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[11AM 22 February 2003 ]
mood - sad
music - Les Ordures Ioniques - L'arme Canadienne


new blurty.

add me.

I miss Sara.

I haven't a clue what they're saying but it reminds me of Sara. <3

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ugh [9PM 10 February 2003 ]
mood - blah blah blah
music - More Iron Maiden songs!

I'm getting my tattoo this weekend

Hurrah! <3 I'm thinking leopard spots on my arm. Sort of like Alaine from the Devotchkas except I think I want mine to be pink leopard spots. Gimmie feedback hoes.

Sara got my letter today. I'm sending out Heather's, Davey's, Mikal's, and Brad's letters tomorrow. =DD

Good day I suppose. I went spaztic when Chaise touched my hair. I was so pissed at him and I was like "Don't touch my fucking hair". Ugh. Later I was walking down the hall and people were staring at my hair so I screamed "STARE ANY FUCKING LONGER AND YOUR EYES WILL POP OUT OF YOUR FUCKING HEAD". Idiots.

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[12AM 01 February 2003 ]
picture of chaise! )
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[1PM 24 December 2002 ]
friends only. add me, comment, and i`ll look into adding you back. bri.
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