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Late Night with Gary 'O Anger [27 Nov 2004|04:40am]
[ mood | angry ]
[ music | The Cure "Last Day Of Summer" ]

As of now and it is 4:40 AM in the morning and I am pissed.

For those who even care, why am I up at this time. I'll tell you why. . .

My Dad.

Ah yes, my father. Who has woken me up twice by screaming phrases "I swear, I'm going to fucking kill her." and "I just want to be alone." "For twenty years, send me money." with a southern twang to it. He's pissed due to earlier, my Aunt Vicki called using her husbands phone (my Uncle Rick) and my dad checked the caller I.D and got pissed that she called. You wonder. . ."Why, would he get upset?" well for
1. My dad is jealous
2. My dad is stupid
He apparently thinks my mom is having an affair with my uncle, which is the stupidest fucking thing ever. . . .Besides Walt. But thats a diffrent story, this is bullshit. I'm woken up by this motherfucker. My Uncle Rick lives in fucking Tennesse. can she be cheating on him. My mom said "If I was cheating on him, I'd make sure he was out of the picture before hand." If anything he is probably cheating on her, with his fucking crackwhores he visits. It's fucking sick, I'm pissed right now. Woken up by this shit. I got out of bed, and opened my door and looked at my dad who was now sitting on the toliet with the door wide open. And said

Me:"Thanks dad, for waking me."

Dad:"Well I'm sorry, gary, but I'm pissed."

Me:" Yeah. . .well thanks for waking me up with. . ..TWICE."

*Me walks downstairs*

Dad:"Well I'm going to fucking bed now, so don't worry about it."

Me:"It's too late, I'm awake now. Thanks!"

So now I'm here. . . and upset. . urgh. . hopefully I can get some sleep, maybe this day will turn out better. Carleigh is comming over soon, so that should cheer me up. I'll probably update this soon on my Thanksgiving. Good shiot. . . anyways. I'm out.


A n00b . . [20 Nov 2004|10:19pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Hey everybody.. .

Yeah, I figured I'd do this. It's much better then a sub-journal or a sub-profile. But you may eventually see a comeback of my subby. Anyways, so I'm a n00b to this.

This weekend is pretty eh. This whole past week was'nt too good to begin with. Just had to put up with too much crap. Just suspention, girlfreind, family, the whole shabang. But now I'm fine. This basicly was my first post, to sort of test it. I'm out.


[28 Oct 2004|09:50pm]

Gary, ;-)

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