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in my world [05 Mar 2006|07:14pm]
I was just on the phone with Dani. She's super fun to talk to =) I was telling her how Alia told me I'm the only white person that gets ashy, and then Dani told me that her boyfriend does, too...ha.

Ugh I'm so bored today! I can't wait until Thursday!
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newsradio [05 Mar 2006|05:02pm] I haven't updated this yet...oh wells I am now!

I bought the third season of Newsradio on DVD today at the mall. Yayyy! I love that show so much...does anybody else watch it? Or even know what it is? Haha. Not a lot of people do I guess...

I have to go to school tomorrow..ugh...but Thursday I'm skipping and going somewhere with some family members...two of my aunts, my uncle, and my that should be fun because I like to hang out with them. =)

I finally cleaned out my friggin' backpack today. It was sooo heavy and now it's pretty light, haha. So, now my back won't hurt during school...yayy!
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