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[16 Feb 2004|04:06pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

Hmm... let's see. What happened today?? Nothing memorable, aside from the fact that I only said one sentence to Brandon. (<---- accomplishment.) And Danielle bitched out Stephanie. (Not my Stephanie, the little 8th grade Stephanie) So.. that made me happy. Because Tom is like a brother to me, and anyone who hurts a brother hurts me. And if she hurts him, and therefore me, then the only thing that would keep me from beating that Buffy down would be him. Because I love him. Like a brother.

Yanno, in the movie Thirteen, Evie and Tracy are really close. Like.. best best best friends. And it made me think... I don't really have a best friend. One that I spend a bunch of time with and can tell absolutely anything to. I want one of those. I wonder how much they cost...

Well, I'm off now. =)

-white wedding-

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