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gosh [23 Aug 2003|05:53pm]
[ mood | working ]
[ music | all that jazz - chicago ]

blah my johnny boo boo boo boo boo is hardly on anymore. lmao. ( how to lose a guy in 10 days ) a geek. yeahhhh. lets see what i've done lately..

thursday: me and rachel went to chilli's and we were looking at the waiters butts cause they were all old but they all had really nice rear ends O.o odd. then we ate..and drove around portage and lake station for awhile. we followed this car with 2 cute guys in it..and then they followed us..and then we followed them again. actually we werent really, cause i really had to go the same way but they probably thought we were doing it on purpose. anyways..then she spent the night at my house and we watched chicago, how to lose a guy in 10 days, and half of the lizzie mcguire movie. haha.

friday: rachel left at 3:15 er so and then matt came over just to hang out. then he left at 5 and i desperately tried to find someone to go to the football game with. sooo i had no luck with that, and i just ended up going alone. i sat with my dad and uncles for like, 5 minutes until jose called my cell phone and said he was going to meet me by the front. so i waited for almost a freaking hour and he never came so i went to find erin cause she also called my cell phone and told me to find her. so i sat by her, mike, kristin g, kristin s, and kym..and some other people i dont know. haha. mike is seriously so nice and funny. he's like "tracy! im going to get you something special for your birthday." haha. i was like "awesome!" then he kept pointing at steve and telling me not to stare at him ( he's on the football team..and he's the guy i lost my virginity too back in june ) buttt yeah..thats the first time i've seen him in awhile ;x then mike made me go pee with him cause he didnt want to walk alone, and he was telling his friends i was going to "help him." haha. what a geek. then i left the game like, 5 minutes before it ended cause portage was kicking our ass. then i came home and had a "discussion" with my mom and she now knows im not a virgin. she took it well suprisingly. hmm. this morning i woke up at 9 and went out to breakfast with my parents..but i drove seperately and went to kristines house. well not actually..i met her somewhere in the neighborhood cause im not allowed to hang out with her cause her mom hates me for some reason. soo we talked for about an hour and then i left and came home and cleaned the truck and then the house. whew. then i passed out on the couch and took a nap. haha. now im trying to find something to do ;x not fun. i love you john


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