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Sunday, April 25th, 2004

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    *New Journal*
    Hey Everybody, I made a new journal cuz my other one was all fucked up.
    Neways... i don't remember what my last entry in my other journal was about.. but i know it was b4 march break.. so i'll just talk about from march break till now.
    Well on March Break.. I went out with <3Cameron<3 But we aren't to gether anymore :o(..becuz of me.. and my stupidness.. but itz all good, we're still friends. He's with Jordanne now.
    anyways on March 19th i went to a JERSEY Concert!!! it was so fuckin sweet they kick sum serious ass!!! I got to meet them afterwards it was soo fun and they are soo cool!!
    umm.. on easter weekend my cuzins came to visit, i went outside cuz my cuzin wanted me to skateboard so i got on teh skateboard and then he pushed me adn i fell and hit my head on the ground, so i had to sit with a can of beer to my head so it wouldn't swell :o) then i stayed over nite at Brits house.. that was fun, then on Easter Monday i went for a FIVE hour walk with Ben and Andy, adn my parents thot i ran away :o)
    Recently i've started hangning out with my duude friends a lot! last week on Wednesday(14th) i walked home with the ben, andy, doug, jordanne and we walked to brits, and cameron was outside skateboarding, and then joranne left, and andy and cameron were skateboarding and then after we left brit's we walked aroudn and then me andy and ben ditched doug and walked around, and then they came to my house till like 9.
    Last Monday was footloose.. it was so gay.. i sat by andy and we were laughing at the mentaly cahllenged ppl that were liek screaming it was funny.
    then the worst thing happened... me and brit talk this guy aaron that we like him(but we don't adn never did) and then we found out that he likes us back and stuff.. and then we felt really bad.. and aaron and cameron are like best friends.. so cameron MADE me tell aaron the turth, that i don't really like him.. it was so sad.. i cried 4 ever.. cuz ppl were sayin shit like callin me a heartless bich and then CAmeron was soo pissed at me 4 that.. so i cried for like 5 hours and i didn't sleep cuz i was crying then to. then me adn brit apoligized to aaron 4 like everything that we did the next day.. it was sooo sad.. i wanted to cry!!
    then that day after skool ben and andy walked with me and jordanne adn brit home and then we hung out infront of brit's 4 a while and cameron was there and he kept hitting my with huge rock thigs and so i kept stealing them and it was raelly funny.. and then sum other stuff happened like.. me and andy were sitting on his skateboard and cameron was standing infront of me but he was stanidng on my feet.. i dunno how to explain it.. adn they were tickling me.. i was like crying.. it was funny!.. we had so much fun! then Friday after skool Jordanne and andy came over and there was a fat kid waving at me and blowing kisses to me and stuff.. it was sooo funny.. and then i was laying on Andy's skateboard and he was throwing rocks at me and trying to get them in my bellybutton.. it was great!.. then yesterday brit spent the nite and it was fun.. we met DANNY:o) he's my brothers friend and he is like... SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cool :o) i love him (but.. not like that) and we also.. SEEN ANDREW'S MR. BIG :o) lmao it was oo funny.. we were on webcam with him till like 3:30am.. then he left us.. lol.. 2moro im going to montreal for 3 days.. i don't want to anymore cuz im gonna miss my duude friends :o( and especially one of them who i really really like.. but no1 knows that.. yet :o)
    neways.. im gonna go pack my stuff 4 2moro
    later duudues!

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