[25 Aug 2003|07:06pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Common Rotation - Post Modern (hey.. it could happen ;x) ]

:blinks. . . shrugging, he figured Blurty is a place he hasn't been in awhile . . so yeah, here we go:

I don't get how these bloody humans can wear a turtle neck shirt. It's like being strangled by some of those really, really weak demon buggers all day long. :grumbles, pulling at the turtle neck . . since it was the only thing in the wash he could find: The hell with it- :rips it off, tossing it aside, going back to the keyboard:

So. . . Buffy and I went. . . "out" . . last night . . . I guess we're er. . calling it a . . "date" . . ? Or. . . something . .

Right. Well. . . we went to see this movie . . "Wrong Turn" or something . . . which the main character had an uncanny resemblance to Faith, or maybe I'm making up things but that's what I bloody saw. . . right well. . . we somehow spent that whole however many hours complaining about the fight sceenes and fake gore . . and uh doing other . . things. . . :shifty eyes..:

A few kids stopped to oogle and try and touch my hair as we were walking back to the house. . . I don't get it. Why the bloody hell . . . right.

Overall, I thought it went well . . . someone may disagree.

As well as I tried to hide it I have been. . . 'up'? . . with a lot of the sodding pop cult references. And something has been bugging the bloody hell outta me . . in Britian now, I've heard, they don't have Smokey the sodding bear as our 'forest fire prevention' mascot.

Brit's is Smacky. The bloody frog.

'Course I'm a Brit, but who gives a sod now since I'm apparently living in Ohio so I don't give a bug about making fun of their 'forest fire prevention' sodding mascot.

So here I go with my thoughts on this. . .why am I even bothering? Because I sodding want to, and apparently being alive gives me 'rights' of some sort.

For one, a FROG? A sodding frog? Now I haven't had many encounters with the sort, but when I have I DON'T believe I've said "Oh look, there's a frog, I should play dead". They're not scary little buggers, nor are they bears. Bears are more scary. Although nothing really scares me - least of all a bear - but to most of the li'l wimpy humans they scare them.

I remember back when I was a li'l tyke. . . yeah, I can actually remember back then . . :rolls his eyes: My mom . . . :pauses.. remembering all that happened with her.. shaking his head, he found his 'strength' and kept typing: . . she used to take me to this li'l creek place down by where we lived . . anyway. There'd always be frogs there. . . and anytime I'd see one, I wouldn't bloody shriek in horror and go "OH, there's a FROG!" it'd always be optimistic, as in "Ooh, there's a frog. Maybe it will hop on over and sit beside me. I will pet it." Frogs were always sodding cool, not scary.

. . . so I don't get it, is all I'm saying. Why a frog for Britain's 'forest fire prevention mascot'?

:shrugs, deciding he got confusing enough so he just clicked 'update' and logged off:

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[30 Jul 2003|11:07am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

::blinks:: Well..free cable po-..tv is..nice.. ::clears his throat:: Right then.

Human .. yeah .. being human? .. yeah .. not much to tell, I sup'se .. guess I could muster up a few things rather.

Dr. Pepper .. found out somethin about that. I thought it could be a real guy, 'cause if it was he was a brilliant man .. but come to find out, they named the 'soda' .. after the first guy who ever tasted it. Name was Pepper. Doctor Pepper.

::blinks:: Normally .. if someone told me that I would tell them to push off, go shag a red fence. ::shrugs some:: Guess I found it .. amusing and whatnot.

::glances around, narrowing his eyes at the tv remote for a bit.. pausing.. goes back to typing:: Yes, well .. some things are evil li'l buggers if you ask me. But if the li'l things'll get free cable p-.. certain .. things .. then they're alright with me.

Some people have been .. ahem .. oh bug it, nevermind.

::rolls his eyes, popping his fingers for a second before going back to the keys:: Where the bloody hell is Jack Bauer when you need him?! ::sighs:: Prob'ly at CTU or something of the sort, damn that Palmer always trying to .. ::clears his throat:: Right then. Think I'll end this now.

Oh and .. Richard Simmons is scarier than any demon I've ever seen. ::shrugs::


[24 Jul 2003|02:43pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Eh, bloody hell, apparently I died as far as the journal thing goes ..

::sighs quietly:: I think .. I have to talk to .. someone .. before I actually make this update worth a sodding thing ..

So .. look for one soon ..

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[24 Jun 2003|04:50pm]
[ mood | confused ]

...I've been avoiding this, as you can bloody well see.

*sighs, leaning back in the recliner he was in* Ressurection... *rolls his eyes, giving a small 'pfft' sound* Slayer's the only one who knows what the hell THAT feels like. Not like you all really give a sod. Only one who wanted me back in the first place...oh yeah, no one did. Vampire...help fight all the big baddies, figured you'd just rip him out of...I see how it is.

*sighing again, he shook his head* I...shouldn't be acting this way. I should be grateful - yeah, I know. Bringing me back from the dead so as I'm still dead... *blinks..shrugs* Grateful...not a word a ever really used, I had a "sod that" kind of way to go. But anyway...I guess...I still want to say t...t... *takes a breath, saying the word slowly* T...h...a...n...k...s...thanks. *sighs, shaking his head slowly*

I'll...write more in this bug awful thing later...I don't have the stones to continue on...

Oh, piffle. Think I'll go grab one 'o those flowering...onion...things.


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