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[19 Oct 2003|05:59pm]


ahoy [31 Aug 2003|07:13pm]

Name- Alison.. i have a few nicknames, but the ones that seem to stick most are ali and murf .
much like robin, im not crazy about my name either.. its so, blah? plus it sounds weird to say when i have a stufy nose.
Location- im from bayonne nj.. its a crappy little town in new jersey but i wouldnt want to not live here. lots of drama and the crazy people here and there but hey, thats our entertainment around here.
Age- well, im 14 but im mature for my age.
Bands- im mainly a big fan of metal, but there are a few other bands from other genres of music that are awesome (why be close minded?) i enjoy .. Pantera, Lollipop Lust Kill, Jimi Hendrix, At The Gates, Goatwhore, Gwar, Superjoint Ritual, Bob Marley, Coldplay, E-town Concrete, Lamb of God, Shadows Fall, Slayer, No Doubt, Misfits, Living End, Six Feet Under, Dying Fetus, Cannibal Corpse, Sworn Enemy, Fat Kid Camp, Alanis Morrisete, Metallica, Mindless Self Indulgence, Type O Negative, REM, Sex Pistols, Tiger Army, Johnny Cash, Beastie Boys, Alice In Chains, God Forbid.. and lots more

[29 Aug 2003|03:38pm]
going off to aboutmylife.net. no longer using blurty. if you want to maintain this community im me at blueblueduckies or email at j-jax@comcast.net.

Leaving... [23 Aug 2003|11:48am]

I just realized today that I am a member of 14 rating communites. Am I glad to be? Yes! Can I keep up with all of them? *pfffft* No. :-/ Also, being a maintainer of one rating community and a co-mod in another also takes up my time. So, I'm looking though my list of ones I am less active with, and this is one of them, so, instead of taking up space as a less-than-active member, I'm packing my bags and moving out. It's been fun, guys! Toodles!

~Al :-)

NEW STAMPS!!!! [18 Aug 2003|09:26am]

*NOTE* need more votes for studmuffin and iloveasponge.

[15 Aug 2003|03:53pm]

Name: Robin. I've always hated my name, especially after finding out I was almost named Quinn. C'mon now, how cool of a name is Quinn?!

Location: Bayonne, New Jersey. Its pretty small (3 miles long) but is very close to New York City. There isn't much to do here and there's way too many deadbeats all over the place.

Age: I'm 15, and I just got my class schedule today. I'm taking Driver's Ed. How crazy is that.

Hobbies: I have a strange obsession with movies. I absolutely love them. I must have watched at least 2 movies a day this year, and the sad thing is, I'm not kidding and/or exaggerating. My favorites include amelie, donnie darko, a clockwork orange, empire records, the shawshank redemption, requiem for a dream, 28 days later, the wizard of oz, et, the little mermaid, stand by me, the breakfast club, edward scissorhands, (along with ALL of Tim Burton's films. He is my moon god) taxi driver, mary poppins, the sound of music, willy wonka and the chocolate factory. And that's just to name a few.

But besides that I really like reading, sitting on the computer all day long, and just doing anything that'll be loads of fun.

Bands I like: I'm a fan of ALL sorts of music. Some bands/musicians I like include David Bowie (Oh man, he's just great), Depeche Mode, Tsunami Bomb, Thursday, The Who, The Used, From Autumn to Ashes, Taking Back Sunday, AFI, Sublime, The Ataris, Slayer, Lollipop Lust Kill, Rancid, Queen, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Wings, The Starting Line, Nine Inch Nails (well, they're old stuff anyways), Mozart, Misfits, Fiona Apple, John Mayer, Led Zeppelin, Journey, The Police, Jack Off Jill, 50 Cent, Incubus, Green Day, Megadeth, A New Found Glory, Finch, Mandy Moore, Evanescence, The Eagles, Elton John, Dillinger Escape Plan, Dashboard Confessional, Coldplay, Coheed and Cambria, CKY, Brand New, Billy Joel, and more.

Heheh.. yeah so thats me. Sorry if I got a little carried away.
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[15 Aug 2003|11:36am]
[ mood | horny ]
[ music | Dead Star Assemble send me and angel ]

name- Desiray
age- 15
location- Bum Fukk Nowhere Florida (Americas Penis) P.S. never move to south florida it sux DICK
hobbies- I Like Gurls.... Penis Is Fun ;) my favorite thing to do is chill with my friends..... i love my brother he is great i have been reising him for a good lil min... lol i am trilingual.... i can speak english french and ready for this??? Getto... lol
bands you like- DEAD STAR ASSEMBLY, spacificaly song number 6 on there first released CD, i absalutely adore manson...... Hermins hermits, and i guess that is about it
picture- Title/Description

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[15 Aug 2003|11:02am]
looks like we have our 5 here. remember after 5, u vote the rest of the people in. either a simple yes or no. ok im out for now.

[15 Aug 2003|10:43am]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | ramble & roll - dropkick murphys ]

name-jackie (or one of my many nicknames, all which i will respond to)
age-16, and still with out a driving permit! yay for procrastination!
location-plantation/scumrise, florida. lovingly referred by me as "the penis of the united states".
hobbies- drawing, painting, pottery, sketching, water skiing, surfing, skim boarding, snow boarding (hopefully soon :) ), procrastinating (i've perfected the art of it), skateboarding, ranting, aikido (martial art), movie watching, collecting johnny the homicidal maniac comics and anything else created by jhonen vasquez, painting my own shoes, "playing" guitar, and that's about it. mmyep.
bands you like-you're in for it:
red hot chili peppers, afi, dropkick murphys, rancid, greenday, the offspring, leftover crack, onelinedrawing, pedro the lion, system of a down, frank zappa, b-52's, nekromantix, the pietasters, nofx, midnight oil, aerosmith, the gadjits, the distillers, pulley, bouncing souls, nirvana, vendetta red, mighty mighty bosstones, sum41,linkin park, mouthwash, bed religion, sex pistols, adam ant, the hives, the white stripes, denali, girls against boys, new end original, owls, jets to brazil, pennywise, division of laura lee, the (international) noise conspiracy,beatsteaks, deviates, trial by fire, f-minus, the nerve agents, and i think i'll stop right there. :)
picture- i don't have one at the moment that i could put here. if you want, you can go to my site at www.2twigs.com and check out the really bad one i have there. as soon as i get a decent picture, though, i'll post it here. :)

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hi [12 Aug 2003|10:07pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | misfits-monster mash ]

NAME: aleesha
LOCATION: washington
]HOBBIES: reading, writing, drawing, singing(in the shower), painting, collecting things, music, having fun, making stuff outta card board boxes, shopping cart races (weee), shopping at thirft stores, making clothes and such, coloring, playing the sims, being on the internet, coloring, camping, and so so much more!
BANDS YOU LIKE: misfits, ac dc, bob marley, alanis morisette, the doors, the dickies, the damned, d.i., ramones, queen, sex pistols, the germs, the pixies, the eye liners, the yeah yeah yeahs, subhumans, the b52's, the beatles, the clash, the dead kennedys, the dead milkmen, WAR, billy idol, the cranberries, led zeppelin, kiss, the adicts, jewel, rufio, GBH, the archies, ... and alot more (duh)

yeah so any way,
hello, i'm aleesha (as you already read). and yeah..i'm a loser and have no friends, so someone be mine. ^_^

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