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[27 May 2003|06:01am]
so no ones confuzzled this is ME AND BRENDAS shared journal. When this journal comments in crossoutmyeyes its not me commenting on my self . its sexy brenda.

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too bad you're beautiful [22 May 2003|10:14pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | FATA-cherry kisss ]

but my hatred for you don't stop BIOTCH. haha funny song. lol....

WORD. I think we have a house in fl...me and dan are going to walk there and live there and rule all of florida. Queen kym and King daniel. How cool is that. WE'RE SOOOO GHEY. Hey now. I watched this crazy movie with j-ho and it made me want to beat up a large man. She wore all these rings and crap and beat up this crazy guy. O man.

I want to be a ninja warrior

Rwar...my goal tonight is to beat mario level 8-4 >:O I'll do it!!!

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EEFFFF YOUUU [22 May 2003|07:29pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | blink182-carousel ]

WOW. I can bitch if I fucking want to and if you don't wanna hear it then don't read it. I hate my gay dad. He's such a fucking nigger. "Oh sure i'll take you tanning and then to annettes house!" Yeah lets fucking hear it for lying and going to your whore girlfriends house instead. GOD DAMN I fucking hate that dumb bitch. I fucking hate Tina too. She's all trying to kiss ass online to me like "JUST LEAVE ME ALONE". Fucking spic. You wanted to FIGHT ME. NOW YOUR GETTING A FUCKING FIGHT I fucking hate people. I wish I could take everyone I like get in a car and drive far away from the stupid fucks who live hear. Oh wait I'm a loser who can't drive because I have a retard for a father who promises to take me to the DMV every week and fucking always has something better to do. WOW. I'm going to kill someone. I really wish Tina would appear in front of my fucking face right now just so I could show her everything I've been fucking promising to do to her. I WILL fuck that shit up. I'm not just fucking talking. No one knows how much fucking hate I have towards this scumbag. She wonders why I hate her. Would you like someone who cheats on there boyfriend who happens to be one of my bestfriends, Takes it up the ass from several people, goes after guys who are clearly taken, and has sex with fucking anyone who says they love her, wowwww.....I hope she dies a terrible death. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............Ok yah. Tomorrow should be better I'm going to the Great Escape with koren,annette,pat and jimmi...fun stuff. Till 2 am. should be fun. I need sleep tonight if I'm going to go. Some dude in my family died this week, my great uncle or something. He had a shit load of crap for my mom in his will but then they got in a fight a few years ago and were still not sure if he took her out or not. Supposodly she has a house in florida from him, that my friend would be verrry sweet. word. I'm hungry. fuck you. bye.

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whore whore whore [22 May 2003|03:31pm]
[ mood | enraged ]
[ music | talking to freddie ]

WOW. I love it when people are supposed to fight and they don't show up. I'm just showing up tomorrow unexpectedly and I'm kicking her mother fucking loose ass. I'm so mad right now. Jimmi called me right as I was walking in and told me he loves me so that made my day alot. Everything about him makes me all fuzzy. He called before he went to school too. He's so good to me :o) Anyways, Tina if you are reading this I'm sooo going to house you!!! :oD.

ihateamelia12: what a cunt licker

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[22 May 2003|01:56am]
[ mood | anxious ]


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WOW... [21 May 2003|11:06pm]
[ mood | riled ]
[ music | Brand New:No seatbelt song ]

I hate Tina so much. She read my old journal. I can't believe her. She had the god damned nerve to tell me what I should and shouldn't write in it. JUST because I called her a whore and such. SHE IS I HATE HER. I'm fighting her tomorrow too which rocks because I'm going to fucking house that dumb beast. She takes it up the ass. IM NOT KIDDING...She has a loose fucking pussy and she looks like she has a fucking butt for a nose. Me and Annette are going to fucking kill her. I can't wait. I'm breaking her nose. And her face. We're going to take pictures too!! She better show up. later.

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