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Wednesday, May 5th, 2004

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    wait... are these SUPPOSED to make me feel shitty?
    You are a little unstable, always needing to still
    make sure your friend is still your friend.
    Don't worry, if you are friendly with them, you
    will still be their friend! :) Cheer up.

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    You care alot for your friends but sometimes forget
    about yourself. This makes you a really
    generous friend but there is a such thing as to
    much of a good thing. Your constantly putting
    others needs above your own and are very
    selfless. Your generosity can sometimes get you
    in bad friendship where some one uses you. Your
    a great person just remember to look out for
    you! : )..............Please rate my quiz

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    car needs clutch... shane needs money... life could use some fuckitol sometime soon...

    gumbi and his horse pokey says hi... me too

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