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    Thursday, August 14th, 2003
    7:51 am
    Another one to add to my list of people to hurt for hurting Aragorn.
    Poor Aragorn, why does everyone want to hurt him? He was just recovering from his bout with Eomer and then poor Luthien, and now this! And... I just can't do anything for him when I'm like this! I keep crying. I just... I just need to be there for him, to do something for him. I wish he'd tell me how I can help him. Aragorn. Aragorn. Aragorn...

    Current Mood: griefstricken
    Monday, August 4th, 2003
    12:44 pm
    Regarding Eomer of Rohan, or as I and Aragorn like to call him, Eomer the Dead
    Things were going wonderfully. We were leaving Rohan, I was with Aragorn, there was wine and song. Except for our little car accident, everything was fine. But then we got home and suddenly things turned ugly.

    Now, I am a very forgiving person. I can forgive orcs and balrogs and all manner of Dark creatures their sins -- after all, as Aragorn says, they're just misunderstood -- but some things... well, some things I can't forgive, and hurting Aragorn is one of them.

    Therefore, Eomer will pay, and pay dearly. Every bruise and hurt he inflicted on Aragorn shall be repaid a thousand times. Every moan that escaped from Aragorn's lips shall account for a hundred screams from Eomer's.

    Since Aragorn is a pacifist, I will do all this for him. Always and forever, for Aragorn. Now that Prince Legolas has left, my brothers are bored and in the mood to hunt. Eomer is their prey. Once they have caught him they shall bring him to me and I will extract Aragorn's vengenance. Nowhere in Middle-earth is Eomer safe from me. Because I am friends with Lady Eowyn and do not wish to see her hurt, I will not kill him. But when I am through with Eomer, he will wish he was dead.

    Run, Eomer. Run while you can. Give my brothers a good hunt. We'll see each other soon, and it will not be a meeting you will enjoy.

    Current Mood: enraged
    Friday, July 25th, 2003
    9:40 am
    in Rohan
    It seems that while I was busy composing my letter to that Gil-galad fellow, Lord Boromir and Aragorn left for Rohan! I only found out even that much by asking what all the comotion and bruised people were about. Borormir seems to have gone a bit loopy. I'm not sure it's best that Aragorn be with him right now. Anyway, I'm in Rohan now, and I can't say that I think much of it. For one thing, these Rohan guards won't let me into the castle where Aragorn is! I know I left in a bit of a hurry so I don't have all the right adornments, but I am a princess! They should be able to tell!

    I think that the only people I know here are Lady Eowyn, Lord Boromir, and Aragorn. Hopefully, I'll run across one of them and they'll instruct the guards to let me in. Meanwhile, I'm staying at an inn. I almost wish I'd brought my brothers along! They'd have set everything straight.
    Monday, June 23rd, 2003
    12:10 am
    *giggles* I have been working with clay with my new friend. *wipes a smudge of clay from her cheek, smearing it more* He's so funny! He calls me Lolita. Isn't that cute!? *beams* And! He has asked me to dinner! I completed the chores that Lady Eowyn set me, so I'm totally free! *twirls* I think I shall make a new dress for the occasion... with lace, lots of lace and bows and ribbons!
    Tuesday, June 17th, 2003
    8:38 pm
    Tea with Lady Eowyn
    *knocks on the door to Lady Eowyn's chambers*

    My lady? We were to have tea today? *spies some wedding magazines stacked up outside the door* Ooooh, how wonderful! *happily starts to go through the magazines as she waits for Lady Eowyn*
    Saturday, June 7th, 2003
    12:29 am
    On the road.
    My brothers and I have set off for Minas Tirith to attend the coronation of Lord Aragorn as our new king. Sadly, our father could come with us. His old war wounds are acting up and he needs to stay in Dol Amroth to deal with everything anyway. I will miss him, but I am looking forward to seeing Minas Tirith and to meeting the man that my father has told me stories about. It is certainly a great honor.

    As representatives of Dol Amroth, I think that we should all try our best to look presentable, but unfortunately, my brothers are rather lacking in the "presentable" department. Elphir and Erchirion are particularly obstinate in their refusal to wear the special court attire that I have made for them. Amrothos is being a bit more reasonable, but he's still reluctant. Erchirion says what I made has too many frills and ruffles, that they're too "girly." I say that he is just not secure enough in his masculinity consent to look like anything but a dirty huntsman. I am near despair, for I feel that the noble people of Minas Tirith will laugh at us as backwards.

    Oh well. I have the whole journey to work on them, hopefully they'll come around.
    Tuesday, June 3rd, 2003
    3:24 am
    My father has invested heavily in a scheme to rebuild the Mines of Moria. It's run by the Lady Celebrían of Rivendell, so I'm sure all is well. Elves are very good at long-term investments and planning. My brothers are screaming about it, though. They say that papa's mad ventures will be the ruin of us all. I think that they're just silly.

    Oh well. The whole family will be traveling to Minas Tirith for the coronation of Aragorn, son of Arathorn. It's very exciting! I've heard all of papa's stories about how brave and noble Aragorn is. They fought together. I sometimes forget that as Prince of Dol Amroth, he's a hardened warrior, and not just my papa. Anyway, I can't wait to meet the man that my papa sings the praises of!

    I've been making several new dresses for the trip. I don't know what ladies of stature wear in Minas Tirith. I hope I don't come off as some backwoods country princess without a clue. My brothers couldn't care less how they look, so it falls to me to properly represent our family. I've been cutting and sewing for days! It's work I enjoy, but I'm still worried. What if I don't make a good impression? Not that I'm hoping to catch the eye of any nobleman or anything... *blushes* Nobody would want me anyway. My brothers say I'm quite the old maid to not be properly married yet. *sighs*

    I hope my flower garden doesn't die while I'm away. I've extracted promises from various people to look after it, but one never knows... I'll take some seeds with me. Who knows, I may have the chance to cultivate some flowers while in Minas Tirith! I hope that everything goes well...
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