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im back : ] [25 Sep 2003|09:02pm]
im back if anyone cares : ] of wants to add me lol i came back and there like 3 people left : [
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BYE FOR NOW : [ [02 Jun 2003|07:44pm]
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Alright guys i decided that i am leaving : [ but only for the summer. im going to be so buzy. im taking dance and doing camps and taking vacations and im probley going to start working and il be chilling with friends and stuff. when september rolls around i will be back. : ] you can take me off your friends list if you would like to. if not keep me on : ]

Id like to give a couple thanks yous to the people that have helped me and such..

Meredith [ xberryblondex ]: Hun i never would of thought i could get that close with someone i just met. you have been there for me when no one else was. you gave me advice you listened to me when no one else would and cheered me up when i was down. i love you and were gonna keep talking on AIM this summer!il call you from my cell once in a while and we can chat. love you forever twin ; ]

Regann [ xun4gettablex ]: you were there from the very begining and your still here : ] you always left me cute little comments and were always there when i needed the advice most. iLu girl

Caitlin [ yummiinesz ]: girl you were always makeing me smile when you commented and always put me in a good mood : ] im gonna miss you! our names are the best!

Mel [ melzzz ]: you were my very first blurty friend : ] and i love you so much! you were always there for me and we chatted it up on aim sometimes! hehe girl your so nice and dont change. thanks for everything<333

there so many more sorry if you wernt up there = / and thanks to manda for helping me with my journal : ]

i <33333333333 you all and IM me at n0t t0o Naughty! dont forget so i can talk to you on AIM

Be back in a bit

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FrienDs oNly [01 Mar 2003|11:53pm]


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( I Want Cobys Dick ;] __)