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bleh.. [21 Oct 2003|01:53pm]
[ mood | creative ]
[ music | [classical] ]

well i havn't updated in a while, nuthin has been happening.i stayed home today though..and im prolly not going to go to really not in the mood. but anyways..all i'v been doing today is been on and updating my profile like 20 million times.if you wanna see me on there im ThoughtlessMurder theres some new pictures too..yay..

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waiting.. [04 Oct 2003|10:03am]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | [oh dear..NUTHIN!!!] ]

dutadoo..i dicided to update while waiting for my mother to get her butt in gear so i can go to the library..i wanna look for im talking to sandi..and jason..and and and..carolyne..oh hell i think i spelt her name wrong.
okay..need to clean..bye!!! lol

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bleh..thursday [18 Sep 2003|03:34pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | [stones][i cant get no satisfaction] ]

so was was clevage day..and you missed it!!! you better be glad! i felt like a shit..anyways..justin wrote me a little it was cute.he said that he was jesus re-born! yea man!:D lol anyways..he said he loved me because i gave him some smokes today..well like everytime at anyways..tomorrow will be interesting because me and nissa are going to brians and dwanes to chill with them for a bit..and we might! go to the shit ass i doubt it though..uhh..what was i gonna say..oh mother said that she doesnt want me to go into town tomorrow night becasue of the i just kinda laughed..hah.anyways i suppose i'll go now..i'll have fun though tomorrow thanks fr asking..oh and geoff knows that i like justin now! dammit!!!! and him and justin were talking after school..and i dont know what about..hopefully not about


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home..ha! [17 Sep 2003|09:45am]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | [spin doctors][what time is it?] ]

i hate blurty..i'v been trying for like 20mins to get my damn icon up and all i could put up is this one that i made like a while ago..i gotta figure out how to figure this crap out with the icons..i got everything else down..just not that.bleh!i finally finished drawing my picture of eric! lol its funny looking i said to him..i'v noticed i have to fix your it doesnt really look like him! lol but when i showed him he punches me in the sholder and im like..umm..right! lol im kinda wishing i went to class today! im so mother told me that i have to read if im going to stay home.i said i would but i doubt i and i left Nissa all alone!! oh dear..meh..she left me yesterday! lol so im just getting back at her..[ahem]eric gave me the idea to eat pudding because he was going i go get a vanilla one.becasue the chocolate is just erm..ronchey! lol anyways..i take a bite..slurp..whatever and it tastes sooo terrible!!! ew!!! the last pudding i had was gross too..what the hell is going on with these puddings..i should ask eric when he comes back online..

i dislike pudding now..

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a journal.. [14 Sep 2003|11:09am]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | [rob zombie][dead girl superstar] ]

oOo..a got a journal! lol and i got a feesh too!!! yesterday man! i named it sushie!:D yay! oh hey if most of you people wanna know who i am myold journal is erm...bloodymascara! lol..i like this one better! yay! my keyboard is being a fuck today!! hehhehe...woooooooooh.....

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