watch me bleed razor sharp kisses
. . my confession . .

i'm volatile &
afraid to cry

[12 Dec 2002|10:05pm]
mood \ weird
music \ jack off jill - horrible

i've made a new blurty journal, which is why i haven't been posting here. its boygrinder_. add me, or don't. but if you don't comment every now & then, you will be deleted. i refuse to be nothing more than a number on your friends list. thx. goodbye.


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[20 Oct 2002|01:18am]
mood \ thoughtful
music \ the white stripes - we're going to be friends

this little journal of mine is now friends only. ask politely and i'll possibly hand over the key to the lock, kiddos. :)

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[19 Oct 2002|04:58pm]
mood \ creative
music \ violet tumble - killer in a safe place

look at me jumping onto the bandwagon and getting my little 'ol self a 'blurty.' gee that name is just SO inviting, aye? i mean.. how could i resist? heh.

anyway.. excuse me while i make one of my lame attempts to make this thing look nice, or something along those lines..

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