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[09 Sep 2003|06:08pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Brand New-The quiet things noone ever knows ]

ok. hi.......nothing happened i got asked out by 5 guyys, and to which i said no to. damn pigs.

Kill me, whxre.

eh. [06 Sep 2003|10:42am]
[ mood | em........ ]
[ music | The Starting Line-Saddist Girl Story ]

I just sneezed all over my screen. oops. well, i though that the chat room was gonna be lloosstt...nooo. nobody was on. *ahem* Kim, Marky<3, Jay, Jen, Kat, Ash, and everyone else. but anyways. im about to leave, and get out of ths house. mmiisserraabbllee. but ill get out. oh yeah. i love this song. its great ok, well, im in the chat right now. the chat is not lost. great. im in it right now. just little kids. none of my frends ;[ well im leaving now.

Kill me, whxre.

la la la [04 Sep 2003|06:00pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | Three days Grace-i hate everything about you ]

Alright, i just tried making dinner for my mom, and i burned my hand, but i ended up burning the food anyways, heh. effort for nothing. My dog wont shut her mouth, she keeps barking at nothing.....or is it really nothing? who knows? i dont. Who saw freddy .vs. jason? i didnt :( this guy at school, keeps asking me to go to the movies with him to watch freddy .vs. jason, hes such a.............pig......... and now for the news that shocked me im starting to think im not sure though. yesterday after school, i hung out with my friend Josephine, shes bi too, and we hung out at her house, and i was just so....attracted by her, and i tried to kiss her, which shocked me even more. but i didnt. i dont know.............;[

Kill me, whxre. more blahs [04 Sep 2003|08:07am]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | Radiohead-There There ]

Im going to ggguuuuiiiiiiitttttttaaaaaarrrrrrr pppppprraaaacccctttiiiiiiiccccceeeeeee!!!!!! Im so excited, but i have to go to school now. yesterday at school, we had sex talk.......such an intresting subject ;o
oh, i was walking home from school, and this guy in a black van, started to make kissing noises at me..........damn guys in black vans >.<

oh and i just found out............that im in love with this song, "there there" by Radiohead :)

Kill me, whxre.

uh.. [03 Sep 2003|10:55pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | Radiohead-there there ]

Alright well my moms being a little...*bleep* haha thats my new thing, annyyways, hey, my blurty friend, i dont know your name..the funny one....your sexy :)! ok, well, lets see, nothing. heh
have i said that enough?more intresting blah's later.
my moms yelling at me, gotta walk the dog!

Kill me, whxre.

just a little entry [03 Sep 2003|05:28pm]
[ mood | artistic ]
[ music | Otep-Fillthee ]

This is my "blurty", now, i think i did a pretty good job, with the colors and such, if its not what you like....f--- off :) cause i "heart" it, i went to school today, they made me play soccer :( the gym teacher said i should try out for soccer cause im really good, im thinking about it........but me? Jenna playing soccer?! whoa, it would be wierd too, but thats all for now, bye

Kill me, whxre.

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