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Wooo! [11 Nov 2003|07:29am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Okay, so I'm so happy, just from yesterday, I found out that at the weekend Bruce - My ex boyfriend and complete dick - got given head by a boy! lmao, again! I knew he'd got given head by two before but he assured everyone he was 'just drunk' and this time he was also 'drunk and stoned'. Agh, it was so funny, I literally just got my phone out when I heard and text everyone. Then we got to the social area at lunch and we told Johnny who then stood there next to a teacher and shouted 'Right, everyone!' *whole room goes silent* 'You all know Bruce Bullock' *Whole room stares 'Well at the weekend he got given head by Ollie Green!' *Whole room keeps staring* Me: 'AHAHAHAHAHA!' *Whole room carries on with what they were doing*
So there was probably like, 512 people asking Bruce if it was true, he denied it to many, of course, then found out Johnny told everyone and went and kicked the shit out of him. So Bruce is getting suspended because of all the trouble he used to get in before he was going out with me... It's so funny really, 'cause a month ago I was the one who was all suicidal and in tears all the time and wanted him back, but now he's the one that's worse off, 'cause I wouldn't let him take drugs, I wouldn't let him drink alcohol, so none of it would have happened 'cause he always knew that if he cheated on me I'd dump him just like that. I sent him a text last night just to rub it all in, saying: 'It's a shame really, you've changed back since we split up, and look who's worse off now, oh well, your fault. *Skips off*' Yes, I added the whole skipping bit!
So, I have to brush my teeth and get ready for school, in other news, a sixth former has a crush on me and wants to get to know me, argh, Bruce has so put me off boys for a while, I curse the day I ever went out with him, the fucktard.... Buh bye. x x x x x

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