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!@#% FRiENDS ONLY!! [05 Aug 2003|02:33pm]

Why? Because I can, and because there's certain people I don't want reading this ( family, my stalker, etc )

tO get added --->
-comment and add me first

tO stay on --->
-comment at least once a week ( exceptions will be made )
-update more that once a year ( you get the idea )
-respect me and my friends
-don't leave nasty ass comments
-dUn tYpE LyKe dYs!! wanna know why? its realli ann0yinq nd makes yOo lo0k illiterate nd stoop1d!!

yOur gone if --->
-we never talk outside of blurty
-you never update or comment !@& how do i know you're still reading?!
-you say you added me, but didn't
93 GEt iN tHE z0NE

ARE YOU A BiG KiD?! [05 Aug 2003|02:39pm]
What rating is your journal?

17 GEt iN tHE z0NE

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