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[31 May 2004|12:42am]
If any of you have been wondering where I was (probally not) I moved to greatestjournal (like ages ago) if you have one add me (caputdraconis)
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Friends Cut! [10 Nov 2003|12:24pm]
I know there was no warning..but if you wanna be added back just comment.
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POA pics! [08 Nov 2003|09:40am]
This enrty is purly for the satisfaction (or unsatisfaction) of Harry Potter fans. POA pics behind the cut!
O and guess what! Just guess what is comming out next week! THE TRAILER FOR HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN! I will post it when I have it...but til lthen you can see it before The Loony Toons movie!
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My amazing night.... [01 Nov 2003|10:54am]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | 'O how the years go by' - Amy Grant ]

Ok so starting off with last night......

So I got off the bus and I broke a nail playing football with Ryan. I wanted to wear his jersey for trick or treating and he said that I'd have to come outside for at least a half hour, so I said ok and everytime he suckers me into comming outside I always stay out till someone is screaming at me to come inside. So we played football for like three hours and then I went trick or treating....with 4 guys! LOL I went with Ryan, Zak, Amit and Robbie. And we were going around screaming 'Merry Christmas' !! LOL it was so much fun! LOL And we went all over the place. There was this one place where they had two people dressed up scaring people and the one girl looked like the girl from the ring. And they were following us. Scary.
Then we went to this other place and there was this guy walking the streets and had chains and a lantern and it was really creepy. And the guys knew I was freaked out and they tried to make me go up to him. And the dude kept calling out 'wheres my friend?' a million times. And I was kinda half freaked out half faking so they guys would confort me...lol and Robbie put his arm around me and started to get all protective of me. It was very fun. And then we went back to Ryan's house and sat on the steps and just talked. I went through my candy and gave the guys what I didn't like. And it was very very very fun stuff. I love my guys.
And I came home 15 minutes late and my grandma flipped. And now im in trouble. o well

[.edit.] Ok everynight as I try and fall alseep I always listen to Deliah. And for some reason I made up this thing in my head (probalyl because I've always wanted a sign from god...) that if they play a certain song (I have two specail songs) and if they played one of them, that it was a sign sent from god trying to tell me something. So last night I'm laying there thining about how great a time I had and all of a sudden 'somewhere out there' comes on. I started freakin out. And to make things even freakier....they played 'if your not the one' (which I absolutly fell in love with the first time I heard) right after. Totally freaked me out. So...well have to see what happens

Chelsea wakes me up at 7:30 this morning saying "Hayden's gonna be on the today show' i jump out of bed and ran to the tv! OMG he was so amazing! So cute! I LOVE his new hair stlye. SHATTERED GLASS CAME OUT YESTERDAY!! In New York and LA. Which sucks. Its dosnt come out here till the 21st. The dude on the Today Show got it wrong. Ha Ha. And then there was a preview for Shattered Glass on ET on MTV! I LOVE MY HAYDEN!! I wrote it on my arm yesterday in school too. Yup. So then my grandma made me clean for two hours. And I am going to the Haunted Hayride with my dad tonight! Yes yea yea.

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Changing my friends only sign [07 Oct 2003|03:36pm]

1.Comment telling me you added me and want to be friends

Thats basicly it...I'll most likly add anyone!
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Friends Cut... [25 Aug 2003|04:35pm]
My 2nd ever friends cut! I think I just got to many friends....that I don't really click with....I'll read like 2 sentences of your enteries and be bored. Well not all of you but some people so here goes....

barbie_doll - I think I only added you because I liked your layout and icons...was never added back though
[Bad username in LJ tag] - you got a new journal a long ass time ago...but I loved the layout u had so I kept u on
sucha_dork - sry we just never clicked
thonqlicous - for some reason your journal is gone
vanillapop - u barely update and when u do you say "comment to let me know your alive'
xrainy_dreamsx - u got a new journal

if u wanna be added back just ask...but u might have tto work a little hearder to stay on my friends list.
Sry to everyone I cut I really hate doing friends cuts...but it must be done
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[.Friends Cut.] [17 Jul 2003|07:18pm]
My first ever friends cut....sorry to everyone I cut....if you would like to be re-added just comment

bunkie - never added me to your list...usally never comented on MY enteries
lil_diamond - new journal
rougekisses - havn't updated sence March
xosexyxthangox - I think u dissappeared or something...you ever come back tell me cuz I miss ya!
xoshortnsweetox - new journal
__broken - new journal

OK thats is only 6 people....as I said before....you wanna be re-added just comment
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But I figure, at least when it sucks, you know you're alive. [28 May 2003|03:01pm]
I don't know what I was thinking with the topic, yes I do its a quote from Everwood, the 'Deer God' episode. Ya its just my mood right now. I have made this decision for the last and finale time. I am now making my journal friends only! Sorry for everyone not on my friends list but o well if you want to be comment and I will most likely add you. I will have a friends only sign up soon....anyone interested in making me one?? If so drop a comment and I will e-mail you the pic I want and what I want it to say!

EPHRAM: OK, Bambi. Now I know this isn't your old home, but, looks doable to me. Then again, I used to go to school above 96th street. Anyway, there's no hunting up here. Now I'd love to tell you that everthing's gonna be OK. That's what everyone told me but, it's just not. You can stay here, or you can go back. Either way, it's gonna suck. But I figure, at least when it sucks, you know you're alive. I guess what I'm trying to say is, it's OK when everything sucks, it means you're somewhere. Now, I gotta go.
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Something..... [27 May 2003|08:33pm]
These are some excerts from a collum written by someone at www.MuggleNet.com Some may call me crazy, heck you all call me crazy or obsessed but I don't care anymore, I used to but I don't anymore. Harry Potter started it all. Harry has been with me sence the beginning, the beginning of what I call "The journey without them" everything from my parents divorce untill this present day. But just so you know compared to some people out there I am considered *gasp* normal. Maybe if you take the time to read this you might start to understand why I am so in love with Harry Potter.
For the Full article go to: http://www.mugglenet.com/edit-daniel.shtml

From the first line of Prisoner of Azkaban, I was caught. I couldn’t think on my own anymore. The phone could ring, the lights could flicker, Hell, a bomb could go off, but you wouldn’t notice it. Harry isn’t a character that we leave when we close the book. Because we can so identify with him, we can see him in the real world.

I dare anyone to tell me that these people aren’t real: that Hagrid isn’t a lovable giant, that Dumbledore isn’t going to make us feel better no matter how upset we are, that McGonagall’s eyes aren’t going to pierce us so fiercely when we are causing trouble that we’d wish we were never born. But then, if this is all true, where are we left when we finish all the books? For starters, I’ve finished all four books. Well, am I done? Of course not! I’m going to go through all of them again, and find as many connections as I can (for sure, if a teacher told us to do that with school books, we’d cry, but in this case, it seems not only easy, but welcome). I’m going to discuss the books with my friends, arguing over what’s the more exciting book, or which one was my favorite, or which one I wish I could be in. I’m going to theorize who I believe will be becoming couples in the later books (Ron and Hermione? Or Harry and Hermione? Who knows?) And I’m going to lay awake at night, replaying every one of Harry’s, Hermione’s, and Ron’s adventures over and over in my head, and right before I fall asleep, I’ll remember why I love these books so much. They take us so far away, and yet, they show us exactly what is so great about where we are. They scare us to death, and yet, they let us fall in love. They drop us when we’re so close to the truth, only to catch us before we hit the bottom. They never lie, never cheat, and if they are to steal our hearts, it is only in the most welcome and loving way possible. Forever I will remember being a nineteen-year-old boy who was unwillingly convinced to watch a DVD, which, over the course of two and a half hours, changed my whole outlook on life. Because, as I’ve finished the four books, and am anxiously awaiting the fifth book, I realized something about Harry Potter: I am Harry Potter. We all are. We all are Harry, and Hermione, and Ron, we’ll always be running away from the Snapes and Filches in our lives; we’ll always be going to the Dumbledores for advice and protection; we’ll always be fighting with the Crabbes, Goyles, and Malfoys; and ultimately, we’ll all have to face our own Voldemorts. But, above all else, above the laughter, fear, anticipation, friendship, love, and happiness that Harry Potter has given me, he has given me one more lasting sentiment: What will come, will come. And when it does, we will face it. But until then, we can enjoy everything there is to enjoy about life, for as far away from Hogwarts as we may seem to be, we are closer than we can ever imagine.
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Bio update..... [27 May 2003|05:46pm]
I just did some work on my ummm wuts it called?? well my user page I guess. U like?? Any suggestions??
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New Layout!!! [27 May 2003|03:47pm]
Thanks so much to bubbleduckiez07 for making my new layout!! I so love it!! Its the scene in Harry Potter where the first years are comming to Hogwarts!! So love that pic! Ok and for real buissness.....well theres some stuff goin on right now and Im not gonna post my opion because of certain ppl who read this. And well I am takin everyone I kno in real life off my friends list. Ok thats bout it for now! Bye Byes
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DC..... [26 May 2003|09:05pm]
I found a transcript for the Series finale of Dawson's Creek!! Even though none of you will probally read it I still can't resist posting it because I really love some of these things. For Mike's sake I'm not going to post it untill Thursday because in this past week Mike has really gotten into Dawson's Creek and I want him to see the Season Finale and not know what happens before hand. I already have this entery written up and saved and will post it on Thursday after the Season Finale airs again. OMG I just saw a comercial for the last time you can see the Dawson's Creek series finale!! Seeing thoes images again got me all teared up. Gotta tape it this time so I have it forever!

Anyway I found a transcript of my favorite episode of Everwood! 'A Thankgiving Tale' well you'll see why by my favorite part, which I am going to post.

[Cut to Ephram's room. Amy is sitting on the floor looking at the grateful books.]
EPHRAM: You know, I had no idea how much work she put into these things.

AMY: These books are beautiful. You'll always have them. That part of her.

EPHRAM: The stuff I did looks terrible.

AMY: No, it doesn't. It looks like you put a lot of effort into them.

EPHRAM: I don't even know why I'm bothering this year. If you're not grateful for anything, what are you supposed to put? Grateful my mom died or grateful 'cause we lost our house in New York. Or moved to this town where I don't know anybody so my crazy father could...

AMY: I've got it. Let's make an ungrateful book, I could put Colin, the accident, the Harts telling me he could recover better without me, my brother... You know, Ephram. This year it felt like I wasn't in control of anything and well, even though things aren't the way I want them to be, I'm still grateful for some things.

EPHRAM: You're gonna have to stop doing that.

AMY: Doing what?

EPHRAM: Saying things that make me want to kiss you.

AMY: You too.

[Ephram and Amy move in and kiss. Delia comes barging in.]

DELIA: Ephram! We need to get more cranberries.

EPHRAM: Oh, OK. Why?

DELIA: The old ones turned black.

EPHRAM: Can it wait?

DELIA: We've gotta go right now. They were already running out at the stand when we were there.

EPHRAM: It's Thanksgiving. They're not gonna run out of cranberries.

AMY: She's right, actually. Every year there's a run on cranberries. At Thanksgiving meal time, you could trade a pack for a new stereo.

EPHRAM: [to Delia] Where's your coat?

[Delia runs off. Ephram stares at Amy, unsure.]
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Just somthing... [26 May 2003|05:15pm]
[ mood | okay ]

I found this in xoshortnsweetox journal and she wanted everyone to post it in theirs so I am. Just copy and paste it in the comment box and fill in your answers.

Reason for Blurty username:
Aim sn:
Reason for aim sn:
Do you enjoy reading my Blurty:
Interesting fact about you:
Weird fact about u:
Will you post this in ur Blurty:
If you saw me out in the streets would you say hi:

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Quizzes..... [26 May 2003|12:31pm]

Which Piercing are you?

Sprout - Herbology

Harry Potter: Which Hogwarts professor would you be?
brought to you by Quizilla
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Quotes.... [25 May 2003|02:57pm]
Just another Quote I found that I had to post, that everyone will probally just skip over.....

"Sometimes I look at you…
And you seem to be looking back at me…
But sometimes you look away…
Like you're afraid of what might happen if you stare a second longer."
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Sunday... [25 May 2003|02:16pm]
So is my day going to consist of?? Sitting in front of the computer for the most part. Roaming a bunch of random Harry Potter sites (yes my Harry Potter fandom is in full speed again!!) and I found what might be an early pic a dementor. I have always thought of dementors as like walking black cloaks, sort of liek the black riders in LOTR except without horses. But these dementors were like skeltons inside the black cloaks, nasty creatures. O well. I found an adorable pic of the trio on set for the 3rd movie. Very blurry but I loved it, dont kno why. Probally because I love the three of them as actors almost as much as I like them as their characters. I found out that the Glenco they were shooting at is really in Scootland, not in Canada. I found this amazing site where you can get a wand!! Yea a real wand!! I am so getting one!! OK well not much more news besides that.....bored bored bored....what should I do??
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Saturday.... [24 May 2003|10:01pm]
Well as you can see its Saturday!! OK well what did I do today......well basicly nothing. I sat in front of the computer, went to see X Men (Which was great!! Shawn Ashmore was fantastic!) and then came bac to my moms house and sat in front of the computer. Exciting right?? LOL well 2 more days off then back to the boringness of school. OK well just thought I'd post because well I was bored, kinda.

~*Quotes posted in a new blurty community I belong to*~

"Sooner or later, you'll realize that the only thing that lasts forever, is love" -7th heaven

"Windows to his soul,
Incapable of lies,
Capturing all emotions,
Though often in disguise.
Only my silenced heart,
Fully knows his eyes."
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Friday..... [23 May 2003|09:16pm]
So where should I begin, or lets start at the beginning. OK so I came to school and right off I knew that Leah was pissed so I kinda tried to stay out of her way. I was so happy Dan came back to school today!! We disected a grasshopper that was really big and brown and smelled totally nasty. It was horrible. The worst one yet. Ya and then in gym me and Leah beat this one team and it was only me and her!! And well we lost one and we won one. Then in Social Studies she was really pissed again and I coudl tell she was in no mood for anything. Untill we started talkin bout wut we were gonna make for our project and she seemed to be better. Talked to Dan after Social Studies and before Math!! And we kinda talked across the room in Communications and when we went to sharpen his pencil. Then I had lunch detion with Alex and Rachael for Mrs.Zaros because me and Alex were trying to be godo friends and wait for Rachael - making us late for class so she gave us lunch detention. So I wrote notes to Leah and Rachael. But when I got back to lunch they were writing notes to each other. I really thoguht sence Alyson wasnt here me and Leah could do stuff together but she clung to Rchael instead. She passed notes to Racheal, wispered to Rachael, and ditched me for Rachael. Ya and me n Josh got kinda mad they were leavin us out of everything so we started readin over their sholders and Josh asked who 'Tina' and 'Peter' were, I guess they were useing codenames. So me and Josh teamed up to find out who they were. I read on Leahs note something bout Leah sitting near Josh & Zaach & Dan in communications and Zach sitting next to her (well the only reason he did was because I moved (I was sitting there first) and Josh took his seat and there wernt any left.) and I read something bout how 'Tina' said she was friends with Leah or something I donno. And then something bout someone likes Josh or something. I donno I just wish Leah would stop leavin me out of things. Ya and then after Communication me and Dan talked some more and he asked why I wasnt on last night and asked when I would be on and I asked when he would be on and then he came to my locker and said that he probally wouldnt be on this weekend because his best friends are staying over before they move to Virgina. Thats gotta be really hard on him. His best friends moving - to Virgina!! I moved away from my best friends when I was 8, worst thing I have ever done. Even though we were still in like the same state and everything I really havnt seen them much sence, because we are in different grades. I kno its not the same as moving out of state and everything but that was the hardest thing I have ever gone through in my life. I cried for weeks after I moved away, the only time I would come out of my room was for school and even that hated to do. I have not had friends like them sence, maybe thats why I am kind of afarid to get really close to anyone new, because I am afarid of loseing them. I still think of them every now and then. Think of how my life would be different now if I hadn't moved away.

I went to see Bruse Almighty tonight with my dad, Chelsea and her friends Shawn. It was ok but not great. I'm not really into comedies that like. But I did really like one part. When god asks Bruse if he wants to get back together with Grace and he says something like 'yes, no, I want her to be happy, however that may be' Now that is almost exactly what I said to Leah when she asked if I cared if she danced with Tommy at Alyson's Bat Mitzah. I said "I just want him to be happy, and if being with you makes him happy then so be it" LOL other than that it was ok. But I love how every movie has a side lvoe story. You can't have a movie without one, because love makes the world go round.
When we were driving Shawn home we were listening to the radio and "Butterfly Kisses" came on and well thats the song I have always kinda thought about for my dad and well I have never really listened to it with him before and I really had to tell myself not to cry, I seriusly thought I was going to. I donno but ya and now I am here writing this about my exciting (or not) day. What do u think?? Does anyone really read this?? Does anyone even care?? Who would want to read about my boring, pathic life anyway.

P.s. release for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is June 4, 2004!! Nothings offical but its the first thing I have heard so far!!
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Just some randomness.... [22 May 2003|03:45pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Ok well today we did the play in Communications!! It was so fun!! All the people who had parts got to sit up from and I sat in a semi circle with Alex, me, Tommy, Zach and Mrs.Hampson. It was so funny!! Before we started I was explaining their characters to them and what happens and they had so many questions!! They were really getting into it!! Then the acual play was only alright, they changed some words and left out the funniest line "I donno maybe he thinks I'm pretty" LOL I love that line! Tommy did an awsome job as Bright!! Zach was ok as Collin and well it was really hard to be convinced that Alex was Ephram, hes nothing like Ephram, plus I really had my heart set of Dan being Ephram. I got to talk to Dan last night and he said he really wanted to be in school today but he was sick. Hes gonna try to come tomarrow though.

OK I have a favor to ask of anyone willing to do this for me.....I want my comment thingys saying changed. I want it to say Wish upon a star and then leave the nubmer thing the same.
Also I think I want a new layout. I have had it sence April 17th and I am kinda getting bored of it already. Ok well I guess I will be picture hunting today, for layout pics. I think I either want a Dawson's Creek layout or an Everwood layout.

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Short entery for today..... [21 May 2003|03:54pm]
Went back to school today, didn't want to as usual. At first it was only me and Leah then Lindsay came in and Rachael then right before Social Studies Alyson came in! Ya and I was so mad today because yesterday I was absent and today Dan was absent!! Ahhh!! Ok well anywayz.....today in Communications Mrs.Hampson assigned parts for a play in the new Scope magazine.....and guess who was on the cover.....GREGORY SMITH!! I started freakin out!! I was so excited!! It was an episode of Everwood that we were going to do!! Ahh I was soooo excited!!! Ya so first in my head I was assigning parts and I thought ok I'd be Amy and Dan would be Ephram but he wasn't there today :( and either Zach or Josh for Collin (but Josh wasnt there) and Tommy would be Bright. She let me pick who I wanted to be sence it's my fave show and she gave Zach the part of Collin and Tommy got Bright!! LOL how funny that parts I assigned them. Then she gave Alex G the part of Ephram. I was kinda mad because I have alway pictured Dan as Ephram, everyone assumed it had to be because him and Amy kissed sometime, but it wasn't, it had nothing to do with that at all! Seriusly Ephram and Dan are alike in so many ways!! Plus the episode we were doing was the one where Collin comes back to school and totally blows off Ephram for him. Yes even though Ephram and Amy kiss in two episodes thats only a plus for having him be Ephram but still even if that never happened I would still want him to be Ephram. Everyoneis really getting into it now!! I am so happy. Everyone in the play is calling eachother by their 'Everwood' names and everyones asking me about it and who each person is and everything!! Its so fun I love it!! At the end of the day in homeroom someone calls me and I got outside the classroom to where they are and she asks me what happened on 7th Heaven this week!! So ya I told her, but I had no clue who this girl was!! Rachael said I met her at her party though but I guess I didn't remember her. Ya so now random people are comming up and asking me about 7th Heaven and Everwood!! LOL
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