11:32pm 08/07/2003
mood: bored
music: John Mayer - love soon
s0o bored so here goes..

How to Love a Girl:

tell her you think that shes cool.
smell her.
talk to her in movie theatres.
hold her hand and skip.
hold her hand and run.
just hold her hand.
pick her flowers out of other people's gardens and give them to her.
tell her she looks pretty.
introduce her to your friends as "the coolest girl i know."
sit in the park and talk to her.
take her to the library and playgrounds and train stations.
tell her dirty jokes.
tell her stupid jokes.
write poems about her.
just walk around with her.
throw pebbles at her window at night,
when she starts swearing at you,
tell her you love her.
take her to shows of bands she has never heard.
let her fall asleep in your arms.
call her.
call her back if she calls you.
sing to her, no matter how bad you are.
carve your names into a tree.
get her mad, then kiss her.
give her piggy-back rides.
give her space if she needs it.
push her on swings.
stay up with her all night when she's sick.
make up pet names for her, but cool ones not sappy ones.
teach her guitar.
lend her your cds.
write on her.
make her mixtapes.
write her letters.
listen to all the bands she mentions.
dont tell her that her favorite bands suck.
when shes sad hang out with her or stay on the phone even if shes not saying anything.
buy her ice cream.
let her take all the photos of you she wants.
look into her eyes.
slow dance with her, even when the music is fast.
kiss her in the rain.
and when you fall in love with her..tell her.

And if they try to tell you love fades with time...tell them there's no such thing as time.   
11:44pm 08/07/2003
mood: rushed
music: Jack Johnson - cupid
s0o lets see...saturday i went upstate with my family and brian and went to my aunt & uncle's house..it was pretty cool..we hung around outside in their backyard, ate lunch, went for a walk, oh and went fishing..man it was s0o fun..i caught 4 fish w0o..brian only caught 1...and my fish were too small so i had to put them back in the lake...oh well :| s0o we didnt sleep there cuz it was way too hot and they didnt have AC and yea so we drove home at like 11ish. whcih was okay cuz i really didnt want to sleep there anyways..i just wanted to be home and in my own bed.

monday - hung out with brian..he brought me wendys in the morning awe soo sweet :)

today - hung out with rob and corey..it was great...god the things i get guys to do..i cannot say cuz they would kill me...but yay it was awesome :) i made them mac & cheese and (instant) mashed potatoes...yup im awesome..but i had a great time with them...especially with Roberto..you "drunk" loser :) i love you.

s0o im off to talk to brian..then corey..and waiting for rob to call me when he gets home from work...rob having a job sucks..i have noone to get me off the phone with brian when i need it..all i do is fight with him when i talk to him for too long :|


[( looking in your eyes
I see a paradise
this world I found is too good to be true
standing here beside you
I want so much to give you this love in my heart
that I'm feeling for you
let them say were crazy
I don't care about that
put your hand in mine
don't ever look back
let the world around us just fall apart
we can make it
heart to heart )]
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