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2nd March 2003

1:33pm: I was trying to sleep and one of my mother's friends called. She didn't even leave a message.

Pisses me off.


Current Mood: annoyed
Current Music: I'll Fly Away-Oh Brother Where Art Thou Sndtrk.

22nd February 2003

11:01pm: Living
Its Saturday night, do you know where your social life went?

I sure as hell don't......and I want it to come back.

Don't go out much anymore. Run the occasional errands, go out to the occasional dinner with Papi.

I miss my friends, but they've moved on.

They all have kids. Some of them married, some didn't.

A lot of them were really irresponsible kids and now they have kids.

I wan't kids and thus far have failed.

I'm beginning to feel like a failure.

And, started questioning whether or not I'm barren.

What an awful feeling.
Current Mood: pensive
Current Music: DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist - #2
10:47pm: Pissed off
I just let my dog in. He tried bringing in a half-chewed pigeon that one of my cats had gotten yesterday.

Stupid ass wouldn't let it go.

He is punished.


Current Mood: annoyed
Current Music: DJ Shadow-Red Bus
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