melissa loves ricky `* melissa loves ricky`*

melissa loves ricky!!

frenz cut [7903 @ 2;03a]
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well i am cutting the people listed below..
blazed never update
mathison22 never update
persuasive never update
so0damnpretty never update
star__ never update/comment
_dorkii_ never update
equivocallove never comment

that is all for now, please remove me from ur lists, thanks

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what my user name means ;P [62103 @ 2;30p]
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Magic Number13
JobLeader of the Free World
PersonalityProcrastinator (If The Apathy Doesn't Kill Me)
TemperamentAngry - At Everthing
Likely To WinA Duel With Pistols
Me - In A WordDitsy
Brought to you by MemeJack

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friends only [51403 @ 7;49p]
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