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Unexamined [14 Sep 2003|12:12pm]
Shell of my heart,
Walls we beat our lives in—
Won’t you tell me how to
Speak to be heard.
A sound to be listened to,
Reverberated through
The negative space.

Sing me awake,
Sing me under the covers
When its too late.

These melodies come
Now and then.
Yesterday in years.
And now and then and.

The overplayed song
About the moon on your face,
Less than a weakness
Without the true source of liquid light
Getting under my skin.
Tingle me free
And I’ll radiate you.

This flaw only comes
Now and then.
Yesterday’s fears.

My life.
To radiate you,
To scream you out,
Conceive your face.
The moon only steals
What it rips from my grasp.

Not just now and then,
And moments before,
But on a shelf.
Manually replaceable and
But out of reach.

My deaf song
Sings me asleep.
Sings me out of bed
To the voices
That echo and weep
Rebounding off the husk of my heart.
burn a hole through the moon

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