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Comming soon <3

Comming soon .

Comming soon .

Comming soon .

Comming soon .

Comming soon!

04:33pm 06/09/2003
mood: awake
music: The Final Countdown
You know what I really want? A baby . :\ Yeah, Libby & Frankie got me in the mood . I wanned to be Chris and Mika's Godmother but Chris died on me, so now I think either me and Jake go make lots and lots of babies Mika adopt a baby and name him MIKO or Andy giving me his brother for Christmas . :-[ .

Speaking of Andy, yeah, we need to talk . What do you see in the future of Good Question? We need some talent man, I mean, Big Poppa's good but Big Poppa ain't a miracle worker . Wtf, I am okay, really .

Did you see me and Ashley on MTV today? ;x

[ add it? :-[ <3 ]
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06:02pm 30/08/2003
mood: chipper
music: No One Knows ; Queens Of The Stone Age
-plays imaginary guitar- I love the beat of this song <3

Jake and I made fries . His were fat and short, mine were thin and tall, you know? All supermodelishlooking? Yeah . I got water in his pants ;x then he wrote in ketchup if i'd be his girlfriend again so we're going out again ok? ok bye

Me and Justin had a cake fight, we never finished it though, so I gotta plan something . He's going as Mika for Halloween and I'm going as Jesse then Jesse said he'd go as me but he'll probly go as Mika's ass or something with a tattoo on it that says "JESSE WAS HERE MANY TIMES -- SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE" lmfao ;x -gets ran over by Mika and Jesse-

bye .
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04:45pm 23/08/2003
mood: creative
music: Felina ; Hector y Tito
Mambo Felinaaa <3

Sup kids . I made myself a new layout . :D . ( with the help of Kristen, thanks ;] ) I'm the one with the brown hair for those Olsen twins retarded people . :\ .

BANDOLERA ; It's a spanish REGGAE song by Hector and Tito <3 :D Bandolera's pretty much a street girl . ;x What? It's a good song . You should all download it . . and "Felina" too . ;D .

Anyway . . WATCH DEGRASSi THiS FRiDAY, THANKSBYE:-[ . Spotlight's on Jake
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09:36pm 17/08/2003
mood: calm
music: The One ; Shakira
The way back home is always long . . .

I'm back . :-[ .
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09:25pm 31/07/2003
mood: cheerful
music: 2000 Miles ; Mest
I have new icons . . and I'll be getting a new info [ because I learned transparency thanks to Miss Jesse-shaped <3 rofl ] and stuff . .

-raic looking for something interesting to update about-

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03:45pm 26/07/2003
mood: bouncy
music: Punk Rock Prom Queen ; Josie And The Pussycats
[ I don't wanna use a cut-tag because people just won't fuckin' stop commenting me and shit . KiDS, THIS IS NOT REALLY MARY-KATE OLSEN . This is a fuckin role play! I don't wanna hear your opinion on role play so go tell your grandma or someone who actually cares . If someone not from role play comments me on this journal about PURE BULLSHiT, I'll make this journal friends only . I tried doing that today but I didn't wanna bug Ashley much soo yes . ]

MY MiKA iS BACK! <3333 Yay we should have a "welcome back mika, you're so sexy" part . :\ I think we should .

You guys should really have ignored my last entry . ( most people did anyway ;] ) . I was being errish PMS is evil son ;x so yeah, sorry . :-[

I'll have to be more social and comment + IM people, sorry . :[
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10:23pm 25/07/2003
mood: pissed off
music: It's Gonna Be Love ; Mandy Moore
I wanna scream on my knees and pull my hair while I'm crying .

I need therapy .
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10:40am 19/07/2003
mood: creative
music: Hurricane ; Something Corporate
I'm the girlllll . That needs to updateeee .

Bleh, sorry . A lot has happened yet not enough . What do I mean by that? Err . I just hope he people got my hint .

I got a new layout . [ Codes belong to Linnie <3 ] I need new icons too . Simple ones, no animating them . I might update later when something good happens . Life is boring my friends, boring I tell ya .

I'll miss you . :-[
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11:49am 12/07/2003
mood: confused
music: Punk Rock Princess ; Soco [ rofl court <3 ]
dfgd )

be my punk rock princess?

:\ . mk is very confuzada .

anna's ashton, i'm dax, and mika's . . ryan?
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we're cheetah girls, cheetah sisteeeerss   
12:48am 08/07/2003
mood: accomplished
music: cheetah sisters ; the cheetah girls
iiiii am in ryan's update . Which makes me cool . ;D . Not that i wasn't before tho . . ;] .

ok so i missed prom . [ why? ] ) I don't really care tho . I'm starting to have all these dumb feelings coming out of no where . I'm afraid to start to like someone again and have a random person come and take them away from me when i'm gone . Shame on that person . >:| .

err . You know how i said i was being anti-social? Well, apparently i am . I've been told by 2 other people . :-[ . I have everyone on my list, iM me -- MK aftermath kids . <3

I want new icons . I'm not too happy about my layout either . ;[ .
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people got me questioning -- where is the love?   
01:15pm 05/07/2003
mood: cranky
music: where is the love? ; black eyed peas ft. justin t.
Bullshit bullshit bullshit . People need to think before they go on and do something so STUPiD that they know are gonna hurt their "loved" ones . Just, know the whole story before you start judging who was the fuck up here, ok? :\ . The person who held the cow while the other person killed it isn't the victim, sweetie .

Weee . I had to get that out . Jesse is cool . Him and mika are gonna go to prom and it's gonna rain and they'll have sex kiss in the rain . Because they love the rain just like [ yadi ] Mary-Kate . :]!

Marie is elton john . I'm eminem . We're gonna hug and we're gonna create controversy . I'm in dhani's info . :D :D . MK is too cool for her panties . Like what ;] .

Anna, Matt, Brittany, Marie and Mary-Kate love to attack people who get in our chats . >:D .

I might go to prom . WTH not? :\ . I was watching degrassi last night . . i miss . . yeah . erm . I made mika a layout . :]
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02:46pm 03/07/2003
mood: amused
music: snake ; r. kelly
I reeeeally need to stop being so anti-social and go on aim . I wish nate got on . i bought some jackets with trent's money . . [ :-* ] so now we can have more space to hide the stuff . ;] .

MiKA HAS ME iN HER PiCTURE KEYWORDS . oh what what . you wish you could be as cool as "that bitch mk" ;] .

hi me and craig broke up :x

i got bored . . .
i stole from dhani . . )

. . . )

edit ; [ k i screwed up my layout . mandy's gonna help me <3 ]

edit 2 ; Mary Kate Olsen

Known as being the "hot one", you've got
"the better ass", apparently. You're
younger and wear plainer clothes. You prefer
denims and are always the first one hit on.
Straight hair is your trademark.

Which Olsen Twin are YOU?
brought to you by Quizilla

i HAVE A NiCE ASS? look out mika ;]
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07:37pm 25/06/2003
mood: creative
music: A Whole New World // Aladin and Princess Jasmine
This song is too cute . Makes me want my boyfriend real bad . rofl rofl .

Mmmmm new info, new icons, and new layout . . again . I made them all, I'm so proud . Ty Libby for the codes tho <3 . And i know you love my baby picture and my jamaica hat icon ok? ok .

I have been downloading disney songs . . . ok so only 2 . A WHOLE NEW WORLD and PART OF YOUR WORLD . I think i have a crush on aladdin . ;] lmaooo .

justin and mika make me wanna go mmmmm . don't ask .

i don't have anything to update about . . i was in a bad mood yesterday . ;[ byee <3

OO fuckin C )
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01:31pm 24/06/2003
music: The Boy Is Mine // Monica and Brandi
Bleh .

new layout ; kinda sucks . i made it but . . yeah . ;[ .

new sn ; MK aftermath . If you don't know eminem, don't ask . . .

bye . :[ .
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07:23pm 17/06/2003
mood: confused
music: Don't Dream It's Over // Sixpence None The Richer
Weeee hi . Ok, so i made me 5 new icons . the one i'm using right now went loco and you cant see the right side's border thinger . . i'll fix later or something . . :D i have a me and ashley icon too . i'm the one in blue . ;D .

speaking of ashley . . i know who she likes . um, he should like her back . you know, 'cause she's the hot one and stuff . :) .

i'm ready to kill [ tom ] craig if he doesn't get his ass online . i don't like being craig-less, aight? >:O . i'll buy you smoothies . i got money . ;D teehee .

k that's it . i'm really bored . . and i want a new sn . . yes .

edit ; woooowww! i have stuff to say . . .

- ashley and aj are going out . he better not play her . or i'll go olsen bitch on his ass ;x


- me and nate were being bad good little children . we stole didn't steal any skittles and snickers . and we certainly weren't planning on getting drunk! we're devils teehee angels . yes . :) .

- mika gives jesse sex and he likes it but his grunty way of showing it makes him blush . he just doesn't know it yet . oh hi jesse! "everyday" mika sexs him like what? oops ;x

- there was this fight and i didn't like it 'cause craig was in it ;[ me and craig went to get smoothies . he got an orange one 'cause he's original . i didn't get one 'cause i wasn't hungry i was pissed over nothing . . ? and yeah . . i still havent kissed him wtf . he's awesome and he's a SMOOTHiE SLUT !!! ;] <3

- i commented all the new members . i'm so nice, i even have the full buddy list . -gets attacked by "send me the full b.l!!!" iM's- ;-* welcome new membersss <3

- me and justin love brie larson . rofl rofl -dies over and over-

that's a long ass edit . .
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hey girlll   
09:40am 13/06/2003
mood: giggly
music: All Around The World // Cooler Kids
Happy birtnday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear Mary-Kaaatteee . Happy birthday to meeeeee! and many mooooooreeee!

where's ashley? she better not lurk today! ;O <3

i'm 17 . i'm happy . -does the "i'm 17 and i'm happy as a motherfucker" dance- ;x

O/T . I'm going out with Craig . <33

edit ; AC x Aaron: yea hi you rock, you're the first person to make me laugh today

;) me and aaron had this long ass convo . . we're so cool . rofl rofl .

mk pimps it: its my brithday, say happy birthday!!!! -raic x 4857893- :B
AC x Aaron: ohh, cool happy bday
mk pimps it: you mean you didnt remember? thats it, it's over . our relationship, gone down the toilet my my goldfish pancho .
mk pimps it: kidding ;D
mk pimps it: thankss<33
AC x Aaron: i remembered, no worries
mk pimps it: :-)
AC x Aaron: sorry, i'm just not in a good mood these days

and then so on! :)

where's craig? i miss craig . and where's mika? i have no one to hate on =/ <3

and ty Jamie for the presents<33

edit 2 ; hi i made myself a new layout . :-[ . lyrics from play's song UNSPEAKABLE . hot song right there . . ;] . rubbing down people's spine isnt something you should advertise, faye! ;O ;] <333 . me and mika have a new "thing" . "weehaD", don't ask . so now we have "raic" and "weehaD" speard it around . that'd be all . <3
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call me a bitch cuz i speak whats on my mind   
10:43pm 07/06/2003
mood: creative
music: Can't Hold Us Down // Christina Aguilera
this is the best song aight?

Me and Jake broke up . =/ I don't wanna talk about it, so don't ask . I don't want you to feel sorry for me, so don't . Thanks . <3

I'm sorry i've been lurking a lot . . really . I'll try my hardest to stop it . I needed someone to motivate me and make me go online just for them . I didn't think i'd find that girl/guy so fast . o.0

Me and Craig went and got some smoothies! He said i was pokeable . -nods- Then we went to the mall and we were planning on hitting on strangers and me watch him get slapped . THEN he told me his fantasy . . ;) ew pervs!! >:O not like that G . He wants to go to the mall and stand up and scream "I-" k nevermind . >:D . Overroll, he made my not-so-happy-day Craigfied . :) . The drama didn't get me . Someone nominated as most happiest cannot have drama in their lives . So i won't . :D .

thanks ashlie for your information :)

can't hold me down ;) )

edit // new icons!! :D!
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06:03pm 07/06/2003
  bye bye jake .

[ shay . . when you get on, and i'm on, iM me . . please . i need to ask you a HUGE favour . . =/ ]
02:57pm 01/06/2003
mood: artistic
music: It's About Time // Lillix
Hi . Sorry i've been such a lurker . ;O

um, for those who read my Justin spamming . . . NO Jake didn't leave me for Mika, and NO Jesse isn't hooked on hookers and drugs now!! rofl rofl no drama!!!! KiLL THE DRAMA . i mean, um, hola amigos . -coughs-

so anyways . . I think me and my Mika should win the haters thing . Why? One- because we're cool . Two- because the other "haters" don't say hating shiz to eachother 24/7 . aight? cool . ;D <3

where's annaaa? :-[ i wanna participate in her next punk'ding thing . . O.O yes <33 ;x
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06:35pm 27/05/2003
mood: hyper
music: Let's Get Down To Business // Eminem<3
Hi . . so I'm pretty sure you've all heard about Mika, right? Right . Mika, I'm sorry . I really hope things get better .

I made you something! :D <33 )

I'm not gonna be all sad and shit about it 'cause that ain't helping you get better . At all . I hope you know you got a great boyfriend (Jesse omg that was so cute ok i'm done bye) and great friends who love you so much! I was really talking about me though ;) . no, kidding . we all love you and we hope you feel better k? k . <3

Um, hi . My name is Mary-Kate I have a boyfriend named Jake and he needs to get online so i can do him go to the Zoo with him! :) <3

ooc: [ whoever is listed under my friends in here in my personal journal, GO READ iT K!! :D sorry :-[ ]
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