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Tuesday, August 5th, 2003
*sighs* And she's still not in bed.

It's like 4am and she's not snuggled up, asleep in bed? What's wrong with this girl?!

Memi: I resent that! There's nothing wrong with me!

Oh sure, that's why you made journals for Yama and me, ne?

Memi: >>; <<;; -_-;;

Well since you won't interrupt me anymore, Mi-chan, I'll finish. As I was saying...

It's 4am and Mi's still not in bed. She's crazy, I tell ya. She's still sitting on her fat ass-

Memi: *glares*

Or not-fat ass....

Memi: *nods*

In front of the computer, talking to this guy called Mark... Who's completely insane as well.

Memi: He may be insane, but he's so kawaii and- Wait a minute. "Who's completely insane as well."

*smiles innocently and shrugs*

Memi: Tai-chan...

Okay, okay, you're not insane! *cough*

Memi: *glares*

Anywho... I'm done with this! I'm gonna go see what Yama-kun is up to... *scampers away*

Memi: You better run! *runs after him* Run, Taichi! RUUUU- *crashes into Yamato*

Yamato: *is knocked over* Memi!

Memi: *grins sheepishly* Hai Yama?

Yamato: Leave my boyfriend alone! *hugs his Tai-chan protectively*

*pokes tongue out at Memi* Hah!


current mood: crazy
current music: "Brave Heart" from Shaman King

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Hm... Well I'm bored. Not a whole lot of fic reading has been done today. Suprising, really! But Mi-chan is still obsessed with me and Yama...

On the DHS RPG Tara posted Yamato thinking something dirty about whipped cream and strawberries and- Yama, don't look at me like that...

Yamato: *licks lips and watches Tai*


Yamato: Yes, Taichi?

*looks at Yamato nervously* W-what are you thinking...?

Yamato: *smirks* Oh, nothing my koi... Nothing at all... *gets ready to pounce on Taichi*

YAMA! *sprints away*

Yamato: *chases with strawberries and cream in hand* You can't run forever Tai-chan!

Memi: Well, I think those to may be a little... er... pre-occupied ^^; *glances at the two boys sideways* Yea... I don't think you all want to watch that little scene... Although, I think I might stick around for the show... *cough*

current mood: blah
current music: "Come Cryin' To Me" by Lonestar

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