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cause i'm in love with you* [10 Mar 2005|09:39pm]
Dear Synchronized Swimmers competing at Senior Zones in New Jersey,
Be prepared for the Town of Tonawanda Aquettes to fully kick your ass this weekend.

Dear Gillian,
Call me, or die.

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St. Paul's Memories [25 Oct 2004|06:57pm]
Where to start?! You know I'll be modifying this like everday..

*- Disney. Best trip of my liiiife. Tower of Terror with Kelsey+ Peter..hah. Rockin Roller Coaster with them..+ feeling "the rush." Watchin the laser shows..:) Epcot. Everything about that trip. Chicken fights in the pool. The boys doing crazy jumps. Plane ride on the way home sitting next to Bill! + of course how Dish hugged me when I had to leave. People hitting each other with the towels before we went to swim. Holding hannnds. Mhm. And you know I'll think of more to add to this..

*- Graduation Rehearsals. Hehe. Holding back laughter at coughthesingerscough. Card on my back + "footsie." Random whisperings in my ear.

*- Dinner Dance!! The slide show. Haha oh man. Teaching Peter how to do the macerena and cha cha slide. Haha. Dancing with him :-P- coughlowhandscough. Dancing on the stage for the last dance. Applebees when I was so giddy about the whole night.

*- Mrs. Betz!! Putting pencil shavings on the projector and her being clueless to what was wrong with it. Shining the light in her eyes.."oh its bright in here!!" Working out in math class with emily. Random conversations with peter. "Shutup." "You're a jerk." How much we entertained emily..haha.

*-Group tests in math with Riester. Being sent out in the hall if you were bad..hahha. Hyzy getting in trouble constantly.

*- Lunch!! Me, Kelsey, Peter, Andrew, Burns, Aey, Brink, Gello, Felix, Chris, Hyzy, Dan, etc. Smashies, Take 'Ems. Smashing the banana and having it thrown on the wall. Just how everyday we had something new and random to crack up about. Taking Jon's lunchbox and having it passed around the cafeteria.

*- "There she blooowss..there she blows again."

*- Online conversations when I was actually still close with people. :-/ <3

*- Aey and Caitlin's notes.

*- That Kiss 98.5 thing at school when I hung out with Cait the whole time. "You have the same shoes as Peter..I mean Meredith."

*- Going to the NSYNC concert when I was cool and in 5th grade when Follet freaked out about it.

*- The Talk Show with Miss Colby in 6th Grade with Dearing and them.

*- Me+ Cait's joke about #3s in dancing. + how we were super duper close.

*- End of eigth grade when I was so freggin happy about absolutely everything.

*- Hope Ribbion with the sheets to see what everyone thought about you.

*- That day 8th graders had no school and just went in to sign yearbooks. What people wrote.." you gave me a reason to come to school." and ma aey! How many memories I have written down from you in my yearbook.

*- "Sort of like the quiet things that no one ever knows." - Aey

*- Me+Cait's note notebook from when she was at SHA. The boys stealing it. 10:10.

*- More in math: MUMBALL!!! And when we'd hit the window and try to make the screen role up becasue we're big dorks. The desk with the broken leg in which we had the contest to see who could knock it down with the ball. And..of course: Chalk wars.

( i have to go i'll finish this later <3
even though kelsey's the only one that read this )
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and i could be your best bet. [25 Oct 2004|12:48pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

In study hall. :)
Yep this is my first blurty entry. Isn't that exciting. It just seems a lot easier to modify than livejournal. + Idk..i dont like my friends page on lj getting clogged with communities. Friday= joes dance with Kara, Gretch, and Emily..& met up with many other people. Saturday- joes game. Saw peter. Which was's been a while. Then out to dinner with everyone. I love my nephew fyi.

& i have no idea why seeing him still gave me a rush. You think it'd be gone after three months. Eh. He can't come to the dance Friday b/c of a hockey game. So we decided we're gonna melt the ice. Hah. Yep we're coool. Meet today vs. Buf Sem yahooo.

I defintely miss stpauls. And I keep remembering stupid little memories from there. Chicken fingers?! What the hell. I don't know. Ben can actually sorta make sense sometimes. "You miss was nice to see a familiar face." He's right. And I miss Aey and I don't want her to be pissed at meeee. meh. =/

Ok I have to show Kelsey my layout thinger. Adios

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