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[07 Sep 2003|05:06pm]
new name= raiseyohands

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Thanks ya Claires [05 Sep 2003|12:56pm]
[ mood | bored ]

♥ Survey ♥ )

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[30 Aug 2003|12:44am]
[ mood | tired ]

Well things are finally setteling down, I'm in my school routine and I've figured everything out in my head. As usual I was over reacting about nothing. I'm so glad we have a 3 day weekend. It's not like we've been in school that long, but I still feel like it is needed. I have all next week off from work, pretty happy about that. It will be a nice little break. Me and claire and keely and brittn need to hang out again....SOON SUCKAS!

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[27 Aug 2003|05:49pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I FEEL AWESOME, please don't bring me down.

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hmm...question mark, question mark [26 Aug 2003|11:53am]
[ mood | happy ]

I don't even know if anyone reads this. Eh, o.k. so today was school. Nothing exciting is happening. I really want to do well in school this year, but it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. I think it will be a lot easier than last year considering I only have 4 classes. So far I'm not behind on anything and thats cool. School depresses me though, it turns me into someone else almost. I don't get enough sleep, and I feel like I act different I don't want to, I want things to be just like they were in the summer again. Everything was perfect for that last month. Friends, parents, work, Braxton. I'm probably just blowing things out of proportion though. I need to learn not to take things so personal. I'm really trying. I'm really trying just to be happy. I think sometimes if you just pretend to be happy, you realize you don't even have to pretend anymore. Next week should be grand. No work for erin... ALL WEEK! I don't know if taking a week off was the right thing to do, but I have it all planned out bill wise and what not. I just need time nothing?! mmk, well I'm out. Comment por favor. Gracias.

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Did you say x-men? [24 Aug 2003|08:55pm]
[ mood | AWESOME! ]
[ music | cell phone ring...ahhh.... ]

So this weekend was good minus the horrid work schedule. After 8 and a half hours of work on saturday i went to wills and hung there like usual. Claire and Keely decided to grace me with there presence. We then stole coltons car and drove to jack in the crack and got free beer and a guys number. We didn't drink the beer, we just wanted to see if they would give us all one. It was funny. Saturday Morning I finally I got a cell phone, it's really exciting. Today I got to hang with my baby. We went and ran some arronds. We had a giddy ol' time. Oh yes... and tomorrow is school, but I have off tomorrow. Hopefully I will have a good day, if not, i will kick some ass.

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It's looking Brighter for me. [23 Aug 2003|01:21am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | Lyndsay Diaries- Whispers of a long goodnight ]

I had so much time to think today. I went to school then to work. I couldn't stop thinking about braxton all day. I was a total bitch to him yesterday and said I don't want to see him for 2 days. I regret it now. I love him. but work was so long. Thankfully Keely, Claire, and Colton visited me, that was awesome. So finally after 8 hours of work I got off and went with ryan to Taco Cabana. That place rocks. We had some good food and some good talk. After that we went back to ryan's house and we jammed and just chilled. Tomorrow I have to work again, but not till late this time, so I expect to have fun tomorrow. I really want to make tomorrow a good day. I get my cell tomorrow. I'm going to wake up early and go get it, so that I can have it ready to go by night, thats kinda cool. Well my brain is going a million miles per minute. All in all it was a good day, minus not seeing my man.

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It's about time [21 Aug 2003|08:26pm]
[ mood | flirty ]
[ music | The Impossibles- Oxygen ]

So i'm finally updating. Nothing new has gone on. i want to make more friends. If you care to be my friend, feel free to comment. Wow, if I don't sound like a loser now... then i will later? Now i remember why I never update...because i sound so lame. So school is o.k. Friends are cool, boyfriend is the best ever. Wow, life is good, except for work, im sick of working, i think i'm going to take a week off. that should be great. so tomorrow is friday, this weekend better be good, or i'm going to get upset. I'm getting a new cell phone on saturday, that should be exciting. My little sister made volleyball! that is so exciting. I'm really excited for her. But enough of me being a loser. uh... comment?

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[04 Aug 2003|12:57am]
[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | The lyndsay diaries ]

wow, a lot has happen since i last posted. lets see...tomorrow is me and brax's 6th month. thats pretty cool...but i don't wanna get all giddy like i usually do, my feelings havn't changed for him from the last month, nor since the first moneth we dated. I love him. Andrew is leaving friday. I'm actually pretty sad about that. A lot of things set in tonight about everyone I hang out with and how much we all truely care for eachother. I always wanted acceptance and i finally have it. I care about people and they care about me in return. but it will be cool that all my friends are going to college and i have better hours in school than they do. HA! i'm really rambling....davie is leaving for college too...but only to college station, so he'll visit. hmm..maybe i'll write more when my head is cleared.

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I stole this idea. [21 Jul 2003|01:43am]
[ mood | optimistic ]
[ music | New Found Glory- eyesore (acoustic) ]


I like drinking super cold dr. pepper. I like being hugged for no reason. I like to wake up early and not be tierd. I like when my mom makes my favorite dinner. I like to come home to my excited dogs. I like cheap priced clothes. I likr cool fonts. I like getting flowers for no reason. I like being told "i love you". I like funny people. I like wearing no shoes. I like dr. pepper floats. I like making people happy. I like blurty. I like driving around while thinking and listening to good music. I like the feeling you get when you find out your favorite band is coming to town. I like getting paid. I like buying c.d.'s. I like making new friends. I like hanging with old friends. I like summer nights. I like days off of work. I like photographs. I like book stores. I like that one song that makes you think of someone special. I love Braxton.

shoot me.

Sometimes I hate me. [18 Jul 2003|08:59pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | nick drake ]

So I got back yesterday. I went to randalls to get my schedule and paycheck and such. I must say not working is awesome. Not looking foward to go back, but i need money. Anywho, so me and Brax hang out. I missed him so much and it was so great to see him again. Then we met up with peter and layna, then other people. Last night was cool. So today i wake up early and me and layna go to randalls. we bought chocolate and strawberries, and made chocolate strawberries for our boys. We woke them both up. They better enjoy those strawberries! So then we all hang out and meet up with evan at chick-fil-a, had a grand time there then we all just chilled. I was so super tierd that I could hardly keep my eyes open. Bah...then had to go get my dad from the bus stop. After that me and brax went to barnes and nobles. I was pretty impressed with the selection, but they were entirely over priced. So then we go to best buy. I got the nick drake c.d., he is so amazing, his lyrics are really incredible.

so now's the wierd part... i just keep getting these really sad moments. It's usually because I think entirely to much. There are something in my life right now, that i just can't imagine being without... and it makes me depressed to think about it. and there is no re-assurance of anything, and thats probably what makes me more upset than anything. it's so aggravating. i don't even know what to say anymore... sooooo aggravating....gah.

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Rants and Raves. [14 Jul 2003|02:06am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | Jimmy Eat World- Seventeen ]

So I got to thinking. And I really miss this one person. I was an out right bitch to him for something that wasn't in his control. I wish I could say I'm sorry, but I know he would never except it. I miss all the great times we had together. I miss him as a friend. He was an amazing friend. He would listen to all my problems and always have the solution. Why did I have to ruin that. Why do I always have to screw up things that are good for me. I miss everything we did together. i don't think I ever told him what a great friend he was. I don't even think I realized what a great friend he was until it was all gone. Damn me... Hopefully I grew from it though. And maybe one day we can be friends again. That would make me more happy than anything.

I feel like I am actually growing this summer. I'm still the same me, but before I do things, i think how it could effect me. I really feel like I have my life in order, I feel like I'm actully going to get somewhere in life. There are something about this summer that I wish would never change. There are still somethings I would like to change, hopefully it will happen with time. It all kind of hit me this summer that my life is in my control after this school year. I'm really excited to be on my own. I think it will be a challange, but I function better on my own.

The past few days me and my friend have been talking about the there are so many things that I want. I just wish everything would go as I want it to, but I know there are going to be hurdles. Thats scary. i wish everything was in my controll. I just want to be happy more than anything.

I'm so excited to go home! I want to see Brax so much. And layna....and my dogs. and other people. The day I got back is also my madre's birthday! horray. Then warped tour is the 20th... I don't know if I'm going to be able to go anymore. money issues suck. I know I will have some money, so I'm gonna have to try and dig up some more. i'll cry if I don't go. Man, I am so happy these days. I never realized how much people can have an effect on a person. This is one point in my life where I actually feel like people like me. It feels good.

So i'm totally into chick flicks these days. I watched bed of roses again today. Now I think it's time for some crazy/beautiful. oh yes... a whole day of watching chick flicks is going to be superb. Oh yea, and I'm on this new sleeping schedule. It's where I sleep only during days. I didn't really choose it, and I kinda want to get back on a regular sleeping schedule. Today I woke up at 6 p.m....but I didn't go to bed till around 7 a.m., I don't like it. Tomorrow I'm waking up at 12 and me and my step sister are going to go thrift shopping, it's gonna rock. She's totally cool. Then me and trey are going to hang out. :-D It's cooling having people here I know. well this has been super long. I'm done.

shoot me.

1337 15 4\v/350/v\3! [13 Jul 2003|03:06pm]
[ mood | bored ]

So I decided what my new hobby ready?! It's sewing! i learned how to yesterday and I love it, i want to make my own clothes. I also decided that i'm going to sew people things for gifts, call me a dork, but i'm really enjoying it. So be prepared people. I also take requests. mhmm. So yes, I went to bed at 6 a.m, I watched a movie and it's now my favorite. It's called bed of roses and it's a total chick flick, but I love it. And I'm going to make every man watch it, and hope that they can be just like the man in this movie... sigh... i think I'm gonna watch it again. 4 days sucka. oh yes. well's raining again and the wind is blowing so hard that it's howling. kinda scury. Well i think im gonna go back to bed.

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[12 Jul 2003|01:42am]
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It's smooth like Butta' [10 Jul 2003|11:36pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Oh lord, these fighter jets just flew over the house.... I thought it was a tornado and freaked out... I think i'm finally calming down. Alright so today was pretty good. We went out to dinner first. We ate at this place called Famous Subs & Pizza. It was so good, i had an italian sub..mmm sooo soo good. then we went bowling. I had no luck at all today. i did so horrible. The little kid next to me did better and rubbed it in. He was so cute. Then we went and got dessert. All in all it was not to shabby of a day. Tomorrow shouldn't be to bad either. But we'll see. hmm...yes.

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I just hope you're waiting for me too [10 Jul 2003|02:48am]
[ mood | content ]

I saw T3 today. Not thrilled with the plot, but the affects blew me away! I guess it was worth seeing since I didn't have to pay for it. Then on the way home it was raining so bad we couldn't see the road. It was very scary. Thats about all i did...all day. i'm hopeing it will be better tomorrow. only one week until my homecoming, it better be sweet.

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erin with an 'e' [08 Jul 2003|03:59am]
[ mood | indescribable ]
[ music | the impossibles- erin with an 'e' ]

she likes to keep to herself, but I would also love to keep her. she may sleep all alone but she's not the only lonely sleeper. when a bunch of realistic schemes seep into my daydreams she's got the disinfectant. when all I've gotten myself is lost she'll buy my heart at any cost, and it's such a safe investment I may look like clarke kent, but I'm no superman, I'm just a mild-mannered kid looking for my lois lane Whoa, I know she what I see when my eyes close Whoa, I know when she's gone where she goes I'd throw rose petals at her feet and feed her all that she could eat a thousand kisses I would send her. I'd make her be my valentine, I'd wash my mouth with turpentine, I'd even like her if she changed her gender.
-The Impossibles
"erin with an 'e'"

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*hmph* [08 Jul 2003|03:12am]
[ mood | bored ]

Gosh welcome has been warn out. So ready to go home. don't get me wrong, I love everyone here, but it is so hard to leave your friends, family, and job for more than 2 weeks. It wouldn't be so bad except for there isn't much to do around here. I find myself sleeping my day away. It makes time go by faster. Hopefully since my dad doesn't work tomorrow night we will do something fun. He's going skydiving on wed., so that should be alright because it's in raleigh, so it will be a little road trip. I realized today, the more sleep you get, the more tierd you are when you wake up. better for me i guess. i noticed things seem really wierd between people back home when I'm here. maybe it's the whole fact that the only way to communicate is to talk online, but still, not liking it at all. I feel like I'm missing so much. I like to know whats going on. I need to stop complaining, I guess I'll be home soon enough.

going to dairy queen for desert...woo hoo!

Please comment, K, thanks!

shoot me.

To love, or not to Love? [06 Jul 2003|11:04pm]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

Today's been interesting in the worst way. I didn't do much at all, I woke up then decided I had nothing to do, so I went back to bed. Then I woke up and took. After that I called braxton, things kind of seemed wierd for some reason. Maybe it's just me, most likely is. So I was kinda bummed about him all afternoon. Finally my step mom got home from work and we went on a ride. We were gonna go to the fairy, but it took off 30 seconds before we got there. Kinda funny in a way. Gosh, im so ready to come home. I wish I didn't miss anyone so it wouldn't be this hard being here. usually I don't mind coming and being bored, but now it's like it won't speed up. I actually have things to go home to. i felt like crying today, it's probably just girl things, but I don't like it. And I have no one here to talk to about everything. This sucks, i want things to get back to normal. I'm always afraid that braxton will find someone better than me while I'm gone. It makes me so upset to think about it. I wish I didn't worry so much. I'm so aggrivated with myself right now.

shoot me.

bleh.. [06 Jul 2003|06:59pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | Jimmy eat world-Claire ]

I miss you so much, more than you know,
I feel like you don't, or at least you don't show.
I'm sorry if I ever made you feel bad,
Because right now, without you, I am so sad.
I know it won't be that much longer,
I hope this can make me stronger.
Every song reminds me of you,
I miss you like have no clue.

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