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I LIKEA TO SAY 'HOLY CRAP'! [20 Apr 2003|11:58am]
[ music | Cross My Heart - Tonight, We'll Light Ourselves on Fire ]

ohmygod. i forgot my blurty :O ok, enough with this shit. it's time to pay this the same attention that toya and tiff do. :D
today is Easter, yes. my mom got me an Easter basket like always, even though i'm 20 and don't live there anymore. she also got a little something-something for zack. haha i could hear Baxter, their new boston terrier, in the background. mom says when his ears go up, he looks like a bat. my neck is being itchy; i'd better be going to zack's house :O his parents invited me over for Easter dinner. MMMMMMM :9

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:| [18 Mar 2003|01:44am]
[ music | GUK - Washington Square Park ]

mmmyeah. i'm not sorry for the lack of updates here; i have a much better journal at _protocol. in fact, if you go there, you can hear about my wonderful weekend with Maren and Mike.

i am so tired. i drove without stopping from mid-NJTPK to home. all in all, a 7-hour trip. the good thing is that i can get there without directions :)

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pain and no gain. [06 Mar 2003|04:08pm]
[ music | Ranier Maria - Ears Ring ]

oh well, no ash for me this year. i totally overslept the 6AM mass yesterday. yarrr

i saw Carla from Kaiser in the computer lab today :D it's funny because we never see each other unless we arrange it, and now we're just in the same place at the same time. she is good peoples. we need to do something together. lately, the hematoma on my calf has been killing me :/ driving is exceptionally difficult. if i can find my motrin 800 in my mess of a U-Haul, then i'll take it.

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we'll get some lighter moods for our heavy hearts. [24 Feb 2003|10:11am]
[ music | Ranier Maria - Mystery and Misery ]

my grampa died yesterday of terminal lung cancer :/ i'm so glad i got to see him over christmas this year. he was a great person. but unfortunately, he was really sick. his funeral is on tuesday; i can't go because i have exams ;-; but the rest of yesterday was lighter. zack's dad invited me to go see "Gods and Generals" with him and zack's mom and, of course, zack. it was really nice of him. and then i stayed and played metroid, listened to music, blahblahblah. it made me feel better after my sad morning.

all things aside, i'm looking at a house in centreville. i can only stay there until the end of May (or was it the beginning). But that's enough time to be able to find another longer-term place. I like Centreville. it's nice to live there because i'm very near Fair Lakes, but not near Vienna or Tyson's Corner. i couldn't stand living in vienna for just one more month :O

my cookies aren't working on Blurty. and lj is being so titties today. yarr i hate online journals. sometimes.

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:/ [22 Feb 2003|09:08pm]
[ music | Radiohead - I Might Be Wrong ]

ew, someone i didn't know anonymously left a shitty comment in my journal. they can go to hell with Richard Simmons.

anyway, this is new. it's faster than lj. but i'm not giving that one up :D add me as a friend and whatnot.

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