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Sunday, November 30th, 2003
1:22 pm - ::switch-a-roo::
my mom just opened her birthday presents. now, if i was her, i would be a little depressed.
she's got vince coughing in her face, john malkovich trying to act on t.v., and a dean martin christmas cd in her lap.

she's forty-seven years old. 47. so much can happen in forty-seven years. is it fourty? or forty?

anyway, i wish i had a job so i could buy her something. taryn had to get her 2 sweaters and the cd. and a card. which i signed.

i am in my powder-blue nightgown, and i have on a shiny blue over shirt... whew, looking rough.

At least i have something to look forward to: in 15 days, i'll be in the bahamas.

current mood: dirty
current music: jasonMRAZ>[too.much.food]
laughter is the best medicine.

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