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Dizzy up the Girl [22 Dec 2003|10:44pm]
[ mood | groggy ]
[ music | It's All Been Done~Barenaked Ladies ]

Today Ricky came over and we talked and stuff and then he showed me this kewl trick! U take a breath the other person sorta chokes u and u pass out for a while. I wuz really hesitant to do it at first cuz I wuz scared but then I said ok. It took a while but it finally happened. He said that the first time it happened I said, "Breathe" and then woke up. I guess I thought i wuz suffocating. It's pretty kewl..u wake up all weirded out. It feels like a dream. You feel really dizzy afterwards but it's pretty kewl.

Aww, Ricky's such a good friend to me. I cannot even begin to express all the ways he's there for me. He supports me mentally, emotionaly, physically (he didn't let me fall to the ground). He's just an all around great friend to me. I'm so lucky to have found a friendship in him. Today we were noticing how he and I are two different people. I'm the typical spoiled, goody-too-shoes, follows the rules, sheltered, colors inside the lines girl and he's the wrong-side-of-the-tracks, sign-stealing, rule breaking, knows-how-to-work-for-himself kinda guy. Sumhow we find middle ground and a friendship developed. He's the only one I know that can bring me back down to earth when it seems I've gone too far. I think I sorta keep him in line and he helps me break outta my sheltered shell.

Today I wuz grumpy most of the day. I hate being sick. It affects my personality. Adri and I went back to the mall and it's so packed! Well, duh, right? U know wut makes it even more crowded? Those damn baby strollers! Leave ur kids at home with a sitter people! I told my sister that when she has kids and wants to go to the mall for her to leave the rugrats with me and all she has to do is buy my Abercrombie and Fitch jeans or sumthin. I decided to keep the A&F jeans...they fit today. =/ They don't fit one day, but fit the next? Oh, well.

Today we found Mitzy's orginal owner. =( =( =( Damn lady didn't even take care of her in the first place. They found her while I wuz asleep. I didn't even get to say goodbye to her...but then again...she is on the other side of the block. My mom said the lady wuz like, "Is that my Dotty?!" I'll show her where her "Dotty" has been for the past month. With me in my luving care. It breaks my heart. I got really attatched to her. Just yesterday Mitzy wuz inside with the family and it seemed right. I put a red bow around her neck and she looked like a present and I kept saying, "You're the best Christmas present!!" I swear...if I ever drive past that lady's house and Mitzy is outside I'm taking her back. That lady wuzn't even looking for her. =( ::Sigh:: My animal-loving heart is broken.

Luv ya, Charles!! ;)


How to Deal is a really good movie...=) I want a guy like that...but not for him to leave cuz it's true wut Mandy Moore says in that movie, "Isn't that what guyz do best....?...Disappear...?"

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Illness has gotten the best of me... [21 Dec 2003|11:47pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | Gravedigger~Dave Matthews Band ]

Blah, I'm sick! I got sick cuz the other nite I wuz at Alex's house looking for shooting stars and it wuz cold! And I didn't even see any shooting stars. =( Then the next nite I went back and this time I wuz in sandals and my pink pants and we were outside playing and I got even more sick. Blah.

Zonya got me the cutest pink purse! Ahh, I luv it. My cousin's got me pink bunny slippers, I got a Louis Vuitton purse with pink flowers and an ananogram blouse with a pink "C". Lotta pink! I love pink. Pink is the prettiest color. It's so happy and it stands out on its own. It needs no introduction....u just know when it's there. There's a quiz I learned a while back:

Question 1) What's your favorite color? (ONLY ONE!!)

Question 2) Three Reasons on WHY that ONE color is your favorite.

Now...what's the method to this madness? The three reasons u gave for it being your favorite color describe you. So I guess I think I'm the prettiest color, need no introduction, and you know when I'm there.

Tomorrow Adri and I have to go back to the mall to return sum stuff. I need to exchange my A&F pants I got. They fit alright...but a wee bit too tight around my hips. I swear, sumtimes I feel fat cuz I don't wear the same size pants I did in high skewl. The thing is...I didn't grow from my stomach so much that it makes a different in my pant size...it's cuz my hips grew. I only like wearing hip huggers so I need to move up a size since they (hips) grew. Boo...it's all a mental thing though...Size is only a number...and I couldn't stay one size forever. =(

Blah, I need Nyquil...so I can fall asleep. I luv Mitzy...she's inside now. I'm gonna let her sleep in my room. U can tell she wuz an indoor dog before she came to this house and I feel awful making her sleep outside. I mean, it's like taking yourself outta your natural state of life and making you sleep outside. I'm so glad I found her. I think God sent her to my house cause he knew I'd take care of her. =) Well, I best be getting my medicine. Good nite, everybody!!



*U need to not exist.*--Mirandah~Sex and the City

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I Love Pink Sweat Pants..and Louis Vuitton! [19 Dec 2003|05:13pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

I just spent a nice day shopping. I bought pants from the GAP that were $60. Not bad and I bought Zonya a gift but I might exchange it cuz she already knows wut it is! Then my sis and I went to go eat at Chili's and then we went to my dad's office. I'm such a daddy's girl. We went to the Cingular place cuz Adri's phone is all messed up and then Adri and I went to Target. Jackie wuzn't working and they didn't have the Jason Mraz cd. Boo. But I did buy a purple bra. ;) Ya, ya...I know I'm not gifted in that area but I don't care. Now I'm home and am wearing my pink Polo sweat pants. They're so comfy. =)

I FINALLY got a Louis Vuitton purse!! It's exactly the one I wanted...the tootsie roll style with pink cherry blossoms. =) It's purdy. I might exchange it for another one. It's a long story but so far...I'm very happy. =D Louis Vuitton rules.

Tonight I might go searching for shooting stars. Not too sure yet. But if I do I'm taking my Steve Madden coat so I can finally use it!!! Blah, I need a nap. I didn't go to sleep till 4 a.m. and woke up at 10.

Luv ya, Charles!!


P.S. This whole damn valley is a battlefield that are full of land mines....damn. It's safe nowhere cuz I'm risking it.

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I LOVE ELF-BOY!! & CHARLES...=) [17 Dec 2003|12:46pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | New Deep~John Mayer ]

Ooooh, last nite...more like this morning, I saw Lord of the Rings-The Return of the King. It wuz soooo AwEsOmE!! I'm such a dork over that movie. Ahh, it wuz so good and Elf-Boy wuz just as gorgeous as ever. =) I went with Zonya and Alex for the 12:00 midnight showing. I didn't get home till about 3:45 which is the latest I've ever been home. It wuz so freakin good. I can't believe that now I've seen ever movie of it and now it's over. Damn, it wuz good. I can't stop talking or thinking about it! =D I luved it. I luv Lord of the Rings. Call me a dork if u will, but I'm proud to be one cuz that movie kicks ass!

My sister is supposed to be here in like a lil while I think. She left a message on my phone telling me not to tell my parents that she wuz coming down so early. I'm hungry. Yest. Mandy and I had to work at our mom's skewl for the fun fair. It wuz pretty fun for a while then Mandy and I just turned evil, lol. Makin fun of kids is sumthin we find joy out of. We don't like kids. Plus, she caught sum stealing from our prize table! Today..in a lil while actually..the valley hockey team called the Killer Bees are going to be at my mom's skewl and she wants me to go. Today's wednesday. I'm probably gonna do nuthin today.

Ug, Raul called me yesterday and I wuz like blah. This wuz the convo to the best of my memory:

Raul:"My girlfriend broke up with me."
Me:"Oh, too bad...wait..didn't u want that?"
Me:"Oh, then it all works out....k, I'll talk to u later."*Keep in mind I don't like talking to him so I wuz tryin to hang up as fast as I could*
Raul:"Wait....I wuz gonna ask you...do u have a boyfriend."
Raul:"Aww, why not?"
Me:"Cuz they're not worth it and I'm keeping my options open...bye" *Hangs up*

Blah, being on my period makes me even more annoyed than ever. But watching Lord of the Rings makes it aaaaaaaalllllllllllllllll better!!!

Luv ya, Charles!!! & Elf-Boy cuz he's so cute and good with a bow and arrow. ;)


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I LOVE U, CHARLES!!! [15 Dec 2003|07:19pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | Everlong~Foo Fighters ]

Yay...u're back!!! Omg, I haven't been able to type in this journal for dayz! Don't know wut wuz wrong with it but now it's back and it's all alright.

I got AOL back. My sn is once again AngelPr1ncess. On sat. nite Alex had a lil get together. It wuz pretty fun but super cold. Too much damn drama happened that night. F*ck it. Then on Sun. more damn drama. F*ck that, too. I told Ricky that if he and Karina get back together I'm steppin back. Seriously, it's too hard to be both their friends. When I say it out loud to other people they don't understand but it doesn't matter cuz I know in myself wut I'm doing is right. I told Ricky it wuz going to happen one day this way I wuz just speeding up the process and he wuz like, "If it's gonna happen i want it to happen as slow as possible." Well...I've done that before...hold on to sumthin for as long as I could and all I've got to say about that is the longer you wait, the more it hurts. And I didn't say it to have more damn drama...if anything I did it so I could get out of the drama.

Janet (my hamster) died on sat. This is my 5th animal to die in a lil more than a month. It really sux.

Zonya and I are wounded birds. Haha. Cheer up, Zonya!! Remember when ur hair is down...BANG BANG BANG!!!

Today I got my hair color fixed. I'm back to blonde. =) It's a pretty blonde though...like with brown and my reddish brown in it. It looks really awesome. Not much has happened other than that. I'm grumpy right now cuz I finally got my period. Now I'm cramping. I learned how to forward IMs to my cell phone. It's kewl. Well, that's all I have to write. Buh bye-z!

Luv ya, Charles!!


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Two Dayz of Nuthin But Laughs [12 Dec 2003|07:32pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | Sex & the City ]

I'm finally done with my exams!!!! YAY!! They were super hard though, but....at least I'm done.

Yest. Mandy A. (friend since forever!) and I went out for a bit. Only to run errands. I bought the John Mayer CD at Wal*Mart where she told me that scary/funny story. "Escuche!" LoL. After that I came home and went to Zonya's house. Now we had too much fun there. "You're so arrogant." LoL, she wuz chasing me around with that blanket on her head trying to scare me..and it alwayz worked. "Buy a turtle..." Then Zonya, Alex, and I went to get food from Jack in the Box (I've never really eaten there). We ate it at my house then just chilled out in my room till about 2 a.m. Fun, fun, fun. We don't need to drink to have fun!!!

Today I wuz with Karina in the early afternoon and then she left to go have lunch with Ricky, her boyfriend and my best friend. You would think it might cause conflict but no, it doesn't. As long as I TRY to keep all my judgements to myself. Then Zonya called me up with her....NEWS....HAHA....and we went "cruisin'" in my mom's suburban cuz my mom took my truck in the morning to work. We went to Alex's new house and it's freakin far!!! And it wuz dirty...so I washed his dishes and swept for him. We listened to music and played card games all day. I won at Bullsh*t!!! and by telling the truth!!! I only lied once and it wuz in the very beginning and I got caught. I felt like such a real winner cuz I didn't lie and still won! I learned how to play Spoons and then we just tried doing magic tricks. Alex ruined mine..."Why r u holding that card?" Then we played Pictionary...lol..mine were actually pretty good. I had hot cheetos with cheese which is the best!!

Tomorrow I have to go to my regular Saturday morning job of teaching baton twirling. Blah...but hey..money's money. I need to get a real job. I want to work sumwhere kewl...where I can wear my own clothes. I used to have a bad ass job like that and got paid $6.25 an hour!!! Oh, well...I can't get a job till I get back from New Mexico in Jan.

I might get AOL again!!! YAY!!! I'm waiting for my mom to get home with my food but that probably won't be for a while. I sounded all braty but she offered to buy me Luby's since she and my dad were already out. I luv the food from there...who doesn't.

Luv ya, Charles!!!


Congratulations! You're Sam!

Which Lord of the Rings character and personality problem are you?
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Lord of the Rings kicks ASS!

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I NEED SLEEP! [10 Dec 2003|08:16pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]
[ music | Bend & Not Break~Dashboard Confessional ]

The past two dayz have been purdy kewl. Yesterday I couldn't sleep for the life of me. I wuz way too nervous about my final today...which wuz super hard! Plus I wuz on the phone again till 5. =X Wut can I say...? I'm a late talker. Yest. I went with Ricky to STCC so he could register. I wuz super hungry and then my mom made us go buy cat food.

K, well....like I said I didn't sleep all so at around 7 I just gave up and started to get ready for skewl. I wuz so stressed out about the test that I took off early from my house just to go to skewl. My poor sister's cat wuz outside and he wuz shaking cuz he wuz cold. On the way to Pan Am I saw Eric C. who I have had a crush on since jr. year. =) When I finally got there I saw Jackie and she told me how difficult the American Heritage test wuz. =\ I'm so nervous. I went to the S.U. and saw Yamil. I might take him up on an offer. ;P He's such a flirt and he knows how to use his charm. I wuz outside my class with my other classmates who I never really talked to cuz I wuz sorta quiet in that class and they all seemed to be interested in me. No, not in that sorta way but interested in wut I had to say. One gurl wuz like Virginia Teen USA and I wuz like WOW! She recoginized me from when I wuz Miss South Texas Teen. It wuz fun. I saw Mike. Blah. So my test SUCKED. And then I went back to the S.U. and stayed with Yamil for a while and then left to the parking lot with Sonia. I went to the mall with Connie and Karina and it wuz kewl. I saw Alex G. who is one of Robbie's good friends. I looked like a retard cuz we were in the Disney store cuz they were playing the Hilary Duff Christmas CD and Connie and I were playing with the Finding Nemo plush toys and I saw Alex. Being myself I tried to run and hide but my friends didn't come with me so I wuz forced to stay. I smiled and waved and Karina talked to him. She said that he said that Robbie still has my # and they still talk about me. I wuz like, "Oh, that's great..." I can't get all happy or sad about it cuz he's gone. =\ Of course I would see his friend when Iooked drained and yucky but oh well. We almost crashed! It wuz scary but hilarious. "I told you they wouldn't yield!" It wuz funny. Then we went to a gas station and made Karina get down and Connie got in the drivers seat and we started to take off without Karina. Out of nowhere I heard this huge ass banging on the window and it wuz Karina running after the car hitting it with her "good wrist". I couldn't stop laughing. We tried doing donuts sumwhere but then Karina's L.C. almost turned off on us and that wuz funny. I came home and FINALLY went to sleep. Ahh, it felt good but it wuz only for two hours.

At the mall I saw Eddie G. and the new girl my cousin is talking to. All I have to say is she better not pull any funny stuff on him like she did before. I would be so unhappy about that. Speaking of unhappiness with people....the gurls and I have a lil plan. Oh, we're so gonna do it! And I found out that Angelica doesn't like me for crap. HAHA! That's funny. "This is my ex-bestfriend" Wut's that? Ya, get out of 2nd grade. Intimidation is an awful thing...especially if u're intimidated by me. ;) All concieted! =) My journal...I can put wutever I want.

I saw a real elephant!!!! It wuz so awesome!!! But Connie, Karina, and I were scared of it. LoL, lil boys at my mom's skewl were like, "Miss!!! He likes you!!!" and then they'd point to their lil friend and he'd be all scared. It wuz funny.

Luv ya, Charles! ;)


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My Weekend [07 Dec 2003|08:38pm]
[ mood | full ]
[ music | Grace is Gone~Dave Matthews Band ]

Oooh.....my lil journal...how I've neglected you for two whole dayz...=( My weekend wuz incredibly boring but it's all good.

Fri. I got my hair dyed. It came out the wrong color so next Sat. I'm gonna have to go fix it. Karina went with me. After that I participated in the McAllen parade. I went as Duchess of Palms..=) It felt nice to wear my big old green dress again. I wuz on the Texas Citrus float and the lights were very blinding. I got a marriage proposal ;). After that I just came home and did sumthin not too smart. See, my period is coming so I've been eating everything in site. I had a new bag of flaming hot cheetos so I wuz eating those and then I got a craving for tangerines...so in between handfulls of hot cheetos I'd eat a tangerine. Little did I know of all the acid I wuz taking in so shortly after I started to feel like throwing up. I didn't though. =)

Sat. morning I woke up and still felt nauseas so I didnt go to work. I wuz alseep most of the day. My dad gave Mitzy a bath so I had to dry her hair. Ricky came over and we watched a movie then he left to go out with Karina. After that I did nothing. Ug, that guy I kissed at that party called me. BLAH! I wuz hoping I'd never hear from him again. Next time I'm giving out a fake #.

Today wuz my study day. My finals are coming up so study I must! I finally fished my take-home exam. Now I need to study for American Heritage and U.S. Gov. and Politics. I'm stressed about those. I just need to keep my grades up so I can get outta the valley! I'm gonna apply for University of Incarnate Word in San Antonio again. I wuz already accepted but couldn't go this yr. And I'm gonna apply for UT and Texas State. By summer I'll be outta Mission, Tx and on to sumwhere else. =) Jackie called me today raving about her new love. =) I'm so happy for her! "Just call him and be like, 'MM-hmm!'" Nancy got her first speeding ticket. Welcome to the club, Nancy! My mom and I have actually been getting along. Let's see how long it lasts. My room is such a disaster. I would clean it...but...I'm lazy.

Can't wait till Christmas time--VACATIONING IN NEW MEXICO!!! =) It's gonna be so great to be sumwhere else for the holidays. To be away from problems, things that annoy you, responsibility. Plus I can wear my new PINK Steve Madden coat. WEEE!!!


When your head tells you one thing
But you heart tells you another
Before you do anything
Take a moment and think:
Do you have a better head
Or a better heart...?

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Blondes Do It Better [04 Dec 2003|11:25pm]
[ mood | relieved ]
[ music | Stupid Cupid~Mandy Moore ]

I got that shirt from Abercrombie & Fitch today. =) It's sooo cute...it's pink and says "Blondes Do It Better" on it. Ok, ok, ok, so I'm not a natural blonde but shhh...

Right now I just got off the phone with Karina clearing up a lil misunderstanding... Hmm.... Weird about wut a coincidence this is... I'll get to the bottom if it.

Tomorrow I'm gonna be in a parade in McAllen as Duchess of Palms. So I have to wear my big old green dress again. Karina's coming with me tomorrow cuz I have a hair appointment. I'm kinda nervous about it cuz I'm gonna dye my hair...not highlight it. Then I'm gonna get it cut and styled.

To clear up any confusion people might have....I did NOT make out with that guy at that TKE party. It wuz a one-second, my-eyes-open-looking-to-the-side, closed-mouth, only-lips-touching kiss. Nothing more. Oh, well. NEVER BELIEVE ANYTHING YOU HEAR AND ONLY HALF OF WHAT YOU SEE!

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Can't Sleep [04 Dec 2003|01:07am]
[ mood | thirsty ]

I really don't like the fact the I'm so nocturnal. It's annoying cuz everyone is asleep, but NoOo not me. Anywayz--

I met Stephanie and the S.U. so we could turn in our essays but she hadn't even finished hers. I helped write it for her and we typed it out and turned it in. I swear, she and I are so dumb when u put us together. "That's good!" Haha. I ate my first meatball sub. It wuz actually good. Then I went to my art app. class and we got our take home finals. There's 75 questions and I've done about 40 of them already. Yay me! I came home and did nothing after that. Raul called me from his friends house and we talked for a bit. I talked to Nancy today. Haven't talked to her in about a week. I don't really talk to my friends that much anymore. =/ That's weird. It wuz just so much easier in high skewl cuz we'd see each other everyday. Oh, well. It's a new chapter in our lives and I personally am embracing it.

There's nothing to talk about. I'm blank. I don't think I'll be making my friends their gifts anymore. =/ Wut's wrong with me? I can't explain it...it's weird... Maybe it's cuz I'm about to get my period...I dunno. I just don't feel like it anymore. Don't feel like anything anymore. High school wuz great, don't get me wrong, but I'm seeing it in myself that I'm changing. Oh, well.....

*I sit alone
I feel just like somebody else
Man, I ain't changed
But I know I ain't the same...*
--One Headlight~The Wallflowers

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BLAH! [02 Dec 2003|09:35pm]
[ mood | good ]

Ok, I typed a long entry and my stooooooooooopid interent screwed it up. Ug. K, my day wuz ok. Skipped my morning class cuz I wuz on the phone till 5. =X Took the wrong essay to my American Hertiage class but my professor said I could turn it in tomorrow cuz he thinks i'm adorable. =) I made Zonya hyper and I'm very proud of the way she's holding up. Stephanie crashed so now her mustang is a lil messed up. I took a nap..need to stop doing that. Saw Alex on the news. Went shopping..bought pink (of course) sweat pants and jeans. Took a shower. J.J. called. Now I'm on the computer.

Victor is a young man that I just wanted to say hi to on my journal. Saw Yamil..he cut he hair and shaved. He looks great.

I'm watching Miss Congeniality and the twirler is twirling her fire batons. I wuz a twirler for my high skewl and I learned to twirl fire also. They put the sound of them as they're twirling and I can remember it so well. It's scary! K, that's it..good bye!


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[02 Dec 2003|01:40am]
[ mood | awake ]

HI VICTOR!!!!!!!!

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Finished! [01 Dec 2003|08:49pm]
[ mood | drained ]

I feel so great. I finished my last essay. =) Yay. Ok, I know a lot of people think writing an essay is no big deal, especially if it is only two pages long, but believe me, two pages is a lot. Today wuz a great day. Nothing really exciting happened but it wuz still a good day. I looked kinda raunchy today cuz I didn't do my hair and just put on my All-American Reject shirt, carpenter jeans, black sandals and headed out to skewl. It started to rain on my way home, but it didn't last long.

Well, it is finally the first of December. How exciting! Christmas time is such a wonderful time. There's just a feel to the air that brings a smile to ur face. This Christmas my family and I are heading off the New Mexico for one week. We'll be leaving on Christmas Eve so I'm gonna give my friends their gifts on the 23rd. I made one of their gifts already and it came out pretty nice. Just 3 more to go. The only bad thing about this time of the year is that finals are coming up. I'm so nervous about them. Not too sure how I'm holdin up in my classes. =\ Let's not think about that! I don't know when my dad is going to get me my new car. He wants me to have a Santa Fe by Hyndai or however u spell it. All I know is that I want a jeep or SUV. He's been trying to convince me to get a Beetle but I don't want a car. I'm so happy that it's this time of the year.

I'm hungry...I believe I will go get sumthin to eat since now I have many snacks to choose from. Buh bye.

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A Hug [30 Nov 2003|09:48pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Today I wuz thinking about how much a hug can really mean. If u really think about it, a hug is when two people are physically the closest to each other. I think the one hug that has stayed with me till this day wuz a hug I wuzn't expecting. It wuz my junior yr. and I remember it wuz really cold that nite. I wuz out with Angelica and two other guyz. U know..she had her guy and I had mine. I didn't like this guy (yet) so we were just walking around and talking. I don't know how but sumhow we started playing rough and I wuz trying to hit him. Not knowing he wuz so close behind me, I swung my arm around as hard as I could and I just felt my hand hit sumthin hard. I hit him as hard as I could in his chest. I think I knocked the wind out of him. I started laughing and said I wuz sorry and I hugged him..but he didn't let me out of the hug. Instead he hugged me tighter. I don't know if he hugged me tight to try to crush me or if he really wanted to hold me, but it changed me. I hadn't been hugged like that in so long (the ex and I broke up two dayz before that) and it felt nice. I dunno, it just came into my mind.

My day wuz a bit more eventful than my other dayz. After my sister left Ricky came over. Then my cousin came over to say bye and Ricky left. Then my mom and I went to Wal*Mart and I got a new good shampoo and got the stuff I needed to make my friends their Christmas gifts. After that I went with my mom to Bealls to return an ugly sweater she got me. So then we went to Sam's which wuz boring. Then we went to Burlington Coat Factory where I got the hippest coat!!! It's a Steve Madden PINK coat. Of course it's gonna be pink! I felt a lil bad cuz it wuz $90 but my mom said "it's ur Christmas present." Well, after that I went with my mom to H-E-b and I got a whole lotta snacks. Yum, yum, yum. When I came home I had to change the kitty litter (gross!), feed Mitzy and the cats. I luv my new shampoo!!! Yay. Well, that's all I have to say. Buh bye.


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Boooring [30 Nov 2003|12:43am]
[ mood | sympathetic ]
[ music | VH1 ]

I went to that Happy comedian thing. It wuzn't too good. We waited in there for about 2 hours for it to start and when it finally did, a lot of the puns were in spanish...which I don't speak. Needless to say, I wuz rather bored. Raul called me while I wuz in there. Then Alex called asking if I wuz going to the TKE party and I said no. Now I'm back at home. I spent time outside with Mitzy and my cats. =) They make me so happy.

Right now I'm watching that thing about Michael Jackson on VH1. Poor man. I mean, he can't go outside without people thinking something of him. People should just get off his back. Granted he's a jerk for owning The Beatles (Best rock-n-roll band ever), but still...all he's trying to do is live his life. The poor guy didn't have a childhood. I feel so bad for him. It's not fair. Life's not fair.


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Another Boring Day [29 Nov 2003|12:59am]
[ mood | geeky ]
[ music | Want You Bad~The Offspring ]

Yuup, that's wut it wuz. I woke up around 11 as usual. Only my sister and I were home so we just went downstairs. My mom came home from shopping where she got me this awful sweater. The only kewl part about it wuz the pink scarf. Poor mom...she tries so hard sumtimes. Oh, well. All day I've been watching TLC's "What Not To Wear." I love that show! Around 5 or so I took a nap and then my sis woke me up cuz she wanted to go to the mall. So we went. Then we went to Target where these weird people were by our car. They started talking to Adri about candy they were selling for a no drug thing and I couldn't stop laughing. It wuz stupid. They were stupid. So we bought two books and went to Chick-fil-a. I luv that place. Now I'm back home. Wut a way to spend a Friday night, huh? I can be such a loser sumtimes.

Hmm...I don't really have any deep thoughts right now. Maybe one will pop in my head before I end this entry. I'll give u all a lil quiz:

You represent... happiness.
You represent... happiness.
Boy, are you full of cheer or what...? You have a
sunny disposition and enjoy trying to spread
your happiness. You have a tendency to be a
little hyper, but you have the ability to make
your own fun no matter what.

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That TKE party is going on tonite (Sat. night). I now doubt I'll be going. We'll see by tomorrow. I hate the way the shampoo I used today makes my hair feel. It feels all ugly. I'm tryin to waste it as fast as I can so I can get a new one. I also need body wash. I need to mail Isabel's card today(Sat.) Isabel is a girl I went to high skewl with and we were alwayz really kewl with each other. She's going to skewl in Denton, TX so I figured it would be really nice if she recieved a card from the valley. So I enclosed a pic of her and me at grad. I just need to put a stamp on it.

*If u could only read my mind
U would know that I've been waiting
So long

Sumone almost just like u
But with attitude
I'm waiting
So come on.*

The Offspring

Ahh. I'm soo freakin bored. I forgot to mention that I also went to Old Navy but the clothes don't fit me there. Boo to their weird sizes. The pants fit though. But boot cut jeans still look like straight leg jeans. Have u all ever gotten an itch and u scratch it till it hurts. It sux. Man, I'm bored. Wut can I say....it's a friday nite and I'm here at home. That Joey guy called me and he wuz like, "Where's the party at?!" The more surprising part is that I actually answered his phone call. Well, I'm boring u all enough as it is so I'll end it here. Buh bye.


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I'm just sooo bored! [27 Nov 2003|11:19pm]
[ mood | bored ]

This Thanksgiving wuzn't like my other ones. My cousins weren't here so it wuz rather boring. I wuz bored most of the day. Still am. My sister and I took Mitzy out to the side of our house and let her play out there. Now she went out with her significant other. She's probably like, "Shut the f*ck up, Edee" if she's reading this.

I love Sex and the City. I see myself a lot as Charlotte...the hopeless romatic one. But I do have Mirandah's cynical side but all we need is sumone to prove us wrong. Watching that show has one of two effects on me: 1--and the most often--is me wanting that long term, "i love u with all my being" relationship. 2) is aboslutely loving my wonderful single life. That show can seriously hit sum strong emotions whether it be love, lonliness, anger, understanding, wut have u.

Isn't my new icon adorable?! I luv kitties. I'm trying to get over the loss of Cupcake. I'm still bumed out about it, but who wouldn't be.

This is probably gonna be a long entry cuz I am so unbelievably bored! I like the lil heading I added. "I'll alwayz love you but I need my sanity back." Think we all know who that's for. I think I'm finally letting it go. After two long years I think I'm finally doing it. I got hit by an epiphany(i don't know if that's how u spell it) and it wuz like I finally woke up. I woke up from sum weird dream I had been living. It feels great. I want to hold on to this feeling and never let it go. It's rather empowering. I feel like nothing can hold me back from attracting guyz cuz now I KNOW I've got nothing to look back on or hold on to. I'm letting go. I think the only way I can find a guy that I actually like is to go on the Bachelorette. I'm just so darn picky about who I want to have a relatiohship with. Even with flings. I don't see the point of being in a relationshipf if u don't get those butterflies in ur stomach. That feeling is what makes it so beautiful. Like..when they smile at u or laugh at one of ur jokes u feel like u're flying and when they hug u u float above cloud nine. ::Sigh:: those dayz are gone for me. Hopefully one day I'll find them again...with sumone new...sumone who DESERVES me. That's the thing with me....I display myself as an unaffectionate person but you (whoever) just needs to break past that shield I put up. Once upon a time I wuz so affectionate, loving, would allow sumbody to hold me for as long as they wanted. Then that person hurt me and after that, more than ever, I didnt let anybody hold me. I wuz already a real prude but after that I just couldn't do it to myself again. I let my guard down for sumone and in the end I got hurt...I just coudln't (and still can't) do it to myself again. Now I hardly hug and when I do, I don't allow the person to hold me for more than two seconds. I find it difficult to show a guy I'm interested...especially if I really AM interested in him. I'm a flirt...I can't help it..but when it comes to a guy that I have an attraction for...I clam up again. It's a defense mechanism. It's easier for me to open up if I know that there's no way this person will be able to hurt me. But when I have that attraction I know I'm giving them the power to hurt me, so I have a more difficult time being that flirty self of mine.

My love life isn't all sad! Haha, I do have my bright spots. Wut I like the most are my flings. The fact that nothing can hold me back. That I can give my # (and from now on...fake number) out and nobody can get on my ass about it. I like easy come, easy go. No muss, no fuss. For the most part, ya, I do want that serious relationship...but I don't know if I'm WILLING to give up my single life now. It can be so fun. Meeting new people, going where I want when I want with who I want. Like I said, I'm a flirt. I wuzn't in high skewl but hey....things change. I'm different from high skewl. I think I'm a better person. I'm not all heartbroken anymore. I go to parties now, I'm more social (even though I wuz pretty social in high skewl). I don't know, I can't really pinpoint things but I know I'm not exactly the same. It's kinda like that Wallflower song One headlight when he says, "I sit alone, I feel just like somebody else, Man I ain't changed, but I know I ain't the same." That makes a lot sense.

Sumtimes when I'm by myself thinking I wonder wut the hell is happening to me. Things that just a few months ago meant the world to me have no real importance to me now...and vice versa. Guess that's just wut college does to ya. Kinda realize wut's more important. Priorities. I go days without calling my friends and I'm ok with that. It's weird.

Well, I guess that's all I'm gonna type. I know I talk a lot about my luv life....or wutever it is...but love is a big issue to me. I want the whole falling in love scene to happen to me. I want to romance, the tingles, the fights, the make-ups, I want all of that. Juuust......not right now....enjoying my free life for the first time in two years. ;)

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Tell the Truth [26 Nov 2003|11:38pm]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]
[ music | Wrong Impression~Natalie Imbruglia ]

Be honest...What do YOU really think of CYNTHIA

Just put ur mouse over the link and click it....enjoy and BE HONEST!!!!

I spent most of the day shopping with Connie. It wuz great. I bought two American Eagle shirts, a fossil belt, rings, a key chain, a pink jacket, and food of course! She's become more outspoken..good for her. I think it's cuz she hangs out with Karina more. LoL, she's so funny. Connie's a really good friend. Karina actually called me today. =) It wuz nice to hear from her again. We don't talk as much as we used to but I do miss her sumtimes. She and I were really good friends for a long time then the drift happened. She's very understanding. Today my sis and I went to H-E-B cuz my grandma forgot sumthin and when we were checking out I saw a guy I went to high skewl with but we never talked cuz he wuz a part of that "popular party" crowd..but to my surprise...he actually talked to me. When I wuz leaving he gave me a big hug and he wuz like, "We gotta keep in touch...we GOTTA keep in touch." I wuz like, "I guess I'll come to H-E-B more often." and then he said, "Or u could give me ur number." Weird, huh? It felt kewl though.

My sis is out right now and that's my ticket to going to that party on Sat. My 'rents were saying no at first then I told them to let her out so they did, now she owes me. I really want to go to the TKE party. They're fuuuuun. Hmm...that all I have to say. I'll update tomorrow. Buh bye-z.


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Tragedy Has Struck Once Again [25 Nov 2003|11:00pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | All For You~Sister Hazel<==Old Song! ]

Cupcake died today. I'm so crushed. I came home from skewl and checked the garage and there he wuz. He must've been dead for a while cuz his body wuz rock hard. It wuz so lifeless. Of course I broke down. I tried so hard...but I know that now he's not suffering anymore. Last nite when he wuz on my lap I told him that if he didn't feel like fighting this anymore, for him to give in. That if he knew in himself that he couldn't do it for him to let go and the pain would be over. It sounds weird but I think he understood. We all talk to our animals as if they understand. I put him in a purple shoebox, dug a hole under our lil palm tree in the back, and buried him. The only thing I've ever tried at...and I failed. But I know he's out of pain now. He wuz so sick. He's with his mom now. I'm so sad. I cried in my truck to my sister. It wuz kinda funny. It's cuz that DJ Sammy song came out...Heaven..the slow version and I wuz like, "This is my song for Cupcake." and the words just made me cry. ::Sigh:: I feel so crushed. I can't get the image of him out of my head.

Anywayz--all day Iris and I kept getting invited to this TKE party that's happening on Sat. Ug, I want to go! The first guy who gave us the lil map wuz like, "Were u at the party this past Sat.?" and I wuz like, "Ya" and he wuz like, "Oooh...I remember seeing you there." Haha, made me feel sorta kewl. Then his buddies kept coming up to us and giving us the maps and we were like, "We've already got one." Felt kewl. I felt pretty today...until I saw my dead kitten. I don't think I'll be going to my art app. class tomorrow. My sister's home so I'llprobably just chill out with her or sumthin.

I wuz with Yamil again today. My, my, my he's being quite the sweety lately. Probably cuz it's cold and it's done sumthin to his attitude.

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U Better Bend Before I Go....On the First Train to Mexico~Incubus [24 Nov 2003|10:28pm]
[ mood | curious ]
[ music | Hey Girl~Dashboard Confessional ]

My day wuz alright. On the way to skewl I heard Hilary Duff's So Yesterday. Everybody who knows me knows I'm a huge Hilary Duff fan. That song reminds me of Yamil. Well, I also went to the bank to cash in my check. It wuz pretty kewl at skewl. I saw Mike. Thankfully he wuz walking with sumone else and I glanced away as fast as I could. Well...guess who I wuz with most of the afternoon. Mr. Yamil. He wuz being his charming self which I'm a sucker for. He is so my type, but nothing will happen. That's the thing with him and me. We're the same but opposite..ya know? For example...he's physically open and I'm not cuz I've been hurt before. I'm emotionally open and he's not cuz he's been hurt before. We took a pic together and he wuz being rather affectionate towards me. Haha, it wuz kewl. Iris wuz all like, "Wooo, Cynthia..he's hot!" Well, no duh! He wanted to make Joey jealous so he held my hand for a while and even held on to it while I wuz trying to pull away. I need a guy like that...one who will just hold my hand when I try to push away...but only if I like the guy! Not like the one on Sat. who didn't get the hint. He (Yamil) even kissed my head, but I'm sure he does that to a lot of gurlz cuz he's a huge flirt. After I left skewl Iris and I went to Sonic then the DMV. My dad is talking to me again! I knew it wouldn't last long..him being upset. He just said how worried he wuz that his youngest daughter wuz out at 2:45 in the morning driving by herself. I'm just glad we're talking again.

On a sadder tone...Cupcake is not doing so well anymore. He's sick all over again and his medicine is almost gone. I feel so horrible over that. He's the only thing in my life that I actually tried to take care of. He wuz kinda like my child. A few dayz after I took him to the vet he got all better and I thought everything wuz gonna be ok. Now he's right back to where he first wuz. I feel like such a failure. Makes me wonder wut kind of mother would I be if I can't even keep my cat healthy. When I look at him it breaks my heart. I put all my outdoor cats in the garage cuz it's cold outside and i wuz sitting on my knees with them and Cupcake walked over to me and sat on my lap. Like a lil gurl I started crying cuz I feel so horrible that his poor lil life is basicly in my hands and I can't help him. I'm still gonna try though. If he dies I'll be devistated. In a matter of one month 3 of my cats have died. Bad, bad, bad!

My sister is coming home tomorrow. She has her moments of kewlness. I wonder if she'll take Luci back...Luci is her FAT CAT.

I've decided to do sumthin that I need to do in order to be okay. I don't want to put it on here but I'm gonna try to stick with it cuz....it's just better that I do.


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