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haha [11 Sep 2003|07:39pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

okay so i had to wear my uniform today ok that was uncomfortable, dirk is such a goof...yay crix is gettin me a new icon for this cuz i dunno how....i think i got west nile virus lol j/k

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grr [10 Sep 2003|07:00pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

damn i messed up grrr

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yee-haw [09 Sep 2003|03:52pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

i got into a fight with my mom about the car lmao so i called her today in lunch boy that was funny, i had to apologize to her in front of people gr and almost got in trouble with a damn teacher and i hate gym, i dont hate everything, i love dirk :-) and of course crix i wrote her like freakin 5 notes in school thats how bored i get anyways, ok thursday i gotta dress out for gym right but i also gotta dress out in my rotc uniform cuz of sept 11th joyful aint mad at dirk cuz he keeps talkin about a ring, damnit he needs to save for college but anyways im not mad at him...i love him lol ok anyways i think i need to go shoopin for winter clothes, wait the the hell is shoopin, anyways i need to go shoppin for winter clothes

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great [04 Sep 2003|07:16pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

its my birthday!!!!!!!!!! im finally 15!!!! house is filled with balloons, diana got me this awesome lavender stuff i dunno lol bath gel and stuff like that it smells sooo good but anyways im sittin here talkin to dirk and christine :-) watchin tv bored, cold, i cant wait til tomorrow. that way i can sleep once i get home

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ohhh [03 Sep 2003|03:47pm]
[ mood | confused ]

oooh wow i know how to work this damn thing now...i think i have to stop cussin so much.....i love dirk :-)

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hot [01 Sep 2003|07:03pm]
isnt this hot!?!?!?! labor day, we went on a cruise which my dad was like sick the whole time, aint this journal the hottest thing everyone has ever seen? thank u crix!! ugh my back itches, ugh it hurts too, i think its this damn tag on this damn shirt which i damn hate, ok that made no sense but it did to me, ugh i hate gettin up at like 6 in the mornin for school, its not fair!! lol
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i lub cirx [29 Aug 2003|04:09pm]
i love crix!!! my b-days in the next few days and for it, crix got me the evanescence cd..dude that is the sweetest thing i swear, i went to check the mail, and i had a fat vanilla envelope and a little envelope both from her!!! i oped it and ooohh sexy joaquin phoenix was starin straight at me!! god is he hot or what, then i opened the other one, and it was the cd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so happy i could dance... .:dances around the room:. I LUB CRIX!!!!!!
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the CSI is the CIA [09 Aug 2003|01:53pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]

badlilgirl09: who do u work for???? the FBI? the CSI?????
Enigmagirl810: i am the government
badlilgirl09: ahhhhhhhhh
Enigmagirl810: csi? cia you dork lol
obviously i dont know my own damn government finally updatin, okay i went shoppin :-D ahhhh school starts wednesday and i dont wanna go!!! im sittin here watchin the osbournes talkin to crix while my parents are gone and my dog is shakin like a monkey on a leaf cuz its stormy out and hes scared and yeah........ YOU THINK YOU KNOW....BUT YOU HAVE NO IDEA...THIS IS THE DIARY OF .:whispers:. JJJJJAAAXXXX!!!!!!! HEHEHAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHAHAHA

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yee haw [21 Jul 2003|06:43pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

okay im finally updatin this before crix cuts my head off....first i forgot my password and i had to ask her for it then i kept forgettin...i love this journal tho...its so slutty lol just kiddin, but i love it, runnin a mile and a half at 7 in the mornin at school then doin pushups and situps aint what i call would be me sleepin in til 3 in the afternoon like ive been doin for the past 3 weeks oh well....i wanna go school shoppin!!!!! ooooooooo and i got a tattoo!!!!!!!!!!!! it is so awesome, its a tribal thingy with a rose in the middle....i love it but it hurt like a b*tch hehe

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ooo i love crix [24 Jun 2003|06:21pm]
lmao i love crix!! i dunno what im doin yet but im learnin....oh and im crix's sexy bitch...*dances around* crix is "doin her laundry" hmm
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[24 Jun 2003|06:04pm]
Hey my name is Jax and I'm SEXY!
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