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one month later [28 Jul 2004|11:26am]

five months and fourteen days <3

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//oh//she//dont//know// [22 Jun 2004|05:29pm]
ahhh it's been over four months now.
[for me and briannn]
i doubt anyone reads this anymore.
he left for florida last week,
and he's coming to pick me up in a half hour.
i have such bad butterflies, i miss him a ton.
we are having a picnic in this terrible weather.
i miss the smell of him, i dressed like a girl today.
a skirt [as usual] my pretty black and yellow rose one,
with a black shirt and a black cardigan over it.

i lost my friends, some to drugs, some to love, some to dishonesty.
it's alright, i still have some,
last night was the first time i spent time without my boys with the coventry folks.
twas weird. being somewhere without brian, but i'm getting used to it.
richard, amanda, zack, aref, kenny, tim, cait, amanda d, nancy, myself, ed, ben d, ben s, kyle p, and sean.
i don't like sean at all. and amanda decker is snotty towards me. cause i'm a bitch.
i feel i'm leaving kids out but i don't think so, kyle wasn't there cause he was puking.
and i heard joey c got a tattoo, of the blink bunny. he's been obsessed since he was 10.
i'm sure it's cute.

hold me down, muh ladyyy
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i find my wayyyyyyyyy [14 Apr 2004|03:09pm]
i never update this anymore,
all my blurty friends are on my LJ now.

its me and brians 2 months,
that boy means the world to me.

masses of pictures
random, no exact dates or anything

oh boy )
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[03 Mar 2004|09:36pm]
Ashes to be: i love oyu

he cannot type
he never can
i fucked my life up today
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i'm rambling. [24 Feb 2004|06:24pm]

me and katie discussed another BC night, i seriously thought she didn't know i was alive anymore. we never talk, her new bestfriend is drugs & she never attends school or calls me. the phone works two ways so im at fault for that, but i look for her every morning. i just miss that crazy bc time. everything was so much fun, & i didn't give a fuck. i guess i still don't, but thats getting me no where. i've lost all my coventry friends, it doesn't matter all that much. coventry isn't that cool anyways.

i cant wait for the weekend. me+brian+sleepingbag+boondock=massesoffun
his parents are cool, they don't check on us every five seconds, i miss brian a ton. i keep getting yelled at while talking to him & i can tell it makes in uncomfortable that he has to listen to it. he lives such a civil life at home, his parents are married, his brothers in college in balitmore, & if he's home they usually hang out. greg takes him everywhere cause we all have the same friends. my parents are divorced, they yell & get abusive sometimes, not my dad.. my mom though. && me & my brother do not get along at all.

dear coventry high school, blow the fuck up. thank you. i cannot wait for summer. i cannot wait for summer. i cannot wait for summer. i cannot wait for summer. i cannot wait for summer. i cannot wait for summer. i cannot wait for summer. i cannot wait for summer. i cannot wait for summer. i cannot wait for summer. i cannot wait for summer. i cannot wait for summer. i cannot wait for summer. i cannot wait for summer. i cannot wait for summer. i cannot wait for summer. i cannot wait for summer. i cannot wait for summer. i cannot wait for summer. i cannot wait for summer. i cannot wait for summer. it's going to be bomb diggity. my friends own, they all have pools!!!!! no more icky pond, however i'll miss the pond house. getting naked & swimming is always fun.

there are so many good shows coming up.

the darkness
poison the well
everytimeidie + asilaydying
more daughters
hopesfall + from autumn to ashes
x 8957894758

i miss talking to michael all the time, things have been so bitter. ohhh well i blocked him last night & he got kinda mad. he wouldn't shut up about it today, then his friend came over & he had a boner. HAAAAAAAA. sucks i can work em like woaaahhh. my moms making pizza, it fucking owns, she makes the best pizza ever. i like being poor. :):):)

i have the biggest craving for chinese food.
i hate eating meat.
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2.14 [22 Feb 2004|12:09pm]
but dont tell anyone.
please don't.

last night i went to tims.
&& i enjoyed myself,
brian is so amazing.
i wish he lived closer so seeing him isn't such a hassel.


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[18 Feb 2004|10:40am]
brian better come home in the next two hours or i'm going to flip. i don't like when the boys go snowboarding cvause anything could happen. like timmeh tried doing a 360 yesturday and fucked up his face, he didn't want to go out either cause he was embarresed, so tiffeh went to his house. thats cute, but nothing like that better happen to B or i'm going to die.

brians all-time favorite band is poison the well, who got him a ticket? yes me. :) i haven't listened to them much but yesturday i downloaded their cd, and it owns, i can understand why he likes them so much. i really miss him, it's been three days. i'm waiting for his name to pop up, but it hasn't yet, i want you to come home now brian. now now now.

i need new friends on my friends page!
comment, comment, comment! i know you want to!

sunday night

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[12 Feb 2004|02:54pm]
i seriously love penis.

i made a stencil the other day

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[27 Jan 2004|02:40pm]

friday was really good, im not girlie, im not a dancer. i got girlie, and i danced (horribly), i'm glad you had a good time brad. and last night the strand was exciting, cftf did amazing. i really like the new stuff and i was dissapointed they sold out so quick. it was good to see those boys, and NANCY CARLSON IS MY LIFE. and i absolutely love hanging out with brian, he's a doll<3

ive been up for thrity hours now. so hardcore.
and i spent my night )
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shakeitshakeit [03 Jan 2004|08:47am]
my underwear smells like bread

who baked my yeast? )
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[02 Jan 2004|12:13pm]
i update a lot.


enjoy, it snowed.

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thelasttimeipromise [02 Jan 2004|11:37am]
i wish you didn't leave me again. i was up until five/sixish this morning thinking about. you. and me. and us. it sounds so sweet, and i'd love every minute of it. but theres always that push back, that being titled. i told you it scared me, even being older. it was a good excuse in middle school. hehehe.

im listening to mae, i'm not sure why because the guy's voice makes me what to jab out my eyes but it's kind of growing on me. it reminds me a lot of tim, someone i donot need to think about. i think we got in a fight last night. i told him i didn't want to help him anymore and he said alright and we havenot spoke since. however, i do believe i got in my last ever fight with ian. he is completely going to be shut out of my life. i think he wants me to call him today. he is such a jealous person for someone who does not like me.

ian is a douche )
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and she said and she said [01 Jan 2004|11:19pm]
i have my monroe pierced, yes i do. i do i do i do.

i hate you, you mean nothing to me. be jealous because I DO NOT CARE. you had your shot, and you lost the best thing to ever, ever step into your life. go suck some dick for scene points and drum a little ska tune for me.


what, more? for show )
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pamper me [24 Dec 2003|07:10pm]
oh dearest summer, how i long for you.
this holdiay break is such a tease. i know in about ten days i have to go back to that place known as coventry high. i'd love to come back with a better attitude so i can pass this year or it looks like a repeat of tenth grade. which will not happen. the sooner i'm out, the mst greatful i will be. midterms are really soon too, i'm going to start studying for my biology one soon, to much vocab to start later on.

i also have not spoken to brad all day, and this upsets me a ton. nor have i spoke to mikey. my little satanist child, a doll to say the least. with a limp penis of course. glassjaw has made it's way back into my life. it's been a few years my friends but we are now together. i made my dad a mix his neighboor will adore. he hates hardcore/screamo/such and my dad loves it. so i made him a trendy hardcore cd equiped with eighteen visions and things such as that.

i'll let you off to breath, but just for a few moments.

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fuck yes [23 Dec 2003|11:05am]
Word of the Day for Tuesday December 23, 2003

Hobson's choice \HOB-suhnz-CHOIS\, noun:
A choice without an alternative; the thing offered or nothing.

Fagan's defense revolves around his insistence that he
faced a Hobson's choice and had to act.
--Laura Parker, "Discovery of daughters never followed by
reunion," [1]USA Today, May 11, 1999

They're faced with a Hobson's choice: Make the plunge...
or face a terrifying alternative -- gradual extinction.
--Heather Green, "The Great Yuletide Shakeout," [2]Business
Week, November 1, 1999
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Picture Galore [22 Dec 2003|09:14am]
Last night at Mr. Creamers )

me and tiffernay sexin up timmeh's web cam )

saturday night, all the girls drink for free )
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iamthereason [14 Dec 2003|11:32am]
hes at work right now & i miss him toooo much.

friday was way to much fun. between the dancing, those lame girls, kicking the crap out of those lame girls, the ice field, twirling and spinning and sliding. even cutting open my knee.

Nancys birthday is tuesday! Shes growing up too, my cissy <3

SNOW TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im sure those snowboarding boys are excitied
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ladies and gentlemen [13 Dec 2003|08:52pm]
i am growing up.
i hate to say it but i really am.

& i love holding your hand.
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[07 Dec 2003|10:39am]
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poop [07 Dec 2003|10:27am]
my hair is dyed
my hair will be cut
and tiff farted

i love tiff, i love her a lot )

everything is a-ok.
because i own.
and that fucking girl does NOT.
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