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this time
i fell
too hard

«31 Dec 2002|01:38pm»
her mood is `: hot
her music is `: Kelly osbourne

Happy New Years Everyone <3

Resolutions For the New Year:

;Keep room clean
;Make something of myself
;Uhm, try to be a better person
;Start excersing
;Eat right

I doubt i'll get any of these things to work lol but i'll try, i swear.

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baahh «30 Dec 2002|07:34pm»
her mood is `: hungry

At 3:25 i went to the movies with andie. Suprising huh? Yeah we saw the Lord of the Rings. OMG IT WAS SO GOOD! AND ORLANDO BLOOM IS SOO HOT. GOD I LOVE HIM IWANT TO MARRY HIM I WANT HIS KIDS!!! ;drools. ;cries. I want him. Anyway. I was throwing popcorn at people. Then i called random people on my cell phone. One person's answer machine came on and i just left them to listen to the movie lmfao. Then i called someone else and they kept saying "hello, hello" while i was letting them listen to the movie. Lmfao i'm so odd. Anyway me and andie kept talking and disturbing people during the movie :]


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My theory on suicide «30 Dec 2002|12:20am»
Uhm, you all know that suicide is self murder right. So, people who don't take care of their health on purpose...that's suicide too. Cause you did it to yourself. When you eat fatty and salty foods, and get fat...and it leads to heart disease or something..That's self murder too...Suicide? Same thing with smoking, it's you that's smoking those cancer sticks. And they all know that'll they'll die from it sooner or later...Suicide? I guess in a way it's not. But still, it is. Suicide is self murder Nobody else did it, but you. So basically it IS!
Uhm i just thought of this...cause lately suicide is like the only thing on my mind. But yeah it is...in a way.
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«27 Dec 2002|03:52pm»
her mood is `: depressed
her music is `: bored

Today i saw a girl
Who was crying all alone
She had scars and bruises
On her legs and on her arms
She sat in a dark room
With no one by her side
As she cried hysterically
I was she was alright
But as i came a little closer
To this illusion of my mind
I started to realize
This girl was just a mirror image
Of my life.

xcrazy_geekx: your my soul mate
xcrazy_geekx: lmao
xticklemepink: lmfao my soul sister.

Jen <33 my best friend :]

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«26 Dec 2002|12:03pm»
i'm gonna attempt to learn how to edit styles and make it all nice n shit.
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