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;18 Apr 2003 7:32pm ;
Hey! this is mah public page, but mah otha 1 is dedicated__ add that 1 if ur mah friend from this 1! mwahz!
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;17 Apr 2003 7:10pm ;
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I decided this would b my public page! my friends only 1 is dedicated__ so yah, if yah want, comment me and see if i'll add yah! I'm really bored! haha I'm watchin the simpsons! there's not much to write b/c I don't want the whole world to no about mah life and mah feelings and stuff! but yah, i gg luv yahz

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friends only! ;06 Apr 2003 2:59pm ;
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| music // fairly oddparents |

hey-I decided to make mah page friends only-try ur luck!

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heyy! ;06 Apr 2003 1:20am ;
| mood // hot |
| music // t.v |

heyy! I'm at Michelle and Caitlyns house right now and we're havin a blast! haha, we're watching the Proud family! lol, yah, michelle helped me do a new set up thingy and its purdiful! haha luv ya bunches shelly! YES I CAN SARGEANT!! haha funny! yah, but neways, I'm lookin at pics of Caitlyn's like family and stuff, they're on her bed thingy! I'm gonna go to sleep now! michelle's makin me a bed! I'm gonna sleep in her bed! oh yah! lol but yah i gg now! luv yahz

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Vermont.. ;02 Apr 2003 1:08pm ;
| mood // hungry |
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sry I haven't written in a while, I've been in Vermont! ahh, its soo nice up here, I've been snowboarding! its FUN! lol, I have a funny tan on my face b/c i hafta wear goggles and a helmet cus my dad makes me! ahh... annoying! I'm in a web cafe at the top of the mountain so i'm kinda hungry! lol, my sister just came clomping down the stairs! it sounded really funny..clump clump clump! lol, yah, so neways, I'm kinda bored rite now but we're about to go outside neways! I hope every1 is havin a nice spring break! I'm gonna go board now!
Luv yaz,

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American Idol.. ;26 Mar 2003 9:23pm ;
| mood // amused |
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Julia Damato just got voted off! ahh, i'm soo happy that Ricky stayed on! aww, all the ppl are like crying that she got voted off! :*( I don't think that Julia did that bad but I didn't see the whole thing so i dunno who I would want off.. aww, they're singin proud to be an american again! sry this is soo short my ma's makin me get off! luv yaz!

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... ;25 Mar 2003 6:40pm ;
| mood // giddy |
| music // ROLL OUT! |

Whats up me fallaz and my bellaz? lol, nothin much happened today.. I like COMPLETELY failed my Latin test.. but u no what who cares cus my mum is kinda used to me failin Latin-0! holla to mah Latin buddies... Tina, Lincy, Paige, Micheller Mer, Michelle McC! Lov you all, Latin would suck w/o ya! ya so neways..hmm... I had art today and we were all talkin about how the student teacher was like the BIGGEST dumbass, even mrs. Lombardo was talkin shit about her! it was funny.. yah, so neways, I have an English test tomorow and I am gonna seriously fail! ahh.. omg, today when Blake was tryin to tell me sumtin dat I couldn't figure out...I like tripped and every1 was there! ahh.. yah, so 4 lax right, I was playin 1st home, which i've neva played be4 so I was all confused and then my team got like mad at me and i was like uhmm... yah ok! cus I had no motha fuck!n idea what I was supposed to do! yah, but Its all good now cus I got it strait, and so yah, that kinda sucked but w/e! we have a scrimmage on thurs. and we're prob. gonna loose b/c we only have 4 subs if no1s absent and this girl.. kristen macgranehan.. is like sick! so yah, she like comes to practise everyday but just like sits and watches us! annoying.. yah, in activity we played DUCK*DUCK*GOOSE again, it was seriously fun! lol, yah, neways.. I hafta go get mah dinner.. mmm... pizza! iLu*

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bored.bored.bored ;23 Mar 2003 8:54pm ;
| mood // worried |
| music // t.v. |

ahh...I'm soo bored! i hafta do my h/w but I really don't wanna! i wrote a really long entry be4 but it got deleted..GRR! I'm ellen's angel and she's my mouth! lol, we are the DOA! haha i <3 ya sweetie! haha..our powers are AMAZING! lolz, yah, so i'm really bored! i think I hafta go to bed now b/c I have school tomorow and I've been really tired lately! :O ::Yawn:: lol, that was kinda weird lookin but yah! I still hafta do my h/w! GRR! theres this like random commercial on t.v about like jelly gish and crap! aww, there was a really cute fish.. haha the commercial is about ::POLUTION:: lol! ahh, the news is like scaring me b/c there was this English journalist who died and thats like what my uncle is so yah, like i no its not him, but it like kinda was a wake up that it might happen to him..='( yah so i've been in like really weird today, like i was being really rude to my mum this morning and i am like in a weird mood! ahh.. well neways I gg!
later <33

God Bless Every1 in Irag right now, especially my Uncle Jamie

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