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ByE's Journal

11th February, 2003. 4:10 pm. like..OMGSH

He should know who he is.. :) I have been talking to him "all day".. and I know he reads my journal. :) You are amazing.. and yes.. we are getting married. lol.. Get in your car and meet me half way, ok? :) Your not only SO HOT... your amazingly sweet and you make me smile from ear to ear. :) No matter how long it takes you to do so! Thats all I have to say, I have a majoy crushy pooh on you :) and thats that. :)


like! YAY OMG!

*******kayla/alexis..plz dont take this one <3333 ***********

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10th February, 2003. 1:05 pm. LOLOL

because-rig ht-now-it-feels-as-if-my-o varies-are-trying-to-squee ze-out-of-my-vaginal-regio n.

Hehe. listen i went to the ATM for my dad right..& it was beeping and i thought like they were gonna arrest me
like i started to panic and i ran to the car and im like
hes like ".."
"that means the ATM is getting the reciept ready" i was like"oh"
LOL U know how they have cams on ATM machines
i bet the bankers got a kick out of that
i was about to put my hands up like "IM NOT ARMED!!!"

Basically , if u ever run into me in public..walk the other way

(Theres pix below this entry) yeahhh ummmm

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Current music: Justin T. - Cry me a river. LOLOLOLOLOL.

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10th February, 2003. 12:29 pm. Pix

w00t w00t new pix0rs. Umm Yeah. *muahz*

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8th February, 2003. 1:12 pm. Bad Night.

OMG! I got 4 hours of sleep on the !@#$ing sofa. Joey was d/s on my bed so I took the upstairs sofa w/ my cat. Stayed up watching After Hours on MTV. Then when I finally go to sleep, G-pa wakes me up WTF i'm not moving!! Then he woke me up 3 hours later and I went d/s cuz I couldn't take it anymore.
*Yawn* He wants me to leave WTD. ... )#@%&@#%&@#*%@)# ... Gr.
Yeah anywayz! i made cookies they look like well.. ahaahha. not very pretty. peeps said they look like throwup.
whatever. :)

::It could be you::
But this week, I happen to love: KayLa19xox!
Hey girl!

does this look familiar? Location:
orlando, FL - United States
About Me:
Hey my name is Kayla all my friends call my kaybabe im 18 i have green eyes brown hair i dont smoke or drink im 5 ft. 8 i live at florida umm im down to earth im a fun lovin gurl i love to play my GUITAR!!!!! lol
Turn Ons:
60: beach, blankets, bunnies, candelight, chairs, chicken tenders, clouds, computers, cows, cuddling, curling irons, dancing, drawing, driving, eyeliner, eyeshadow, final fantasy, grass, guitar, hair, healthy, heavy music, highlights, holding hands, joey, jon, keys, kissing, laughing, lipgloss, long walks, love, makeup, movies, music, night, painting my nails, pants, parks, perfume, pictures, pillows, pomade, pop tarts, puppies, rita, shirts, shoes, shopping, singing, socks, sofas, speakers,
Yeah.. :) anywayz! I'd love for you to leave me a comment! *shnookemz* In fact, meeting you would be cool!
leave a comment PLZZ!

***PHEW*** OKay thats over n' done with. I'll post some pix later too. Bye ya'll.

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7th February, 2003. 4:55 pm. PIX

Alright, just trying this.

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7th February, 2003. 11:13 am. Rawr

i wanna move! because everyone here is so absorbed with rumors that assholes spread about me wheni was fucking 12 yrs old!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i belong in the city in a warm climate. that is me. i am not meant for these stupid ass small country towns . seriously i d like to be smelling car fumes rather than horse shit. Hmm long&behold
im having a fat :D

***After a while when you learn the subtle difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul,And you learn that love doesn't mean leaning and company doesn't mean security,And you begin to learn that kisses aren't contracts and presents aren't promises,And you begin to accept your defeats with your head up an your eyes open,with the grace of an adult ,not the grief of a child,And you learn to build all your roads today because tomorrows ground is too uncertain for plans..After a wile you learn that even sunshine burns if you get to much. So plant your own garden an decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers. And you learn that you can really endure... That you really are strong, And that you really do have worth***

Just bored here. sorry. UM! OKay bye.

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3rd February, 2003. 3:38 pm. why---wow im insightful eh...

First off stuff i put in my journal, if people ARENT here to read this then DONT tell them whats in my journal. Not rocket science.(had a hard time with some dimwit) Anyways, last night was so beautiful.
ahahhahaa...WTF????? Haha! and i had THE most boring phone convo EVER. (sorry, I should Have tried a little harder) ANYWAYZ! so my eyebrows were looking a bit mm how do i put it, bert and ernie-ish. So i went and got them waxed and my g-ma was all leaning on this white what looked like a desk thing, then we realized it was a cart but it was too late and it rolled away from her and she fell on the floor haha. it was cute. went to the tanning place got a job application HHAHAHA! i wanna work at.. MMM! Little General! W00t w00t but they gotta have guns behind the counter and bars on all the doors and windows! so um yeah.. in the WEEEEE hours of the evening: *STORY AHHA* im awake. how sad. how utterly sad. i want to die.
LOLZ. jk.i played that out pretty good tho eh?i had you and your mom fooled. heeeeheee
.. I hate this style.. looks just the ujournal one.. cept it isn't. But it looks the same.. but it isn't.. ya heard me?
----Today is a hum diddly doo dah day. Which means I'm just going to be doing nothing out of the ordinary, no cliff climbing for me!--- Yeah! oh charles cook asked me out. *yuck yuck YUCK* he was all "are you n' chris still together?" "Nooo" "Ohh.." then he pulls out a sheet of paper and just DUH, god. I'm not trying to be all, "Oh i know he likes me, god i'm so fuckin' bootyful" just he asks that every i dunno.. 6 weeks. GRRRR! hes not looking for anything special! thats why he always asks me, traci GOD! just anybody to date him. NO no no no no no no.
Yeahhh! I had gym today. I ache EVERYWHERE. *grabs her blankies* owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeee.
Okay, thats it for today.
Oh yeah and Disney movies DO have meaning

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Current music: 3 DOORS DOWN- LOSER.

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