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1st March 2004

4:18pm: i cut again today. but this time, since i didnt do it for a while and just kept taking it in, i did it a lot more and a lot deeper. its getting worse but oh well. im getting tired of faking the smiles. everyone at my school thinks im a depressed bitch, so we can atleast change what they think about the depressed part by smiling. i might get to go back home for the summer and see all my family. and just in case you guys didnt know that home is hawaii. im soo homesick im going crazy in this stupid boring cold place they call wisconsin. we might move when my sister moves out of the house. i want to move to either seattle or...cali
Current Mood: pessimistic
Current Music: mushroomhead-these filthy hands

1st February 2004

8:33pm: im eating mini cream puffs and drinking orange soda. and im bored. i dont know how to add my picture cuz im dumb like that. my mom bet money on the superbowl game and won $125 yeah isnt that great like you wanted to know...my foods teacher has a nasal voice. and a crotch bubble too (the fat right above the crotch but below the belly button) yes she cant talk in a normal inside voice she has to yell everything its so retarded, kinda like me but not as bad.

I smoked a pack of cigarettes before midday
I coughed up a lung around one
I can't see a thing through my eyes that sting
I can't remember having so much fun
--frenzal rhomb
Current Mood: naughty
Current Music: operation ivy-healthy body(sick mind)
5:11pm: last night i had a dream about spaceships...im waiting for my sweatshirt i ordered from the internet. yeah i just got back from the dells there was this ten year old that was trying to get me to make out with his friend. so im like yeah...i dont make out with ten year olds sorry haha funniest thing. i hate the superbowl, everyones all psyched to see it and see the new commercials companies pay millions of dollars for 30 seconds. thats so retarded but thats just my opinion hah. wow im dumb i dont care if you guys dont like it you can kiss my ass. i feel like eating chocolate ice cream with strawberry sauce on it...im hungry. you all should download the song hair cut economics by hot hot heat its super good. my bday is next monday yay haha my nephew is hilarious hes in one of those jumping things you hang from the ceiling. hes...jumping im gunna go now. bye
Current Mood: full
Current Music: hot hot heat-hair cut economics
11:22am: i just came back from wisconsin dells lol there were these ten year olds hitting on me....yeah just a little scary. captain ron is a funny movie, but super troopers, dazed and confused, and but i'm a cheerleader are the funniest movies ever. im waiting for my atreyu sweatshirt to come in the mail...its taking too long. im hungry im going to eat ice cream with strawberries so bye.
Current Mood: sleepy
Current Music: authority zero-progress

28th January 2004

9:24pm: wow today sucked. it went from bad to worse, i could possibly end up being driven to my own funeral in a long black hearse one thing i learned in this living hell, things are never perfect. life is a giant pile of shit and it really isnt worth living for...i found a way to 'control' my emotions though. it involves a razor and some kleenex.

If you really think you got what it takes to be me,
Then walk a mile in the skin of my head case mental being,
So you want a piece of this life that belongs to me,
Well make a cut on the line and take a deeper look inside of the
Current Mood: depressed
Current Music: mudvayne-under my skin
2:58pm: bored...(again)
its soo hot in here....rar...lol jk my dog smells funny. dude i wanna go to china soo bad. it looks so awesome

slip on your gap jeans, your nike t-shirt, your reeboks-or maybe even your cons if you think that makes you cool and ironic in a kurt cobain kind of way... am i the only one who sees the irony of sittin in lit class reading 1984, having a class discussion of big brother watching out for us like its some time way in the futer? some science fiction mightmare thats never really going to happen? our lives couldnt be more dictated by the corporations if they gave our schools A/V equipment in exchange for making us watch commercials in class. oh yeah, they do that already.

oh yeah...and uncle larry if you could turn down the talk about my dad's penis...that'd be super haha.
Current Mood: hot
Current Music: pennywise-fuck authority

27th January 2004

9:28pm: hello...my name is bingo. i like to climb things. can i have a banana? eek eek. wow i just got into another fight with my best friend, what a suprise! whats the count now? fight number 1,956? daaamn. im not even 18...haha. my dad is a dick...hes gay yeah. im so bored, im counting the lines on my hand. well, i was before i started typing. yeah im soo interesting i know!

Spicy was big, burly and strong his pipes were gigantic, and so was his schlong. from city to city running around looking for chicks over four hundred pounds
---dropkick murphys
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