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Quizzes [16 Jul 2003|01:02pm]
You have a surprise kiss! Your partner is always
pleasantly pleased to have you jump outta no
where to dote them with a fun peck on the cheek
or more passionate embrace. super markets and
work places are your favorite places to attack
your loved one with all your love =p

What kind of kiss are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

You're too tired to be bothered with smiling,but
you're too nice to be really mean when people
are annoying you.You look tired,but you at
least try to seem happy.

What Kind of Smile are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
love sex and loneliness

[16 Jul 2003|01:30am]
[ mood | sad ]

I went back and read some old IMs today. When I was reading the ones between Bonnie and I, it made me cry. First I read the ones when we were happy best friends. Then I read the ones where all she did was call me a terrible person, and how she didn't care about me at all. I was crying, I'm crying now. I don't even know what happened to her and me. All I know is that it was one of the worst things that happened in my life. I miss so many things from this year that got pulled away from me. So many things, but Bonnie is probably the biggest thing. I just can't get over how sad this makes me. I thought I was okay without her, blah I didn't like her, but in reality I miss her friendship. She probably doesn't think twice about me, tho. Whatever, I need to pull myself together.

love sex and loneliness

Survey [15 Jul 2003|07:56pm]
Current mood: Mellow
Current music: Crazy in love
Current taste: Nothinh
Current hair: Screwed up pony tail
Current clothes: Duckie boxers ;) and a tilt tanktop
Current annoyance: My Kazaa
Current smell: Tangerine lotion :-[
Current thing I ought to be doing: practicing the piano
Current windows open: AIM, Blurty, Rollercoaster tycoon, Winmx, Word
Current desktop picture: Jimmy Fallon.. that sexy beast
Current favorite band: Um.. I'm listening to everything nowadays
Most listened to: Don't know
Current book: I really don't read.. but I should start my summer reading..
Current cds in stereo: Blink 182
Current crush: Uh, no.
Current favorite celeb: Probably Jimmy Fallon.. if he counts ;)
Current hate: Eh, A LOT of thing..
Current job: Summer...

:+:The last time:+:
Last book you read: And then there were none by: Agatha Christie
Last movie you saw: The League of Extrodinary Gentlemen
Last thing you had to drink: Water
Last time you showered: Like.. 2 in the morning
Last thing you ate: Chicken
Last person you talked to on the phone: Um, Hanh, most likely

:+:Do I:+:
Smoke?: No, tried it, but it's stupid. Don't smoke.
Do drugs?: Nah ^
Have sex?: Nope.
Have a dream that keeps coming back?: Nope. mine are pretty random.
Play an instrument?: I'm learning piano :-[
Believe there is life on other planets?: Not really
Remember your first love?: I don't think I've been in love yet
Still love him/her?: n/a
Read the newspaper?: Nah, I watch the news
Have any gay or lesbian friends? No siree
Believe in miracles?: Yep
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: Yes I do
Consider yourself tolerant of others? Eh... here and there
Consider love a mistake?: No
Like the taste of alcohol?: It depends
Have a favorite candy?: Yep, Caramel Apple Lollipops
Believe in astrology?: I read it, but I'm not sure I believe in it
Believe in magic?: Eh, not really, sorta, blah I dunno
Believe in god?: Yes
Have any pets: Yeah, a dog.
Do well in school? I'm okay, better in some subjects than others
Go to or plan to go to college: Yes, I plan to go
Wear hats?: No..
Have any piercings?: Just my ears, once.
Have any tattoos?: no, but I want one when I'm older
Hate yourself?: Of course
Have an obsession?: Ech
Have a secret crush?: Nah..;)
Do they know yet?: uh uh
Collect anything?: No.. but I'm a packrat
Have a best friend? Yep, a few, I <3 em
Close friends?: Yess
Wish on stars?: Occasionally
Like your handwriting?: Its okay
Care about looks? Uhhh yahhh

:+:Love life:+:
First crush: Chaz Peracchia (sp?) in kindergarden, lmao
First kiss: .....
Single or attached?: Single :(
Ever been in love?: I don't believe so
Do you believe in love at first sight? Perhaps
Do you believe in "the one?": Strongly
Describe your ideal significant other: Someone who knows you better than you know yourself, can make you laugh, and gives you a warm feeling when you see them :-]

:+:Juicy stuff:+:
Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing?: Nah..
Have you ever been intoxicated?: Not really
Favorite place to be kissed?: If I only knew..
Have you ever been caught "doing something?": Nah..
Shy to make the first move?: Depending on the person..

:+:Are you a:+:
Wuss: Sometimes
Druggy: No
Daydreamer: Yep
Freak: I dont believe so
Dork: Um, no.. ?
Bitch/Asshole: I can be.. quite frequently
Brat: Nah
Sarcastic: Occasionally
Goody-goody: NAh haha
Shy: I can be
Talkative: Yeah
Adventurous: Yes
Joker: All of the time
Flirty: Hmmm...
love sex and loneliness

Changes. [13 Jul 2003|05:40pm]
Yes, I got my hair cut today. Not short or anything but it's different. I LOVE IT! Yeah, to you it may not look any different, but it does to me. :-]. YAY. Ok ..lol .. later.
love sex and loneliness

[11 Jul 2003|07:16pm]
I hate my mom. To her, all i do is screw up. I can't stand the way she treats me .
love sex and loneliness

EW MEGA BITCH!! [11 Jul 2003|01:17pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | Total eclipse of the heart- I LOVE THIS SONG!! ]

Well, well, well... My mom really surprises me sometimes. She's deffinitley worse than I thought.

My sister and I were talking on the way home from Upper Darby. She told me that my mom said, "Parents always worry that their kids will get a bad influence from other kids, but its worse when your kid IS the bad influence." She was fucking talking about me. She's sucha bitch. And then, like, I never tell her anything about my personal life. But geez, I don't tell anybody really. I'm a really private person. Then she goes to my sister and tries to get her to tell her stuff that I won't. IF I DON'T WANT TO TELL YOU, THAT MEANS I DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW!! God damnit, is it that hard to comprehend?? Mind your own fucking business.

<33 Forever's gonna start tonight.
kEeP iT reAL*
<33 L e A h

love sex and loneliness

I...hate America. [10 Jul 2003|08:19pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]
[ music | Um whatever my sister has on ]

hEllo hEllo!

Well my mom is being a bitch as usual. But atleast my sister is being cool. My mom got mad that I went to Perkins. Uh right?? Who the hell cares, I mean for real. Ugh. I dont know why I wrote that cause this entry is a total waste of space. I have nothing to say.


kEeP iT reAL*
<33 L e A h

love sex and loneliness

Wild Crime Sprees? Now you're speaking my language.. [10 Jul 2003|04:34pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Hmmmmmm.... Lala ]

Hello Sexy Journal People!

Tomorrow shall be very great. Except for the fact that I have *shudders* piano lessons at 11:30. My sister, and I, well maybe even Hanh, are going to see the summer stage show tomorrow. Jill, Kim, Julia, and Julie are in it. There might be more of my friends in it, but that's all I know. It should be good. Its from 10:30 til 11:30, so I'll be just on time for my lesson, but I can be late, and blame it on the show! YES!! Well anyway..

Then at 4:30 Hanh and I are going to see the League of Extrodinary Gentlemen. It's opening night so we already got our tickets, sexy sexy. It looks really good, I can't freaking wait.

Then after that were gonna do some crazy stuff in Drexel Hill. LMAO, more fun. I hope we find more crazy stuff like Sid, the blue cart. Haha, it's gonna be great.

oKay weLL i'll bE writiNg later, cause nothing's has happened, i woke up 2 hours ago, lol.
kEeP iT reAL*
<33 L e A h

love sex and loneliness

Practice what you preach, don't you turn the other cheek.. [09 Jul 2003|11:07pm]
[ mood | indifferent ]
[ music | whErE iS thE LoVe?? yOu crAzy fOol ]

HeY hEy!

LMAo! I made the best icons today, for my aim, and Hanh's blurty. They were so awesome. I showed them to multiple people. They all thought it was funny. What can I say.. Hanh and I make a funny team..

Well tonight was both hilarious and super gay. I'll start from the beginning. So at dinner my mom seriously had it out for me. I was just a little crazy/overly happy and she started telling me how she's gonna get me drug tested. What the fuck?? Just cause you're never happy doesn't mean that other people can't be happy without being stoned. My god. Then, I said the meat was dry that she cooked, she even agreed. And then she realized all the meat off my plate was gone. She said "Stop it, just put the meat back." I was like "uhh, what?" She fucking thought I hid the meat so I wouldn't have to eat it. What the hell? It was dry but I ate it. I'm not 4 fuckiing years old. Then I tell her I'm going to Wawa to meet friends cause she never lets me roam dhill without having a reason. So then shes like , "Fine, but come right back." I started arguing cause how am I supposed to hang with people for five minutes?!? So she thought what I thought was "Fine, whatever, leave me alone." So I'll move to the funny part of the story:

So Hanh and I are sitting on this random piece of concrete.. yeah and there's this dumpster. Well we see this blue cart, the kind old people use at supermarkets, and naturally we take it. Hanh gets in the cart and I wheel her around, lmao. Well everyone is staring at us so it's like, a million times better. Then, we go over a bump, and the cart falls. Hanh got trapped in the cart, cause it folded up on her, lmao. And I fell out of impact. Lmao, Hanh kept saying "I need an asscast, I need an asscast!!" And so then we just walked around with the cart. Then, of all people, Brian Lawn comes riding by on his bike, he had the most priceless look on his face. Lmao, I love it. Then we got A.p. to stash the cart so we could keep it. From then on out it was known as Sid. Hehe, I love Sid. Now more gayness:

Hanh and I were on our way to CVS when my cell phone rings. It's my dad asking where we are and you can hear my mom bitching to him in the background. I tell him were on our way to CVS and my mom is yelling at him to say "No, that was not the deal" Well, my dad was gonna say ok, you can stay out after I pleaded a lot, but then my mom told him to tell us to come home. Oh yeah by the way she thinks I do drugs, so she probably has a personal spy on me. Ugh, So I tell my dad to let me have a life and leave me alone. But since I just got off being grounded, I come home anyway. Hanh and I ranted about our bitch moms the whole way home, and how much we hate them. I can't even put into words how much I hate that woman. Haha, but we did see Steve Lon on our way home, and apparently Steve saw us somewhere too. Aha.

Well.. I'm off to see the wizard
... the wondeful wizard of oz
<3 ya'S muCh
kEeP iT reAL*
<33 L e A h

love sex and loneliness

[09 Jul 2003|02:14pm]
dhsk8er17 (2:00:10 PM): lol it was only a couple days ago and we only had like 3 lines, it was like this i think:
oh heather you and me should be together forever
heather, you remind me of a beautiful feather
You are like nice summer weather
umm after that me and joe couldnt rhyme it so it was some dog stuff and other stuff you dont wanna hear
dhsk8er17 (2:00:56 PM): haha that sucks, but it was still funny cause julian was there

hahahhaa.. julian sucks.
love sex and loneliness

[09 Jul 2003|01:50pm]
l x l hanh l x l (1:46:30 PM): well julian used to like heather adams so i gues he told his mom or something and she told him to write apoem for hher which involve i gues the phrase heather reminds me of a feather or something lol thats what tim told me

LMGDMFAO.. wooo priceless
love sex and loneliness

Where is the love??? [09 Jul 2003|01:22pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | Hey you crazy fucked up fool ]

Hey all you sexy journal people...

Eww, I had *shudders* piano lessons today. We were purposely ten minutes late tho. She asked us if we could stay for the next lesson too, but I told her I had a hair appointment. I do for real, but not til later. So my sister and I went to Perkins. It was hott. Oh yeah and I saw the summer stage people, Jill and Julia really tho. That was cool. Yep.

My sister was being a gayass bitch and I wanted to kill her. She kept trying to hit me with her bag so I started yelling RAPE!! and then she stopped. Wow, shes gay.

I got sleep yesterday, I'm reallllly proud. Woo.

Raff just went to Joeys.. Ryans gonna rape her. Heh..

Well... I'm bored.. I'll write more later
kEeP iT reAL*
<33 L e A h

love sex and loneliness

Well sleep is a foreign word [08 Jul 2003|09:49am]
I think I'm turning into an insomniac. I can't fall asleep anymore. I didn't fall asleep at all last night, so I just watched t.v. I have yet to fall asleep. And the 2 nights before that I didnt fall asleep until 730 am and 430 am. What the hell.... Okay , maybe I'll get some sleep today, I doubt it. Later*
kEeP iT reAL*
<33 L e A h
2 |love sex and loneliness

I think you should know, I've been damaged [07 Jul 2003|06:28pm]
TLC- Damaged

I know I'm kinda strange to you sometimes
Don't always say what's on my mind
You know that I've been hurt by some guy
But I don't wanna mess up this time

And I really really really care
And I really really really want you
And I think I'm kinda scared
Cause I don't want to lose you
If you really really really care
Then maybe you can hang through
I hope you understand
It's nothing to you

My heart's at a low
I'm so much to manage
I think you should know that
I've been damaged
I'm falling in love
There's one disadvantage
I think you should know that I've been damaged

I might look through your stuff for what I don't wanna find
Or I might just set you up to see if you're all mine
I'm a little paranoid from what I've been through
Don't know what you got yourself into

And I really really really care
And I really really really want you
And I think I'm kinda scared
Cause I don't want to lose you
If you really really really care
Then maybe you can hang through
I hope you understand
It's nothing to you

My heart's at a low
I'm so much to manage
I think you should know that
I've been damaged
I'm falling in love
There's one disadvantage
I think you should know that I've been damaged
..and it repeats..

Great song.. great.
love sex and loneliness

You are the life among the dead [07 Jul 2003|04:08pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | Where is the love- Black eyed peas ]

Well, I am pretty bored, so I decided to write an entry.

I only stayed up til 4.30 am yesterday, but I slept in until 2 pm. My mom tried to wake me up at 12 but I kept ignoring her and falling back asleep. Finally she got really angry and made me get out of bed. Hah.

Hanh's coming over soon... I have to get in the shower. I can't find anything to wear. Oh the horror.

Ew, I got my picture from the photographer at Music in the Parks, you can't even see me. You see like.. half of my face from behind Rob's head. Oh well, I looked stupid anyway. And ... that day was the worst day ever anyway. No sense in remembering it happily.. :-].

Well.. Shower time.. I'll write later.
kEeP iT reAL*
<33 L e A h

love sex and loneliness

Smile [07 Jul 2003|04:26am]
Another late night. Haha, I really gotta look into getting some sleep.
love sex and loneliness

Everybody needs somebody [07 Jul 2003|02:26am]
[ mood | groggy ]
[ music | Faint- Linkin Park ]

Well I changed my layout, I really like it. :-]

Hanh came over tonite, we drank like 9832084209384 of those energy drinks, haha they taste so good. But we were totally wired. I kept cracking asian jokes, it was hilarious, cause Hanh has her own jokes about herself and asians. We have a real strange senses of humor. We basically roamed around Drexel Hill looking for something to do. We went to CVS and got candy, gummi worms...yes!!!! My favorite candy in the entire world.. yes thats what you can get me for my birthday... hehe. Well, we walk past Dairy queen and none other than Rob Ridgeway is there. I didn't see him tho, but he told me that he saw me. Hah, we were both bummed I didn't see him, but that's okay.

Rob Ridgeway is quite possibly one of the coolest people I've ever met. Sure.. he made need some spelling help... okay a lot of spelling help, but hey thats what dictionaries are for, right?

I thought I almost screwed up with Steve again, but in a way I think it would've been better. I mean it seems a lot like he IM's me when no one else is around, as a last resort. And were supposedly friends, but it doesn't feel like it. Well he IMed me last night, and I dunno, something came over me, and I was just like "what was no one else online so you had to resort to talking to me?" And he wrote, "yup." "lol" And I dunno if the lol symbolizes joking or what, but I was just annoyed at it. So I just pretty much ended the convo in a bitchy way. Whatever, I'm still on his friends list in his msn profile, so it's okay for now.

Well, I'm gonna talk online for a while, then perhaps add on to the 3 hours of sleep i got last night, :-] :-]
kEeP iT reAL*
<33 L e A h

love sex and loneliness

Well then, this is goodbye. [06 Jul 2003|11:26pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Its Thunderstorming outside which is the best thing in the world, yet I still feel really depressed. I dunno why I suddenly feel like this, but I'll tell you, it sucks .
I'll write more when I feel better.
kEeP iT reAL*
L e A h

love sex and loneliness

hey [06 Jul 2003|04:10pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

haha well i've stayed up til 4 in the morning talking to tim. im waiting for 6 to goto bed. heh ok nite.

1 |love sex and loneliness

I am, a little bit insecure.. I won't be ignored. [05 Jul 2003|10:22pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | Faint- Linkin Park ]

Hello, today was better than most of the days this summer, yet, I didn't do much. Go figure.

Well Raff came home from the shore early so she slept over last night. We stayed up til like 230 talking to her lover, and then some more when we were just talking. It was fun. Then we woke up and she went home to take a shower. She came back then we went to Wawa. It was so fucking hot, I don't even know why we left the goddamn house. Stupid stupid. Anyway, after that we just read old magazines, lol, cause the computer was down. Then an hour later she left. I played rollercoaster tycoon for a long tim, i'm a loser, shut up, and then Hanh came over and we we went to the fireworks. It was pretty fun. Then Hanh's mom flipped a bitch and made her come home. Oh well, I'll see her tomorrow. We were supposed to meet up with Meg and Colleen but we never saw them, :-[. We did see Erin tho, and shes either really close friends or family with my family friends. They would always come to my birthdays and confirmation and stuff, but today it seemed like she didn't even recognize me. I grew up around this lady and her family, and now its like, "wow, who's she?" Maybe she just couldn't recognize me from a distance, and I hope so, cause I fucking consider these people my family, and god, how depressing would that be if they didn't know me anymore.

Well, I'm gonna go play roller coaster tycoon, haha, later.
kEeP iT reAL*
L e A h

by the way : ch3rry_c0ke --> i think i got it right? if you want any help just IM me at x L e A h x 25

love sex and loneliness

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