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[12 Feb 2004|09:36pm]
have i really hurt so many of you, betrayed so many of your trusts? have i? have i dont it so much that nobody can believe anything i say anymore?

it really is sad when i try being so sincere to the people i care about and all they can do is ignore me, or have other people telling them what i say isnt true. and it hurts so much when i am ACTUALLY being honest and the person shines me on.

ive learned the hard way.
i know now to take on ONE thing at a time.
cuz if there are 459874758 things going on someone will get hurt.
a friendship will be lost.
and theres no turning back.

i want you all to know that im trying very hard to be a better person. no weed, no more alcohol,. well ...at least ill try to stop. and ill be a true friend. and not take you for granted.

this is my formal apology to everyone ive hurt.
im sorry.
id like another chance.
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[03 Feb 2004|09:38pm]
ever since 98', music has changed, style has changed, the way we think has changed, opinions have changed, laws have changed, america has changed, families have changed, our clothes have changed, magazines have changed, the media has changed, death has changed, tv has changed, videos have changed, bands have changed, photography has changed, art has changed, friends have changed, movies have changed, technology has changed, love has changed, life has changed.
why did I just realize this?
I've realized what shit our worlds have become.
it started in 99 to me
I remember the first britney spears video, and after that
everything else was a blur.
I miss lisa loeb, nirvana, salt n pepa, guns n roses, not having a computer, salute your shorts, wild and crazy kids, roccos modern life, disposable cameras, van halen, jelly sparkle sandals, living in a bathing suit, family dinners, playing in the attic, my favorite pink bunny, hanson, blind melon, watching the news, rainbow bright, wayens world, aerosmith, teenage mutant ninja turtles, pete and pete, are you afraid of the dark.
I know some of those were way before the early 90's but I remember those things back then.

take me back to the early 90's
I wish I was a teenager then.
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[29 Jan 2004|11:59pm]
hi umm
veena is one hot bitch.
im going to nevada to visit her.
we share wardrobes.
we both smell of love spell by victoria's secret.
i love her to pieces.
and when i go visit her we're getting our septums pierced.
a nice little septum stud straight through, real cute.[NOT, a fucking ring hanging down, just a little stud]
oh aaaannnddddd.
we're valentines.
aaaaanndddd i love her!
<3 kaythanks, doodz.
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[29 Jan 2004|09:54pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

I had the worst day ever. It was the first time in months I've been emotionally distraught. Finally my head couldn't take it and I had a terrible migraine. I left school early and came home and slept all day. My momma brought me apple juice and a deli sandwich. Yum. I didn't feel better after I woke up and eaten either. I felt worse. I just don't know what came over me. It was a horrible feeling. Well, I hope I get better soon. I also bought new jeans and shoes this weekend. I love it when someone gives me 60$ and I spend it on 30$ jeans and 7$ shoes. Oh, amazing. But anyways, just so you guys know, my jeans are so tight. They're so tight that today the crotch ripped right out. I ran into the bathroom and laughed my face right off. It was embarrassing but funny.

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im russian, bitches [29 Jan 2004|09:40pm]
Только, потому что я закрываю мои глаза, который не означает, что я не вижу то, что Вы делаете ко мне. И только потому что я не признаю, что я вижу, что ваша привязанность и эмоции для меня не означают, что я являюсь, ни хочу быть слепым к вашей любви.
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[25 Jan 2004|09:38pm]
[ mood | good ]

im not worth living for;

believe me.

school today.

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[24 Jan 2004|09:35pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | ajsdhgkajhglawuyg TORRANCE!!!! ]

Tonight; it hit me.

I am seperated from the one thing in my life that matters most to me.
I'm seperated from him by an interstate and some cactus accompanied by a lot of blue sky.
The only things keeping me from the pains in my stomach are material. In reality, it seems impossible to love someone when distance is between you. But what is distance?
Is it those trees or shrubs? Or is it that hot asphalt? Is it those same clouds that we both grimace at every day, knowing all we want is to touch?
Or is distance an excuse for all of the love in the world? I can tell you that I love this boy so much, it scares me. I can tell you that if there were no space between us, you wouldn't be able to tell where he ended and I began. Distance saves persona, saves individual, save self. Distance pulls at love, pulls at money, pulls at every human emotion ever known. But is distance one substantial matter, or is it different to everyone?
From now on, I refuse to let distance into my life. I will see it as the time I stick one arm out of the shower to reach for my towel. I will compare it to the handle on a coffee cup, or the lens cap of a camera. Something so minescule, so petite and irelevant, but so useful at times.
Is distance useful to my relationship? No. Distance obscures my love life but does no change the fact that he is and will always be the love of my life. And from now on, I refuse to live without my love.

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[23 Jan 2004|09:39pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

im a darnasaur: hey douche
omg jaime leigh: hey vag
im a darnasaur: NOT IN SCHOOL AGAIN?!?!!>?
omg jaime leigh: nope
omg jaime leigh: im going on five days, baby.


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[22 Nov 2003|01:10am]
[ mood | HOLY CRAP!! ]





They have a new Dumbledore his name is Michael Gambon, he looks just like Dumbledore so I guess thats okay.

Tom Felton plays Draco again, I swear hes so sexy.

Daniel Radcliffe looks so much older its weird. The special effects look so awesome and I am so excited I dont think anyone understands.

The music is going to be so amazing I feel like crying.

WE ARE ALL GOING TO SEE Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in the


but Sean Biggerstaff wont be in this movie :(
uhg, no one gets this.

for more information go to



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[17 Nov 2003|09:14am]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | le shok ;) ;) ...my love ]

so im at elisabeth's place.
decided to skip a little school today.
im tired.
yesterday was my birthday.
teehee. teehee.
and i kind of like this guy....

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[02 Nov 2003|11:00pm]
Its so shocking this is.
Keep on pulling your strings
dear girl,
it only means once more.
Once more you will be able
to play this charade.
This charade and game
of skill
at who’s best.
Best at guzzling down
your hopes and dreams.
Your loves
and hates
your despises and
your pity’s.
Wont you open your cold drunken eyes
to see the day
where not a drop would be needed?
Or are you too selfish and content
in knowing you will confront their origin
once again.
This is how your story goes
too sad to tell.
On and on it follows
every aspect of a stereotype you know nothing but everything about.
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[02 Nov 2003|10:56pm]
hey idiot fucking face;

i thought that after our chinsey talks and short hello and goodbyes we had gotten passed all of the animosity and childish theatrics and games. thank you for trying to ruin what i would like to see begin. and to you, please dont let this phase you. please let me prove it wrong and show you that what she said isnt true. and thankyou elisabeth, for standing up for me. i appreciate you so much.

jaimeson leigh taylor.
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[02 Nov 2003|10:47pm]
[ mood | ;) ;) ]
[ music | le shok ]

hes amazing.
his words cut me, his beauty is so staggering.
one word outof his mouth and i melt.
hearing his voice on the phone for the first time in a week sent chills down my back. honestly. "no joke" ;)
man oh man.
we made a promise, that i wish i could take back. but i told him it was okay if he broke it.
i am truly amazed by this boy. i am honestly in amazement. i love him, i cant help it! le sigh.

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in the same scream [02 Nov 2003|10:45pm]
A boy hears sounds. He hears sound before he has a name. He hears gurgling, pounding underwater. He hears an ocean of blood swimming around him. Through his veins. Through his mother. He breaks into the light of day. He’s shocked that he has a voice. He finds his voice and screams. He hears it screaming as though coming down through ancient time. Like it belongs to another body. He hears it that way. He hears the crack of his own flesh. His own heart. His skin sliding on rubber mats. Squeaking. He hears his own bones growing. Stretching his skin in all directions. Bones moving out. Organs expanding. The sound of cells booming through his brain like tiny intergalactic missiles. Atoms. Nuclear rushes of wind through his nose holes. Toenails rubbing blankets in the dark. Books falling on pianos. Electricity humming even when the lights are off. Internal combustion engines. Turbo jets.

Then one day he gears what they call “music” in the same way he hears what they call “noise.” In the same scream. Music as an extension of sound. An organization. Another way of putting it. He’s disappointed. He’s disappointed and exhilarated at the same time. Exhilarated because he sees an opening. An adventure. A way inside. He sees that putting any two things together produces a sound. Striking, plucking, blowing, rubbing, dropping, kicking, kissing. Any two things. He has a revelation. Or rather, a revelation presents itself. Stabs at him. Enters into him and becomes his physiology. His physiognomy. His psychology. His paraphernalia. His makeup. He puts it to use.

He’s driven towards it in a way that most men would consider suicidal. His production is abundant. Nonstop. Endlessly winding through the un-heard-of-before symphonies. He shakes the sidewalks with competition. Every city in the world is calling his name. He invents totally new chord progressions and scales. New names for notes that not even the Chinese have heard of. Instruments that he makes up in the bathtub. His music is sweeping the country.

And then one day he disappears. Just like that. He goes. Not dead, just gone. No one can figure it out. Rumors are spread that he’s kidnapped. Abducted and taken to Sweden. Then it switched to murder. Talk of him being involved with particular ladies of particular gentlemen. Then his body is found. His body is found with his face blown off. His fingerprints are tested and they check out completely. His one-of-a-kind fingerprints. Case closed. He’s fooled them all. He’s just laying low.
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