i hope everyone had a good day i'm gonna go work on them damn icons lol
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2nd March 2003

12:02am: tada! new layout at last! =D
yes ppl rikku has changed her layout once again! tada! made by my bro the amazing dark_requiem its my fave yugioh card dmg! and since i've started to read the manga its cool so far i only made one new icon to go w/it its my default i will prolly make more now oh and to my friends only i will be taking free icon requests from now til 2morrow the reason i'm making the requests (for now) friends only is bcuz i'm sorta tired it kinda late and the most i could make is like 5 or so ^^;; but i'll prolly post taking requests tommorow when i'm more awake ^__^ well anyways i hope everyne lkes the new layout i do ^_^ i miss the last one but hey out w/the old in w/the new right? well i'll be off making icons buh-bye!


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27th February 2003

9:23pm: well anyways i updated my claims comunity claim_shonen oh and i have to thank offcenter and wierded for my beautiful b-day presents!!!!!!

i luv you guys!! thankyou!!

-sigh- this week sucked ass but finnally i ranted to this jerk but it feels like i did it all for nothing see my friend judy is harrased ALOT by her so called 'best friend' carlos so anyways she started to talk to me & david more since she says we are funner to hangout with. so i was like ok e/it all she's fun to talk to and stuff but according to her, carlos was jealous she was hanging out w/us and i was like what? thats stupid as hell he should stop saying so much shit to you. me & david we really didn't take it seriously and thats when all the bullshit started to happen...

a week of lies ranting ahoy! )
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25th February 2003

12:11am: sigh today was boring i feel so sick i will be back soon bleh i feel terrible..
lil test woo.. )
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17th February 2003

11:38pm: hey hi ^^
-sigh- i've been working on my crazy site lol put another layout for it i did nothing all this week i was going to work up a tan but it started raining ^^;; downloaded a few mp3's including Utada Hikaru's new single "Colors" and BoA "Amazing Kiss" i like that one the most ^_^ 2morrow is school bleh yuck petwooe i have nothing really to say other than my friend now likes danny i feel she is making a mistake but ya know what that's her life not mine i keep my mouth shut from her problems ^^;;
one more thing ....

Saturday is my B-day!!!