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Access Denied [29 Apr 2003|08:14pm]
[ mood | busy ]
[ music | Jaked On Green Beers [Alkaline Trio] ]


Uno: Do NOT add me if you want a bigger list. That's GAY.
Dos: d0nT tYpE LyK dIsZ. I will shoot you in the face if you add me and you do that.
Tres: Comment me, I'll comment you.
Cuatro: Update at least twice a week. Some people add me and they haven't even updated ONCE. What the funk is that?!
Cinco: DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT cause conflict with my friends. If you hate on them, I will take you off my list and ban you forever.
Seis: Don't cause problems with ME. I will hunt you down like an animal and cook you for dinner.
Siete: Be nice and don't ramble on for years or update 5840967546748957493 times a day [with the exception of Bahk]

Easy, right? Good. Abide by my rules and we'll get along GREAT. Thank you much. <3 Steph

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