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i just thought you should know. [30 Nov 2003|03:36pm]
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i'm really tired of waiting to grow up, as if it's going to be one moment when i realize i am suddenly all these things i wasn't before, all these things i've set out to be (maybe), and more, or les, but at the very least, i'm tired of waiting for the feeling that i am a different person than you knew yesterday.

i feel like i miss something, a particular time or something, but there's nothing i can really grasp and hold on to and say "that was it -- frame this era in my life." moments, sure, but a whole period of time? -- it never works out that way.

i really want to give each of you a hug for being the individual you are. i'm sappy and sick (somehow) but love is real and spreading, even when we're sad, even when we're unfufilled, disapointed, anxious, and all those other adjectives.

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