n. i┬Ědol
1. An image used as an object of worship
2. One that is adored, often blindly or excessively. [syn. god, perfection, goddess]

[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Mae - Soundtrack to our movie ]

New Year, New Journal

Hi everyone. This journal is dead and gone.
And its been dead and gone for a long time.
and i probably will never ever come back.

so, if you want to still read my journal or
you're looking for me for whatever reason
i've moved to livejournal with the username
love_arienette. Drop me a comment and i'll
probably add you. that is, unless i hate you.

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everyone, i know i havent been updating.. but it would be a HUGE favor to me if you go here: http://www.outpimp.com/?x=202008
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[ mood | crazy ]

meh, well .. here it is:

Comment here if you want to be added back,ill consider it, and ill expect a change of attitude :tisk tisk:

you_suck you have a new journal
rebellia never commented
mis_understooddo you read..?
lindzbaby comments..comments..?..no?
criedxzac merhg..dont add me if you arent going to read
cowcrazy same comment to you
_ do you ever update?
eat_this_riley havent udated in forever
ancientdid you abandon your journal?
sporkalicious what happened to you? did you die?? i misss you! ill happily add you back if you ever update again..

meh, that wasnt too painful.

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[ mood | confused ]
[ music | protest song + anti-flag ]

ok. i cant play the banjo..

but i can play the triangle ;D

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[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | star no star - Jack off Jill ]

Friends Only.

I won't add you if...
+YoO TyPE LyKe DiZ eN ThInK YoO R Oo SOo SeXxIE En WoNt ShUt uP AbOuT It
+Most of your entries are quizzes, surveys, or AIM conversations
+You never update
+You never comment
+You like pop music and/or country music

i will add you if..
+ You seem fun/interesting/cool/unusual
+ You add me
+ You comment once in a while

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