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[31 Aug 2003|09:20am]
[ music | grade 8 - one wish ]

so we didnt win an award ooh well there's always next year .. congradulations to Good Charlotte , AFI , and everyone else who won an award at the vma's .. so the 29th was David's 23rd b-day happy belated birthday David :-D

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[07 Aug 2003|11:10pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | chevelle "forfeit" ]

heyy im charles comeau but you can just call me chuck =] for the moron's who dont know me i am the sexy drummer in the band called "Simple Plan" im better looking then pierre ;] hehe .. well if you want to add me you can if not then screw ya :) because after this entry it's going to be all friends only meaning they're all locked and you wont be able to read them unless you're a friend of mine :-D .. my screen name is : "chuck x chunky" please dont im me asking me if i am really chuck because you're just simply wasting your time asking me a question like that .. have a nice night

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